Tonya Evinger Heads into Saturday’s Invicta FC Bout with Ediane Gomes with a Plan in Hand

September 2, 2014
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Tonya EvingerAfter getting a decision victory over Sarah D’Alelio at Invicta FC 7 this past December, veteran Tonya Evinger has spent much of this past year travelling and expanding her skillset.

Evinger explained to that diversifying is old hat for her.

“I like to travel, try new gyms, and try new things,” said Evinger. “Things get stale real easy for me. I switch jobs a lot because I get bored a lot and want to learn new things. I can’t really handle things getting stale.”

Along with wanting to always move forward, Evinger is driven by the fact that she feels that despite her current four-fight winning streak and longevity in the sport that she’s often forgotten when it comes to conversations about top female fighters.

“I feel like I’m one of the top athletes in the sport and that I’m underrated and overlooked,” said Evinger. “I don’t get the opportunities other people get, but I think I’m talented enough and have enough knowledge and experience to fight the top girls and compete with them.”

Evinger (13-5) will get an opportunity to further prove herself when she takes on Ediane Gomes (10-2) at Invicta 8 on Sept. 6 in Kansas City.

“I always kind of have a game plan depending on what my opponent does, whether they do stand-up or are a grappler, but it doesn’t really matter with my ability, as long as I’m on the offensive, they’ve always got to be on the defensive,” said Evinger.

“For this fight, it’s no different than any other fight. I don’t change my game plan. I know what my strengths are.”

Regardless of what people might say will happen after her fight with Gomes, Evinger knows she’s going to have to continue to work hard to prove herself and eventually she’ll get to where she feels she needs to be.

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“I’m that fighter that’s always running her mouth about fighting anybody at any time, so when it comes time, I better fight everybody and step it up and figure it out and go in there and do what I do best,” said Evinger.

“There are a lot of rumors, but I don’t believe them. Over the years I’ve learned to take things with a grain of salt and don’t put all the eggs in my basket. I don’t ever think anything is going to happen; I just wait for it to come.”

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