TJ Waldburger Passes Out Cutting Weight, UFC Fight Night 61 Bout Cancelled

February 21, 2015
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The UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir fight card is down to eleven fights after TJ Waldburger was forced out of the event after passing out while trying to make weight.

Brazilian news outlet Globo first reported the news on Saturday and UFC officials later confirmed the development.

While attempting to make weight for his welterweight matchup against Wendell Oliveira, Waldburger passed out in the sauna and was deemed unable to compete. He and Oliveira will receive their show money.

The 26-year-old Texan has fought eight times inside the octagon, earning two Submission of the Night awards. He’s never missed weight for a fight in his career. He was hoping to bounce back from back-to-back losses.

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  • TJCantCUTit

    That’s what these guys get for trying to fight as low as they can to get an advantage. Only thing that sucks is that his opponent trained for nothing. Luckily nobody else looses by not seeing a prelim fight.

    • powerboy55

      True. So many fighters missing weight lately. Surprised that they still decided to pay him his show money.

  • Todosubmit

    This cutting weight is so bad.. you can die from this can a top notch company like the ufc permit this blows me away..Dolce guys look so Penn looked like death.. really a bad cut.. john Hendricks ..good for 2/1/2 rounds.. Then he missed weight.. Next Cormier.. the guy cuts weight ..has already been for kidney treatment .He cant compete with jones because he cuts.. sauna!! He fades as Hendricks does.. you can see it.. Dolce makes excuses the scale broke ah ah.. ..the athlete should be at the weight prior to the event.. end of should not even be an issue.. Cormier.. cant even see that he cant compete with a guy using coke!! Im like dude wake up.. What’s really bad.. These guys almost shut down the body.. dehydrate the kidneys.. a Kid in brazil died from it last year.. Well does someone else have to die?? Then another big press meet??..Hopefully not.. The thing is these guys would do way better without cutting.. would be a whole different fighter would never get put off because the guy missed the a sauna.. what a joke.. seriously.. I mean really move into this century insane & unreasonable its Like P.e.d.’s.. just want to get an edge.. Do it safe right without guessing.. most important you will be super healthy.All gd no bad..if you keep failing by cutting.. fix the whole in your game..all to gain nothing to loose. Better performance..
    all day long”.