TJ Waldburger Makes Trip to Hospital Following Vicious UFC 166 Prelim Knockout

October 20, 2013
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TJ Waldburger at UFC Fight Night 24In the preliminary portion of the UFC 166 card emanating from the Toyota Center in Houston, fans in attendance were treated to a showdown between upstart welterweight’s Adlan Amagov and T.J. Waldburger.

The fight was heralded as a showdown to watch, as Amagov was a fighter coming out of the famed Greg Jackson camp in Albuquerque, N.M., and Waldburger was a six-fight UFC veteran hailing from the Lone Star State.

Unfortunately for the hometown faithful cheering Waldburger on, the fight with the dangerous Russian ended in the first round with a vicious knockout.  Amagov clinched Waldburger and delivered a brutal succession of left hooks, the last of which sent his opponent unconscious face first to the mat.

As Waldburger rolled over, completely disoriented and defeated, Amagov lunged in with a final salvo of hammerfists – many of which seemed unnecessary.

Amagov did as most fighters do and kept going until the referee called a halt to the action. Referee Jay Stafin, however, was heavily criticized across the social media landscape for his slow reaction time in stopping the fight.

Even UFC president Dana White chimed in, tweeting, “That ref sucks!!!!!”

Waldburger lay motionless on the canvas after the fight. As the minutes passed, most reports were that Waldburger was showing no signs of motion as the stretcher carried him out of the Octagon.

At the post-fight press conference, White reported that Waldburger was, in fact, fine, and even went out to grab a bite to eat after being discharged from a local Houston-area hospital.

“Waldburger, all of his tests came back negative,” said White. “He was fine. He was discharged, went to dinner, and he is good.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    That ref should never be allowed in a cage again. There was no reason for those ground shots after he was down.

  • The Best Eva

    Brutal KO. That stupid bald ref just needed to stop that last punch, Amagov was classless in the win as well.

    • lowlb

      I’m glad people are talking about this. Knockouts like that are pointless and bad for the UFC and the sport.

    • Darin

      Please elaborate on the “classless” comment. I don’t recall Amagov doing anything wrong or offensive.

      • The Best Eva

        Whaling on a guy that is unconscious is unsportsmanlike, if you don’t like it go watch UFC 1-10.

  • raafaf


    You mean when he didn’t run around jumping on the cage, shrieking and pounding his chest like most other fighters do. You mean when sat down and gracefully paused after the win.


    • The Best Eva

      He hit the guy way too many times, If you don’t see that you are either blind or a toothless redneck that wants blood.

  • sanshiro

    That ref sucks for sure and the fighter as well
    he should fight with honor !
    no reason for shots after he was down

    • Bongo

      It was the refs fault not amagov’s if anything the ref was “classless” if he had stepped in when he should have this wouldnt be a problem. FYI hector Lombard did more or less the same thing to marquardt. You wait for the ref to stop you this wasnt a palahares situation.

  • Louis Blank

    considering amagov was throwing 3-4 punches a second and waldburger was only completely unconscious for about 1 second before the ref stopped it and amagov stopped punching….yes thats 3 punches and they were all hard and right on the chin, thus very devastating….to me thats very acceptable reffing and sportsmanship, the only way to prevent that would be faster than human reaction times…

  • Triggerman99

    For anyone blaming Amagov for hitting him too many times or whatever, you’ve obviously never been in a fight or a similar situation where that much adrenaline is involved. It’s hard to know the precise moment when your opponent has given up or has been KO’d because you’re simply trying to win and that’s all you’re focused on. You’re way too amped up to be able to effectively make a good judgement call on something like that. That’s why there are refs in professional fights; to make sure the fighter knows when the fight is over. If you really want to see an example where one guy is taking way too many shots, go watch a fight where there is no ref to stop it. Now, should the ref have stepped in earlier in this fight? Absolutely, and he deserves a level of blame for not doing his job well enough, but Amagov was simply doing his own job, and shouldn’t be chastised for it.

    • The Best Eva

      I have been in a fight I know you get that adrenaline, I’m only against the final punch I think he reset and clocked him with too much power after he was clearly so done.