TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao II Headlines UFC 186; Plus, Rampage Returns

January 18, 2015
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday revealed a large portion of the line-up, including the headliner, for its April 25 card in Montreal.

UFC 186 features the bantamweight rematch between TJ Dillashaw and the man he took the belt from, Rena Barao.

Dillashaw (11-2) had been on track to face Dominick Cruz, but the former champion had to withdraw due to injury. Raphael Assuncao was next in line, but within hours of Cruz withdrawing, Assuncao revealed that he had suffered a broken ankle.

So now, Barao (33-2) will get the chance to step back into the Octagon and reclaim the title he once held.

Dillashaw and Barao had initially been scheduled to rematch at UFC 177 last August, but Barao fainted and injured himself while cutting weight and had to bow out.

Rampage in Pride 478x270A previously rumored bout between top welterweight contenders Rory MacDonald (18-2) and Hector Lombard (35-4-1) will also grace the card, as will the return of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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Rampage recently served notice to Bellator that he was cutting his ties with them over a contract dispute, and quickly returned to the UFC, where he once held the light heavyweight championship.

Rampage (35-11) is likely preparing his swan song, as he wasn’t sure how much longer he would continue when he left the UFC and eventually signed with Bellator. He’ll face Fabio Maldonado (22-7) when he steps back into the Octagon in Montreal.

The card doesn’t drop off much from there either, as several more bouts were announced on Saturday.

Michael Bisping (25-7) faces C.B. Dollaway (15-6), Patrick Cote (20-9) squares off with Joe Riggs (40-15), Olivier Aubin-Mercier (5-1) will fight David Michaud (8-1), and Jessica Rakoczy (1-4) will meet Valerie Letourneau (6-3) on the card.

UFC 186: Dillashaw vs. Barao II marks the promotions first trip back to Montreal since Georges St-Pierre defended his welterweight strap against Nick Diaz in the main event at UFC 158 in March of 2013.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Honestly, I see Maldonado knocking him the #$@% out. Take off the chick fight and it’s a really good card!

    • Sarge

      Just like he did against Stipe Miocic and Glover Teixeira?

      Oh wait …

      • cheflacsto

        Actually Glover pounded him and still didn’t knock him out. Miocic was a heavyweight snd he stepped in on short notice. Rampage probably wins but it will be competitive.

        • Sarge

          Glover didn’t need to finish him. Fabio’s face was hamburger meat by the second round. So what if Miocic was bigger? Both are good boxers and it was hilarious that fabio thought he’d win.

          • cheflacsto

            I knew he couldn’t win that one, but he did hit Glover with some shots late in the fight. Both of those guys beat Rampage so I think Rampage wins in a good stand up fight.

          • Sarge

            Fabio has only fought/beat bums in the ufc and loses to elite fighters. Rampage will destroy this unworthy opponent in the first round like he did to chuck Liddell & Wanderlei silva!

          • cheflacsto

            Maybe, but I doubt it. Rampage wins but not by knockout in first round.

          • Sarge

            “Wins but not by knockout” LMAO

          • cheflacsto

            Typing on a tablet today, meant to say I doubt he wins by knockout in the first round.

          • Sarge

            There’s a very good chance it can happen. Maldonado is lucky if he makes it out of the first round but the fight will end via stoppage.

          • cheflacsto

            It should, its the kind of fighter Rampage needs to fight. A boxer that will have no interest in taking him down.

      • TheCerealKiller

        You just pointed out why Maldonado will win. Fabio should be cutting to fighting at 185, but he doesn’t for whatever reason. I’m not going to hold it against him that he lost to a last minutes HW fight. Both Fabio and Glover are really good boxers, but Teixeira couldn’t finish him. Rampage is not a good boxer and is know to gas in the later rounds. I see Fabio digging those body shots in hard on Page and finishing him in the third.

        Or Viacom gets a court order to pull the fight. They did say he is still under contract and they will fight it.

        • Sarge

          Glover didn’t need to finish him, he pounded his face in it was burger meat by the time doctors stepped in. He’ll get wasted by rampage

    • Seth

      Why are you so anti-chick fight? o:

      • Gary Fredericks

        I’m all for the women fighting if that’s their choice and respect the fighters. Not everyone that dislikes WMMA is anti-chick fight. It just sucks to watch in some people’s opinion. Same with fermal boxing and WNBA and that stupid lingerie football crap. Women’s sports are just not as intriguing. Want proof? Look at the money made by each league.

        • shakejunt

          nobody cares who is the best wnba player because it’s a team sport. apples and oranges.

          • Gary Fredericks

            I disagree. My point was my opinion of WMMA is the same for nearly all women’s sports and I was simply illustrating WHY I dislike WMMA with other examples. Were I comparing and contrasting each women’s sport, I would agree with you….but I wasn’t.

        • Seth

          Nah, I replied to Cereal and I that was Q to him o:

          • TheCerealKiller

            Actually Gary kinda answered it for me. I’m not anti-WMMA, I just don’t want to watch it. Put them on their own separate card and let people choose to watch it. I’m guessing it will be just as big as the WNBA or any other pro women’s sport. I don’t even know of any other pro women’s sports.

          • Seth

            Well, you can just…i don’t know…switch channels for 10-15minutes and come back for rest of the card? o:

          • TheCerealKiller

            I’m being ripped off when I paid to see 5 MMA fights and they sub in a WMMA fight on my PPV card. It’s kept separate in every other sport, why not this sport?

          • Seth

            Last time I checked WMMA fight is still MMA fight o: And UFC says that for a long, long time – they try to build a card to have something for everybody, to reach different demographics and different fans. Can’t blame them for trying to reach out to new fans, can you? :/

  • Guest

    Maldonado is gonna get destroyed by Rampage. I see Bisping dominating CB in the stand up.

  • solo

    I guess Rampage will face only strikers from now on. Its cool, as long its entertaining. I wonder if Bisping beats CB, will he be talking about a tittle shot again lol. Its a pretty good card in my mind so far.

  • Timothy Malone

    Wow this might be the strongest card of the year.

  • Neil

    Bisping/Dolloway is a fantastic match up, probably the most exciting on the card, I think.

    It’s nice to see Rampage back, but for gods sake, go train somewhere else and bring some wrestling back to your game.

  • drkdisciple

    Since when does a person with a (1-4) record fight in the ufc? get Jessica Rakoczy out of the card…the rest makes for a very good card.