Tito Ortiz Will Be Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame Prior to UFC 148

June 12, 2012
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Joe Rogan and Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz will call it a career at UFC 148, but before he faces Forrest Griffin in the cage he will be honored as the ninth person inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday.

Following the UFC 150 press conference in Denver, White spoke to MMAWeekly.com about Ortiz’s contributions to the sport, and how he was really the face of the UFC in the darkest days when finding fans to watch was still a tough proposition.

“He pound for pound was doing some of the most damage at a time when we were hurting,” said White. “But it’s part of our history the way the storylines played out between me, Chuck and Tito. He’s definitely a part of the history of the sport.”

The plan is for Ortiz to officially be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at the UFC Fan Expo the weekend of UFC 148.

During his career with the UFC, Ortiz won and defended the light heavyweight title a record five times, while also amassing 26 total fights inside the Octagon.

Often controversial, but always a fighter fans paid to see fight, Ortiz decided after his last bout against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira to compete in the UFC one last time and then call it a career.

As far as Ortiz’s colorful past with White, it’s no secret that they have seen the best of times and the worst of times, but as he heads into his final bout with the promotion, there is no more bad blood.

“Yeah (we’re good),” said White. “I have no beef with Tito.”

Ortiz becomes the ninth person inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and the first since former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes was inducted back in 2010.

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  • bajafox

    Love him or hate him, this is well deserved.

    • RonnieV


  • Tito is great, good for him.

  • Triggerman99

    I hate him. But yes; it is deserved.

    I just hope (in the interest of maintaining respect for the sport, not because I care about Tito) that he doesn’t get completely embarassed by Forrest after being officially inducted.

  • Well deserved.

  • rsnowbass

    Wow, did not expect to see everyone sharing my same thoughts here.

    Yes…love him or hate him, he had his day and it’s deserved. Good for him.

  • b-soc

    Agreed. Well deserved.

  • smill0313

    Those who think ken flo is worthy of being inducted should take a look at what tito has done and what it really takes to be deserving of it.

    • KBEsq

      Tito is not the bar by which we set the standard. Whatever you may personally think it takes to get into the HOF, I think most people would agree that Tito has not just met, but exceeded that standard. Therefore, it is quite possible that someone be less accomplished than Tito in their MMA career, yet still be deserving of the HOF.

  • joan

    Its not better to wait for retirement before that? Anyway, I think he deserve it.

  • joan

    Anyway, how this Hall of Fame thing work? Is there a comitee or something that decides who get in and who doesnt? I hope they dont turn that into a travesty letting fighters like Brock Lesnar get in. Just saying.

    • RubeKegal

      change your name to Debbie Downer please

  • pooby

    Tito earned it.

  • insane187288

    agreed on most ecept the brock thing. it all depends on how you look at it. tito did what he did for the sport and took may years and brock still has the highest pay per view numbers so how good was that for the sport. It is all in perspective. Brock shoud get in just by what you are all saying well deserved and what each individual did for the sport… individually brock would never make it but we have to look at what each one did for the sport


    Tito deserves it! Had some great fights. Was and is a GREAT coach and is stil a good fighter. Did alot for sport and stuck around along time. Evan when he wasn’t CHAMP anymore ! Real good paydays too!I vote him in. Good job Bad Boy!

  • Orthodoxxx

    I co-sign with joan. This whole UFC Hall of Fame thing is an embarrassment… not that these athletes don’t deserve it (eventually), but considering how young the sport is it shouldn’t exist in the first place.

    • RubeKegal

      So they should have to wait until they are dead? Listen I like baseball, it’s America’s Pasttime, but that’s exactly what it is. This is a new age sport and having a Hall of Fame is a great thing for fighters to experience while theyre still alive.

      • Orthodoxxx

        Muhammad Ali, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson and so forth are still alive. By UFC’s standards, Pacquaio and Mayweather would’ve been inducted years ago, and De La Hoya, Hopkins and Mosley years before that. The worst part about the UFC’s criteria for HOF is that it’s fairly vague. In most sports you have to be retired for so many years. Hell, WWF’s Hall of Fame makes more sense then the UFC’s… but I suppose it’s the company’s fault for trying to play catch up with such an established sport like boxing. I suppose we’ll see a real MMA HOF in a couple of decades.