Tito Ortiz Video: ‘Ken Shamrock and I Had Our Words, but Bonnar I Want to Hurt

September 20, 2014
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Tito Ortiz unwillingly became part of one of the worst in-cage fight promos in mixed martial arts history, when Stephan Bonnar threw insults in the UFC Hall of Famer’s face about his family when announcing their Bellator 131 main event bout.

Ortiz was a guest on AXS TV’s Inside MMA on Friday night, revealing that Bonnar has crossed the line like no other fighter he’s ever faced, and now it’s become a very personal battle for him.

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  • Darin

    And it’s all REAL!

  • fake

    Bellator is a fkn joke. I tried to like but all the fights are hand picked so the big names win. Then this shit. Grow up.

  • Sparky

    Bonnar is gonna slap you around like a bum potato head

  • Jase Austin

    seven 5 minute rounds???? I cant even remember the last time I saw a tito Ortiz fight where he didn’t completely gas after first round. mentally in a place when you were world champ???? what when you were beating guys like ken shamrock, yuki kondo, elvis sinosic, vlad matyushenko, and evan tanner?? the glory years huh? fighting scrubs for the belt. please retire soon and go away

  • TheCerealKiller

    WWE, what else can I say?

  • Rob

    As much as I like Bonnar and dislike Tito, leave Tito’s ex out of it. Still want Boonar to win but, again, leave Tito’s personal shit out of it; too cheap.

  • mmalive


    Bonner is going to put a beating on you BAD.

    The only reason Bonner signed with Bellator is to BEAT YOU A$$ Tito.

    The BEST choice would have stayed RETIRED.

    But you WASTED ALL your money as Uncle Dana stated.

    You will be CARRIED out Tito.

  • james j

    A bunch of hype is always announced how Tito trains at Big Bear, but he always looks gassed after round one. I think Tito is a moron; however, for absolutely no reason I would love to see him thrash Bonner. Moreover, I have no interest in Bellator or this fight.

  • TrentSki

    Most people think Bonnar won the first fight vs Griffin