Tito Ortiz Upset About TRT in MMA (Video)

July 16, 2012
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Tito Ortiz was a recent guest on AXS TV’s (formerly HDNet) Inside MMA and wasn’t at all pleased that fighters – like Forrest Griffin, whom he just fought in his retirement fight – are allowed to use testosterone replacement therapy while competing.

Tito sees it as sending the wrong message to the youth watching MMA and is none too pleased that it is happening.

Check out this clip from Tito Ortiz’s interview with Inside MMA

  • Prodigy815

    Too late

    • sc_9f8536ace7c0899c4a682a311a5fcdbf

      Right , go find a nice comfortable rocker and relive your greatness or lack of . Your concern is a little irrelevant .

  • zacharydetal

    It is too late. Griffin, Henderson, Mir, Sonnen, Rampage, Marquardt,. The list keeps growing and I don’t believe Overeem’s bs lies.

  • Has anyone noticed that no Brazilian fighters have asked for TRT exemptions….Chael made fun of their way of life and stuff but he is the one who abused PED’s in his youth so know he has to use TRT. I have read a few articles and even seen and interview with Dana which comes to the conclusion that only people who abused something in their younger days needs TRT now….Randy Courture fought into his mid to 40’s never needed it and now guys 10-12 years younger are already needing it…I think its cheating plain and simple…..

    • Lesnardo

      Much has changed since Randy’s days. MMA training, from what I’ve heard, is really tough.

    • RubeKegal

      If you think Anderson and JDS haven’t experimented with questionable supplements, then you are high. Their heads’ compare to Barry Bonds. Telltale sign is losing your hair in late teens and early 20’s which both have.

  • It is simply not normal for men of that age to need TRT, it can happen yes but in very rare cases. The reason why is because they screwed around with steroids and did not know what they where doing, did not PCT and did not take HCG during there cycle. Brazilian eat meat, high fat diet and that produces cholesterol which in term produces testosterone. Eating egg white and low fat diets will never produce testosterone that is bull.

  • dathump

    It’s true, Fighters have found a loophole. If they are going to allow it, it should be regulated, Test results before hand showing abnormal low test levels, random tests between fights to curb jacking up during training and low just before a fight ( at the expence of the fighter) and should only be perscribed by a Dr. recomended by the UFC, not some random Dr off the street.

  • omcclave

    who cares if people take peds they are all losers. look at your list griffen=loser, mir=loser,chael=loser, rampage=loser, nate marquart=loser, its a mental crutch for these guys because they are all mentally weak and is why they are losers. go the jds route, stop drinking alc, eat well (but normal), train hard and fight at your natural weight.

    • Lesnardo

      Dude, I can’t make out anything you’ve said.

      Wow! Talk about illiteracy.

      You, my friend, are a loser. An illiterate loser.

      • omcclave

        it is called typing on a cell phone. when people have lives and dont live on their computers and troll all day like yourself. cant stand people like lesnardo who take these blogs seriously.

  • adam1848

    i agree with Tito.

  • elguapo

    This TRT stuff is a joke. It’s a common thought that fighters have low testosterone if they’ve previously abused PEDs or steroids. So there allowed to effectively cheat because they ave cheated in the past? Makes no sense at all. I have no real knowledge of this subject other than what I read on here, but if you legitimately had a testosterone problem, would it be possible to become an elite athlete? I’ve said it before but you have to fight with the gifts god gave you, it’s not sport otherwise. Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball straighter and further than most others, because he’s naturally talented and practices all hours. You can’t just allow everyone else to jack up so they’re on a level with him. You have to find a way to become the champ by competing within your natural realm and if you can’t find a way then you won’t be the champ, simple as that.

    • natpaukar7

      Perfectly stated! if you use drugs (essentially druges) to enhance your performance than you are no longer testing your self but rather the drugs itself…it becomes an experiment with other fighters as the control. Not fair! should not be allowed, Testosterone or not these dudes are all more jacked than I will ever be …haha. Chael Sonnen uses words masterfully stating that no one would ever use drugs if they didn’t “enhance performance”, doesn’t make it right.

  • elguapo

    Can anyone tell me if this TRT stuff happens in other American sports? I’m thinking the more physical ones like ice hockey and American football. And also baseball, wasn’t there some sort of doping scandal there a few years ago?

  • @elguapo….baseball has the most scrutinized record books in American History due to PED’s probalby than any other sport… I dont like PED’s in baseball or any sport but in a contact sport like MMA or NFL or even Ice Hockey someone can really get hurt….If you need that to just be in the sport obviously you should try something else……..

  • Thank you Tito for speaking the truth and not be compromised by the win at all costs or means. I (we) respect you even more and feel that you are saving UFC despite their insatiable to turn a profit. Hopefully it doesn’t take a permanent injury caused by PED’s!
    Stay the course

  • michaeltraynor

    Tito can you explain how your head grew larger and larger over the years? Growth hormone would be a good explanation. Don’t point fingers Tito; you were a skinny guy back when you started the sport. Stick to Jenna and STFU.