Tito Ortiz: The Emotion of Retirement is Just More Fuel for the Fight (UFC 148 Video)

July 6, 2012
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Tito Ortiz is a fighter that has always fed off of emotion and adversity. He heads into his UFC 148 bout with Forrest Griffin with an overflow of emotion. It’s his final fight. He’ll be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame earlier in the day. And when he’s done, this is it, Tito Ortiz is leaving his gloves on the mat, leaving his fighting career behind.

That’s okay, for Ortiz, it’s all just more fuel for the fight.

Check out Tito Ortiz’s interview with the media at Thursday’s UFC 148 open workouts in Las Vegas…

  • Maine2Alaska

    Tito is way better with his fans than Forrest is, from my own experience. Goood luck Tito, I may have rooted against you a lot earlier in life, but i have been pulling for ya the last few fights.. Thanks for all the memorable fights i grew up watching. WAR!!

    • Lesnardo

      Don’t you think that is because (a) Forrest doesn’t really have fans and (b) Tito fans (there aren’t that many of them) are the most retarded followers ever?

      Tito has no class and he has contradicted himself so many times just to prolong his career.

      • bajafox

        You start off by calling Tito’s fans retarded and then say he has no class.

        Very classy, lol

      • Maine2Alaska

        Its somewhat true, alot of the people who didnt really watch the sport knew who Tito, that was probably most of his fan base, I just remember seeing Forest turn his back on som fans next to me at UFC 58? i could be wrong.. cant remember.. And first thing i thought was “a**hole”. But before that at the UFC where Tim Sylvia fought Cabbage.. Tito came right up to me in the Lobby, i asked if i could get my picture with him, he was like “of course!” “thats what i’m here for” with a big smile.. i was 19.. he towered over me. was awesome. Of course then i cought up with Liddell after and got his too.. I’ll never forget it! So again thanks Tito, Take him out!

        • Maine2Alaska

          ..but i must add.. out of getting pictures with Tito, Liddell, and Couture, my #1 favorite most meaningfull one is with Evan Tanner a couple hours or so before he fought Rich Franklin the second time. He also signed my ticket. R.I.P Tanner..

      • jonnypatrick

        Sounds like you are the retard Lesnardo

  • DroppnElboz

    I’ve been a Tito fan since his heyday, and have always had to deal with the haters. whether you love him or hate him, he’s a hall of famer for a reason. I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do with his time and money. And I pray for a referee stoppage due to vicious ground n pound vintage Tito-style with elbows flyin. WWAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!! Tito!…Tito!…Tito!


    17 – 10 ive seen better ! No probs with tito if they had a 4 man tournament with him ,chuck ,ken shampoo ,and randy once a year ,id still buy it and so would you