Tito Ortiz Steps Down as Cris Cyborg’s Manager

February 14, 2014
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Tito-Ortiz-UFC-148-Pre-Press-9081-478x270Former UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz stepped down as Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino‘s manager effectively immediately.

Ortiz appeared on “Inside MMA” on AXS TV on Friday and announced the development citing his eroded relationship with UFC president Dana White.

“I can live with Dana not liking me, but what I can’t live with is Dana using me to hurt someone else. I’ve taken abuse and maybe I deserved some of it, but Cris is a beautiful person and great athlete and doesn’t deserve to be insulted like this.

I don’t understand how Dana lets his hatred towards me hurt the UFC and the fans by not making this fight.

He accuses her of still using banned substances and says that she isn’t worthy of fighting Ronda [Rousey], yet a year ago he personally called me to make the fight happen.

I never said she would die if she made 135 [pounds], we just repeated what the [doctor] said, that Cris shouldn’t make a career at 135 [pounds]. We offered a three-fight deal. They said no; seven fights or no deal.

Regardless, I won’t stand in the way from the fans getting a fight they want and I won’t hold Cris Back. So I’m stepping down as Cris’ manager.

Now he can’t hold that against her.

I’m also tired of Dana accusing Cris of using banned substances. I challenge you to put up or shut up. Test her or stop lying about her. Cris is a beautiful woman inside and out. Don’t insult her on her looks. She may be tough as nails, but she still has feelings.

I know people are going to say there goes Tito making this about him again, but it’s not. It’s about Cris Cyborg, the baddest woman on the Earth, soon to be multi-sport world champion.”

– Tito Ortiz

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  • Piotr

    Well, Dana just lost his mind on a bunch of reporters over steroid accusations, so he should be shutting his fat mouth about Cyborg now. But I doubt he will since he’s a douche canoe.

    • shawn buckley

      Quit mouthing off about dana white he’s the man a fn genius period if you don’t like him the. Watch one fc whatever that is lol your the douche canoe a fat nobody just like ben askeren I will always be a huge dana white supporter period and ive been a die hard mma fan since 2005 not just a fan of the ufc so don’t tell me I’m an idiot because I got news for you your the idiot!

      • Dana Yellow

        Dude talk about nut hugging..sounds like you live on the hair folicle’s of Dana white’s scrotum sack

        • BobLemons

          The scrotum is the sack.

        • shawn buckley

          Oh shut up with your unintelligent 1st grade comments.I look up to him and if it wasn’t for dana frank and lorenzo ufc would of died in 2001 because those original owners didn’t know how to run a company and it went bankrupt. Without ufc mma may not survive it’s like in pro wrestling without the wwe other companies don’t make it same thing applies to ufc!

        • shawn buckley

          Now my comments have to be moderated jee I wonder what biased assholes on this site did that. Fact is without them ufc would of been gone 13 years ago so yeah quit bashing dana you fat slob behind your computer he’s a millionaire president of a multi billion dollar worldwide mma promotion and your not have fun getting that job at Kmart!

          • Chicago

            Shawn… i have to ask how old are you? I hopped on your profile and it got me on your twitter. You have been spewing hate online for a very long time. Everything is F this and F that. People have the right to have their own opinions. If you cant spot the butt hole in the room…. its probably you. And for Christ sake, stop watching “pro” wrestling. That trash is rotting your brain.

          • shawn buckley

            I’m 23 years old born in 1990 and I don’t watch pro wrestling as much anymore I’m just using that as an example. I can hate on anybody all I want I do It because I’m sick of seeing hate for dana and the fertittas I can’t stand that people bash him people used to do the same thing in the 90s toward vicnd mcmahon it’s horrible appreciate what dana has done ufc is a multi million dollar worldwide phenomen because of him I’ll always praise bjorn Rebney bellator president he and Viacom are taking bellator to huge places as far as company growth goes it’s gonna get bigger I love it!

      • Baller31

        Dana’s a douchebag. The UFC does well in spite of, not because of him.

        • shawn buckley

          Ufc does well because of frank lorenzo and dana and their business strategies etc. And the amazing fighters on the roster. That was a very stupid comment it’s like saying wwe will do well without vince mcmahon wwe might be in big trouble once vince dies or retires. If dana and the fertittas left ufc would have trouble keeping afloat if you don’t believe that to be true then wow!

          • Piotr

            You’re an idiot. Dana is terrible for the sport. His decision making almost sunk the UFC once already. He was against The Ultimate Fighter show(which saved the UFC), and the Fertitas MADE him do it. Now his fightpass nonsense is going to make sure no one watches the prelims and gives these fighters the exposure they need. It’s insane.

      • Mudd

        Is that you Dana??

      • Pat Garret

        Die hard mma fan since 2005? That makes you around 18years old?

        • shawn buckley

          No I’m 23 born in 1990!

      • Your a idiot

        You said the same thing about Ronda rousey in a different comment how she was so great and about you being some huge mma fan since 2005 most of us on this site have been mma fans for 20 years so don’t disrespect the rest of us with your babbling jr

  • Whitebelt

    Props to Tito. Hopefully we can that fight happen. I want to see Rousey to lose more then Floyd Mayweather,, and that’s not an easy thing to admit.

  • Maddawgmar

    Both of these guys are effin liars. So I will not listen to anything either of them say on this topic. What I do know is, Cyborg got caught using Stanozolol, a steroid, and obviously has been using for a long time. Is she still using? I don’t know. However if she isn’t going to make the move to 135 then there is no point for this fight, because if Cyborg wins then what? If Rousey wins, then what? Get over it, it’s not gonna happen.

  • jimmy777


  • Judoka

    Very well put by Tito, he is spot on about Cyborg she is an amazing fighter and human being, I really would like to see her in the UFC at a weight that is right for her. That most likely at 145. War Cyborg!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milosc

    Yeah Tito. Good for being the bigger man and good for Cyborg’s career

    Same thing just happened to Ben Askren. Damn shame

  • Terry

    Tito, another failure in a lifetime of almosts… He sucks as a manager, finally stepping down from another lost cause

    • Manuel Lopez

      STFU what have you accomplished in your life huh? And if you HAVE accomplished things have you ever had a nobody bash what you have accomplished or tried to do? Ortiz is a legend of the sport of mma, he paved the way and put asses in the seats of UFC’s early days, a former UFC champ too. Was he an arrogant prick back then? Yeah, but he went in there and had his battles. He is doing the right thing here and you STILL talk $hit. Fkn loser!

      • Terry

        I have accomplished more than Tito, never had a DUI, still in a real relationship and never pretended to be what I wasn’t. Tito was an awesome fighter who had bad injuries that caused him to pull out of 50% of his fights in the latter part of his career. He was a shitty manager who screwed over his client and f;cked himself over in the fight game. Shit, I probably have more money than he does right now!

        • carsti07 .

          anonymous people can tell anything Terry, maybe it´s true maybe not, but surely it looks childish to act like this… 🙂

        • Mudd

          So you got a fat bitch and don’t drink…whoopdedooo …so that makes you accomplish more than someone else. Dumbass

        • Manuel Lopez

          The only thing you’ve successfully accomplished is to clarify that you’re a Dchbag. Lol.

  • Seth

    Talks entire statement about himself, makes people think he talks about Cris. Shouldn’t that be on that Douchebag meme?

  • brad king

    Rhonda wont face Cyborg! It is like she is those paper champions in the 1980’s that were terrified to face Mike Tyson, Cyborg is Rhonda’s Mike Tyson.

    • thinking_man

      I get so sick of morons repeating this idiotic horseshit. Cyborg had a chance to fight Rousey in her weight class and declined out of fear. At even weight in the correct weight class Cyborg knows she cannot stop Rousey’s Olympic grade grappling. Cyborg needs that extra weight and muscle to stand a chance, not to mention where she gets that weight and muscle was exposed with her failed drug test.

    • Guest

      Get a life you sad, sad person.
      All i seen on this feed is you b*tching that cyborg is a man, as if they would let that happen, you never go full retard man.

  • Baller31

    Cyborg would annihilate Rousey!

    • Baller31

      Because Rousey has weak standup and knows one trick

      • I don’t understand those types of comments on Rousey. Of course Ronda has “weak” stand up she’s not a striker, she spent her life training in Judo and has been working on her stand up so she can compete against high level strikers.

        • Baller31

          Of course she’s a weak striker?? This is mma, so yes she needs to be able to strike. Are hendo and Hendricks weak strikers due to their wrestling backgrounds?? She’s not well rounded, all of her wins are due to one technique. She’s lucky women’s mma is still in it’s infancy, or she couldn’t get away with that. Remember how dominant Gracie was during the early years of UFC?

          • thinking_man

            If nobody can stop her grappling then her striking skill has plenty of time to develop. Tate was supposedly a well rounded MMA fighter, correct? How did her stand up look versus Rousey. As for the “one trick” you have to be an idiot. The level of takedowns and control she uses to set up that unstoppable armbar is world class.

          • Very well put. I agree 100%. Minus the idiot part, ha ha.

          • I see where your coming from but she’s still new to the sport. Hendo has been in MMA for over a decade, and Hendricks isn’t really a striker at all, just has shown KO power in 5 out of 12 UFC fights. No knock there that’s the stats. As for comparing her to Gracie, I mean she’s fighting women who know who to grapple and strike, she’s just better right now. Who’s on your mind other then Cyborg that you can see beating her at her own game or straight up stopping her on the feet?

        • Milosc

          Your comment was not necessarily disagreeing with his comment, you seemed to just like Rousey personally and didn’t like the negative connotation

          “Ronda Rousey has weak stand-up and [only] knows one trick” (Judo)

          Well… yes. You actually agreed with this true statement, then gave an excuse for it. No counter argument given or really warranted; that’s why others feel so, as well. Understand?

          • I understand where he’s coming from I was more or less making conversation. I don’t know Ronda personally I can only speak on her skill set so I didn’t take it to heart. Yes I agreed with his comment but stated how she not up to par with striking because that is not her expertise. I’m not going to sit here and say she’s a great striker when she’s obviously still new to the sport.

      • Manuel Lopez

        why would you say this? are you retarded or have you been in the shower with Cyborg? hint: it’s the first choice.

      • UOENO

        That’s so awesome! Yet another jab at Cyborg being male. *yawn* Can we get some new material, please?

  • james j

    Finally Tito did something good. I enjoy when he pops up in the news. Reminds me of Dwight from The Office.

  • Jaymo_ie

    Yawn…Tito Ortiz not relevant since 2008..Publicity hound

  • Pao

    All you Tito haters are Dana White ass munchers. Think for yourself once in awhile maybe you guys might get laid.

    • horace

      or find a whore x rated movie porn star to marry

  • Robby Clark

    I wonder if she’ll get picked up by UFC now. This could be interesting.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    if a guy has Rousey’s personality he’s considered a confident, hungry, determined athlete. yet Rousey is called a B**** and stuck up person. I think it’s the worst possible fight for either of them, Cyborg hits hard but she’s very aggressive. Rousey can use her momentum against her. I’d like to see what would happen if Cyborg was caught in the armbar, after watching that video of her lifting Tito. I wish fanboys would appreciate fighter’s as fighters.

  • George Sperry

    Dana made it about Tito. What will Dana rant and rave about now?

  • shakejunt

    wait… tito making sense? wow

  • DamianCross

    According to my calculations, between the time Cris Cyborg left the UFC up until this announcement, quite literally NOTHING has changed.

  • horace

    Ortix cannot mange his own life and the way Cyborg’s career has gone south under Tito it will never recover. Tito just ruined Cyborg.


    Show me any woman on Earth who is ALL natural (no hormonal therapy) who looks at muscular as Cris Cyborg and then I’d buy his BullS#it


    I am disgusted at all the hate towards Cyborg. Anyway, Cris deserves the same amount of leeway and respect as the fighters in the UFC who tested positive for juice and are still able to compete.

  • Muaythai4life

    what I love about this is that so many people have such strong feelings about Dana, Rousey, Cyborg, and Tito, that they all forgot to mention the amazing grammatical error of the first paragraph: “effectively immediately”

    Ahhh. Thank you MMA.

  • horace

    Tito cannot manage that x-rated addicted drunken movie stripper that he is stuck with.

  • horace

    Cyborg destroys Rouseys sham career as Carano found out. Rhonda is not that good and Cyborg male or not is good. So what if Cyborg got jewels-show me a photo.

  • horace

    Tito married a porn star addict who has slept with 10,000 guys who did terrible things to Tito’s wife on camera and film for the world to watch. Now does anyone actually think Tito is smart?

  • marcus

    cyborg will destroy rousey if they ever fight!!!