Tito Ortiz: Maybe Forrest Griffin Should Retire Too

June 30, 2012
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Tito Ortiz at UFC 132‘If I lose to Tito, I’m going to retire from life. Seriously’
~ Forrest Griffin – June 2012

On paper, UFC 148 is supposed to be the final event of Tito Ortiz’s Hall of Fame UFC career, but he’s not planning on strolling quietly into the night.

As a matter of fact, what has Ortiz ever done quietly while he’s been in the UFC?

That’s why when the former light heavyweight champion heard about Griffin’s comments about their third and final fight, Ortiz figured maybe it was just his time to walk away from the sport as well.

“I’m excited for the fight. Forrest is a tough guy and I know he’s training really hard. I just heard a little thing saying that if he loses to me he’s going to retire. Well, it looks like he better put on his retirement shoes cause it’s going to be an exciting fight and I plan on having my hand raised,” Ortiz said when appearing on MMAWeekly Radio.

Ortiz and Griffin have battled twice before, once in 2006 and once in 2009, with each of them coming away with a split decision victory over the other. Now the three-year cycle of fights comes to a close with UFC 148 where Ortiz and Griffin battle one last time.

Their first two fights were both back-and-forth affairs with Ortiz gaining an upperhand at times only to find Griffin battling back. You’d imagine after 30 minutes in the cage together that the surprises would be at a minimum at this point, but Ortiz says you never know what might happen.

“It may be something new that happens during the fight, may be something old that happens in the fight, but it’s going to be exciting. I respect Forrest and I think he’s a great competitor, but I’m putting in the work so I get my hand raised,” Ortiz commented.

“I think this fight will be Fight of the Night.”

The plan when UFC 148 is over is for Ortiz to hang up his gloves and retire from the UFC a winner, a former champion and a Hall of Famer. But will Ortiz have a little twitch of regret should he go out and put on a masterful performance against Griffin?

Will there be just a slight shade of doubt that creeps in if Bruce Buffer is announcing his name as the winner to maybe just go one more fight?

“I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I want to leave on my own terms. If I blast through Forrest, and get it over quick, there’s always going to be that guess, like yeah I still have it, but people got to understand it’s not the fight I prepare for. It’s the training I prepare for. It’s the grueling six days a week, 5 or 6 hours a day, of over and over getting up every day and going, ‘Oh god, what am I doing to my body. I’m hurting, my legs hurt, my neck hurts.’ It’s a mental strain on you,” Ortiz stated.

“I think it’s time to move onto a different chapter of my life.”

But if things go his way and judging by Griffin’s pre-fight comments, Ortiz might have another fighter joining him in the “gold watch” club when UFC 148 is over.

“Maybe it’s time for Forrest to retire; maybe he wants to retire,” said Ortiz. “Maybe he’s just letting everybody know that he’s going to retire. For me, I know I’m retiring, but it’s an idea, I’m going out and I’m winning the fight.”

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  • RubeKegal

    Forrest should retire…guy made history, went from The Ultimate Fighter to Champ beating the likes of Rampage and Shogun. What else is to prove besides taking a beating from guys who are coming up and hungry.

    • GiovanniB

      Yeah, Forrest should retire or else he’ll keep getting knocked out like he did when he fought Shogun, Anderson Silva and Rashad – heck even Jardine…

      LOL the only thing he’s proven is that he cannot beat top competition unless they are injured or not dedicated! Like he did against an injured Shogun and a not dedicated Rampage…so yeah, point is: He’s not relevant anymore, he should retire!

      • smill0313

        Atleast he has beaten chael sonnen before too.

        • GiovanniB

          Yeah sure, Forrest beat Sonnen almost 10 years ago. I bet he can’t pull that off again.

          • RonnieV

            He should retire…. To this day I still think he took a dive against Anderson Silva! Silva hit him with a jab, and Griffin went lights out!

  • zap

    To play Devil’s advocate, I’m a big Forrest fan and I think he can still go out there and outfight some of the top guys on any given night. Bader, Evans, Gustafsson, Silva, Davis. Maybe not Lyoto…I wanna see more from this dude. One more run big guy!!

  • pooby

    Forrest is sloppy, slow, and seems to crumble after eating a couple good shots.

    Every time I read about Forrest, I think about how underappreciated Stephan Bonnar has been. Bonnar is, or was, one of the toughest guys in mma. He’s never been finished (unless you count a doctor stoppage from a cut. Even Bones smashed him over and over, but Bonnar kept coming forward.

    Then I think of Forrest vs. A.Silva and shake my head. To think that Forrest is much more likely to be a UFC Hall of Famer than Stephan…

  • somecokehead

    yeah… Griffin has a problem in big fights. Plus he tends to lose ugly when he loses. He seems more interested in anything but fighting. I think he just sticks around for the exposure. If Griffin was still a contender he would crush Ortiz like Lyoto crushed Randy in his final fight. He has made it despite a hard road. Maybe he is worn out. Guess we will find out in the near future.

  • spidersilva

    Tito choose to ignore the part about griffin retiring from ‘life’. Thats a huge dig at u tito. The two team forrest/silva parlay is a lock. easy money

    • GiovanniB

      True, Forrest said “retire from life” but he should also retire from MMA…his 15 minutes of fame are expired. I think Bonnar is beginning to pick up his share now.