Tito Ortiz Says if Cris Cyborg Can Cut the Weight Safely, She’ll Fight Ronda Rousey

January 16, 2013
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Cris CyborgThe spotlight is burning bright on new UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey, but if she wins her first bout in the Octagon, expect the focus to shift back to whether or not a fight between her and Cris “Cyborg” Santos can be made.

Rousey’s first UFC title defense is against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 on Feb. 23 in Anaheim, Calif.

Despite Carmouche being a tough opponent, right or wrong, almost everyone has already penciled in a victory for Rousey, including UFC officials, who have stacked the hopes of women’s MMA squarely on Rousey’s shoulders.

If she does win, however, some of that pressure may be shifted back to Cyborg, who held the Strikeforce featherweight championship, and whether or not she can and will make the drop to 135 to challenge Rousey.

Although initial reactions when Rousey was signed to a UFC contract were that Cyborg just couldn’t physically make the cut, it appears the Brazilian and her camp are exploring the possibility.

“When I first signed her she told me, ‘Tito, I can’t go down to 135 because I walk around at 172, 173,’” explained Cyborg’s manager, former UFC champion Tito Ortiz. “And for a woman cut that much weight and for Cyborg to be the champion she has (been) at her weight class (145 pounds), to cut down (that far), it sounds like a disadvantage for her to cut down to a weight that she’s not used to.

“In the very beginning when they said, ‘We want you to cut down to 135. You got two months to do it,’ I said no, it’s gonna be too soon. I don’t want to hurt my fighter.”

Most people read into that response as Cyborg being unwilling to take a fight with Rousey. Ortiz, as a guest on Tuesday night’s UFC Tonight, however, explained that of course they want the fight to happen, but it’s a matter of doing it in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize his fighter’s health.

“It is going to be tough (for her to get down to 135). When she cuts to 145, she is shredded,” he stated. “To cut another 10 pounds… It’s tough to do, to get an extra 10 pounds off.”

But she is going to try.

“If Mike Dolce can do it in a healthy way, in a healthy manner, and there’s a doctor that can approve it and make it the right way, let the fight happen.”

Ortiz went on to discuss Rousey’s first title defense, as well as his own career and the switch from retiring as a fighter to becoming a manager.

Watch Tito Ortiz’s interview on UFC Tonight below…

  • 172? That’s probably heavier then some of the guys at 145 lol.

    • bajafox

      Right!? LOL

  • nadillon

    What a sweet manager to have. He was a PR machine and a good fighter.

    • Cuntlick

      Yea he knows his stuff. If women gets big I can see many fighters will be knocking on Tito’s door

  • Fox

    She walks around on ROIDs at 172 lbs. She could easily, and I mean easily make 135 off the sauce.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      He didn’t safely gain the weight so why are they worried about safely losing it!

    • Sir_Roy

      That’s a misconception in my opinion. Roids are not merely used for muscle mass or weight gain. Far from it. There are steroids that shred you, focusing on different aspects of performance enhancing including, but not limited or exclusive to, muscle mass, strength, endurance (etc.), conserving blood glucose, faster recovery … It’s not a simple matter of removing steroids from your regime et voila, you lose all the weight. Effects and their off cycles depends on the type of steroids used.

      I highly doubt Cyborg uses steroids with the onus on muscle mass and weight gain.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Her head is almost as big as Tito’s.

    • Sir_Roy


      Hopefully she hasn’t filled it with as many lame excuses over the years as Tito has though.

  • kennybro

    i think she should have to fight urijah faber before she can get a shot at the 135 title.

  • Obarmarama

    I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I really respect someone like Kenny Florian for being able to cut so much weight and still train and fight. The thing for Kenflo was that he was never really powerful or athletic. He relied more on technique and speed. When he cut the weight he was going to be fighting opponents that had significantly less strength than he’s used to so it worked for him.

    For Cyborg, she relies almost entirely on her power, strength and ferocity. If she cuts that weight, she will not be able to train properly, and will lose a lot of strength and be sick. SHE will be at her weakest during the weigh ins, too drained and faint to even be able to walk let alone fight, and on fight night she will recouperate up to 40-50 percent, and will be still drained and feeling the effects. She got busted for taking a prohibited laxative that enabled her to make 145 unnaturally (she clearly uses roids and just cycles of them on other occasions, but on this occasion needed to cut weight drastically.

    If people really want to see her fight Ronda, Ronda should fight at 145, she probably walks around at 150. I think the question should therefore be of Ronda ducking Cyborg

    • rufus

      So true about Ronda ducking Cyborg. Like Ronda said. “I make the shots and Cyborg is on the other side of the stick”.

      • Danjitsu

        You guys are insane with this Ronda ducking Cyborg crap. Ronda is the champion first off, and second off, if Cyborg can’t make the weight THAN THAT MEANS SHE IS TOO BIG. There are weight classes for a reason – duh.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Totally agree. This is a case of Ronda ducking Cyborg, and therefore stipulating that Cyborg make 135 (knowing Cyborg will be out of her element at 135 and nowhere near 100%)

  • John Bunch

    If I was Dana White, why would I want this fight to happen anytime soon? Rhonda is a new attraction for the UFC…with the UFC’s PR machine, she is going to help bring in a lot of new “fans” that probably know little about the sport in general, and absolutely nothing about women’s MMA. Rhonda winning keeps these people interested, and some of them probably become legitimate fans along the way. But many of them are probably there to see her win. The hardcore fans like most of us are watching cards regardless of whether Rhonda fights Cyborg or not, so we’re a built in audience. If Cyborg comes in and smashes Rhonda the way she did Gina, then the mystique is gone and a lot of those superficial fans start to lose interest once the novelty of the unbeatable hot chick is gone. Now…if I were Dana White, I would bring Cyborg in, feed her a couple of fights and then book a women’s Ultimate Fighter with Rhonda and Cyborg, build the hate up, and then make the fight happen. That way Dana milks this thing for all it’s worth, and hopefully people open their minds to women’s MMA and their presence lasts in the UFC.

  • uncle

    UFC is dumb if they think Rhonda can break Cyborg’s
    arm I know Cyborg will break Rousey’s face they build
    Rhonda up based on looks and she is only a 1 trick pony
    if UFC really cared about womens MMA they would get behind Cyborg like they did with Overeem but they took
    her title and all Dana is very bias towards Cyborg womens
    mma should be based on skill set and not only off looks


    Cyborg is a guy and he will cut the weight. nuff said.


    everything about Tito Ortiz smells fishy. not trust worthy or honest