Tito Ortiz: “If Anyone is Going to Beat My Record, I’d Like to See Jon Jones Do It”

May 2, 2013
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Tito Ortiz and Dana White at UFC Hall of Fame inductionIn just five short years, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has rocketed into the conversation about the greatest fighters of all time.

He readily admits that it’s still too soon for him to challenge Anderson Silva for top honors as the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, but Jones fully intends to keep working in that direction.

The next step is laying sole claim to the UFC record for most light heavyweight title defenses, which he currently shares with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz.

Jones’ recent destruction of Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 put him on par with Ortiz’s mark of five successful light heavyweight title defenses. Now, before he considers moving into superfights or the heavyweight division, he wants to break that record.

“One thing I’ve been contemplating is first tying Tito Ortiz, and then establishing that record of the most (light heavyweight title defense) wins in my next fight, maybe in November, and after that fight in November, entertaining superfights and heavyweight fights,” said Jones.

Ortiz has always carried his achievements proudly, but if anyone is going to surpass him in the record books, he’s okay with it being Jon Jones.

“I don’t want to see him break my record,” Ortiz told MMAWeekly.com content partner Knockout Radio on Wednesday night. “But if anyone is going to beat my record, I would like to see Jon Jones do it because he is that special of an athlete.

“He’s got great speed, great balance, great wrestling technique, and his mind is super strong.  It’s just one of those things that, if he does beat my record, I guess I can give him nothing but respect because, if anyone is going to break my record, I would like to see Jon Jones do it.”

Ortiz would even go so far as to make sure he’s in attendance at Jones’ next fight – whenever that should be – to see if his record falls to the wayside.

“Of course I’m going to show up,” he declared. “I’m not going to miss that. I want to watch, in person, the guy who is going to beat my record. I would love to be a part of something great at that event.”

Jones is currently nursing an injured foot, expecting to be sidelined for the next few weeks, so it’s unclear just how soon he’ll be bak in the Octagon, gunning for sole possession of the record. But rest assured, he’ll be gunning for it.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Oh yeah baby … “he’ll be bak” …

  • urdooomb

    Tito’s record was accumulated against weak opponents during the early UFC days. Then he met Chuck and Randy and lost to both of them. Then he beat up 40 year old Ken..then he couldn’t win a fight until he retired.

    • Milosc

      Not quite

      Look at who Tito was fighting, then look at who everybody else was fighting

      You might as well say that Royce Gracie ‘made his name fighting cans’, just because it was 1993 and that’s all who showed up. In 10 years we may have genetically modified cock-diesel super geniuses fighting in the UFC, but that still won’t mean Jon Jones “sucks”, today

      When Tito was champ, he was the best eva (and for a while). Otherwise, somebody else would have been. That’s how it goes

      • Truth

        True that. Tito was the best LHW in the world during that time.

        He was the large, strong, fast, and unstoppable wrestler w/ unlimited cardio. He had nasty ground n pound (nobody could generate the kind of power and damage within someone’s guard like he could). He also had good submissions and great submission defense. He had a granite chin (b/c it was huge).

        That’s why many times, it’s better to retire when you’re at your peak, rather than after you’ve completely faded and fallen off. When you see some of these guys lose at the end of their career, they tend to lose some of the luster from the rest of their careers.

        • urdooomb

          Tito fought top guys and lost to top guys…so what?

          No guarantee that Luis Cane wouldn’t have been able to beat Tito.

    • Served

      Tito beat Rashad (the first time they met), but got robbed by Big John. He also beat top 10 Bader.

      People love hating on Tito, but he deserves his due.

  • Freddie Bianca

    Yea when royce was fighting, he was fighting guys that coudnt defend BJJ, and had no experience with it.. He had a major advantage.. When Tito was body slaming guys, they couldnt defend the take downs.. When guys starting defending takedowns, chuck Liddel. He was rendered an average fighter at best.. The sport has evolved 100x in past 10 years..

    • urdooomb

      Tito also dodged chuck

  • One of those wins was against someone who deserved a title shot less than Chael…Elvis Sinosic

  • Fuzzy

    Tito, I love and hate you. As I feel the same for Jon Jones. I completely respect the talent and accomplishments of both men. But when either of them tspeaks, I wish they would have chosen to stfu.

  • Jason Decipher

    The sport was still growing & there was no one more dominant at the time. Not bad for a guy who had only wrestled & had no fighting experience with his first ever MMA fight being in the UFC. He’s in the UFC hall of fame I’m sure it wasn’t just luck how that came to be

    • urdooomb

      it was a lot of Dana nut sucking.

      I remember this foo licking Fedor’s nuts to get a job at Affliction only to crawl back to the UFC and immediately talk trash on Fedor.