Tito Ortiz Announces Final Fight at UFC 148

March 20, 2012
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Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin at UFC 106
UFC 148 will be all about trilogies.

The main event will pit UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz against long time rival Urijah Faber, but the card will also feature the final fight of an Octagon legend.

Tito Ortiz announced on late Tuesday night that he will face Forrest Griffin at the July 7 event in Las Vegas.

“July 7th, Vegas MGM UFC 148, it’s on!” wrote Ortiz via his Twitter account..

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has long stated following his los to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in December 2011 that he would step back into the Octagon one final time and his dream match-up was a third fight with Forrest Griffin.

Ortiz and Griffin have split their first two fights, and the trilogy will not only bring to an end the long career of the fighter formerly known as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, but it will settle the rubber match between two former champions.

For Griffin the fight has to have just as much importance because he’s currently coming off a very tough loss to Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua last August, and will look to get back on track when he faces old foe Tito Ortiz in July.

Originally, the two previous title holders were scheduled to meet in May, but Ortiz suffered an injury that delayed the bout.

Now they are scheduled to meet on July 7 where Ortiz will attempt to go out with one final blaze of glory.

Will Griffin be the one to extinguish that however? The answer will come at UFC 148

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  • We will miss Tito. He’s been a great ambassador of MMA and has always been exceptionally good to his fans.

    • Lesnardo

      You obviously either know Tito in real life or do not really know Tito but want to be on his good side.

      He has been the trash of this sport. Picking on washed up legends, marrying a pornstar, dissing other fighters, dissing other fighters that would kick your ass, starting shit with Dana and then running to Fedor and then dissing Fedor immediately when Dana brings you back, and marrying a pornstar are not what ambassadors do.

      “Exceptionally good to his fans”
      Jeez, I wonder what he has done for you…lol!

      • Hey buddy…who are you to criticize someone’s career, and who someone gets married to? What makes you better than a pornstar? To me, you’re a nobody, and I’d hang out with Jenna Jameson before you any day of the freaking week!!!!

        • Triggerman99

          Hey buddy, who are you to criticize that guy and call him a nobody? What makes you better than him? maybe you’re a nobody, too.

          See what I did there?

          • Lesnardo


            You just showed the fallacy of commonly used moronic argument.

            “Giant Silva does not suck..He can kick your ass!”

          • philmckracken

            Hey buddy. who are you to critcize a guy criticizing a guy thts calling someone a nobody? What makes you better than him or the other guy? Maybe we’re all nobodies. See what I did there? Im confused now. sorry, I had to man.

      • MrAdidas

        Not sure what Tito’s personal life & who he married has to do with his comment. Tito was a jack ass, but he played the role of a jackass. People seem to think that people/fighters who play the villain role in their job, to promote fights, or most importantly themselves to increase their income that, thats how they are in “real” life.

        Tito, is like Sonnen (or the other way around – whatever), they talk alot of siht, but they dont do it for the hell of it, they are thinking $$$$$. Every time they make people like you mad/upset, they win & you will click on the stories about them & then vent your frustration like most people do. BUT … you are giving them EXACTLY what they want, and that is … attention/publicity. No such thing as “bad” press. Negativity is much better than silence. What that means is … -ve publicity is better than no publicity/not being mentioned or talked about at all.

        Way of the world!

  • Mario

    This fight doesn’t really grab my attention to be honest.

    Win or lose, it’s Tito’s last fight. The end of his career. Goodbye!

    Forrest however, needs a win badly. He can’t afford a loss to a guy who’s on his way out. If you ask me, I never considered Tito THAT great. For him to call out Mark Coleman when the man was like 40 something was pathetic. It shows that Tito ain’t a REAL man. When he fights guys who can kick his ass, the result was always the same.

    He’s a superstar, but as a fighter, I never really thought much of him.

    Griffin via another (close) decision. 😛

    • Lesnardo

      Tito called out Tank Abbott and Ken Shamrock as well. Tito is pathetic.

      “Superstar”?? I mean…I dunno…I think the media exaggerates/misunderstands his superstardom.

      He is one of the recognized faces of MMA, given that he’s been in the sport for 13+ and was a former champ.

      But people watch his fights just to see him get his ass kicked.

      • fsunoles09

        you cant tell me the ortiz shamrock rivalry wasnt funny as hell

        • Lesnardo

          Not at all. I refused to watch UFC back then because it was garbage compared to PRIDE. Shamrock was irrelevant in PRIDE so he went back to the UFC.

          The way Tito was calling out UFC veterans sickened me. I was laughing my ass off when Randy beat his ass.

  • Is it Griffin for sure? I hope not, I’d rather see him fight someone else.

    • Lesnardo

      Me too. I want to see him fight Shogun.

  • Anthony

    Does Dana or whomever votes let Tito into the UFC hall of fame? I say yes, without a doubt, he definitly helped make the sport what it is today.

  • KingSlaughter

    seeing as how Nogueira destroyed him with minimal effort…i don’t know why the hell they gave him another fight…if griffin loses he should retire too

    • Triggerman99

      Yeah I agree. If you can’t beat Tito Ortiz, then just hang em up. The Bader thing was a complete fluke, and Tito just hasn’t had anything to offer for years now.

    • Lesnardo

      Win or lose, Griffin’s career with the UFC should be over. However, given the special treatment Dana has been giving to Stephan Bonnar (who btw lost to old Mark Coleman lol!), I could see Forrest sticking around.

      Lil Nog wooped that boy.

  • Dan

    We didn’t need to see this again.

  • shakejunt

    at least we can finally stop hearing about these 2 and take them off any rankings

  • fsunoles09

    bout time bro the guy went like 4 or 5 years it seems like without a win before that bader fight and still managed to stay in the ufc on the basis that he was a big draw.get em out of here.