Tito Ortiz Admits His Heart Hurts After UFC 133 Loss to Rashad Evans

August 7, 2011
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Tito Ortiz stepped up on just over 2 weeks notice to take the fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 133, and had a performance that earned him ‘Fight of the Night’ honors.

Despite the effort however, Ortiz still came up short and succumbed to Evans in the 2nd round.

Ortiz gives Evans his due and says he was the better fighter on Saturday night, and says his heart definitely hurts after suffering the loss.

  • Unador

    Tito should have to pay the UFC 70k for being LOSER OF THE NIGHT.

    Well, he might as well set up an automatic draft out of his bank account. Because Tito has my vote for LOSER OF THE YEAR.

    Little itty bitty cry baby sissy COWARD and a QUITER.
    the ultimate LOSER.
    Tito was never even close to being a contender for the belt at 205. To say he would have been after beating Rashad was the carrot infront of the donkey.
    Not only is Tito a bad fighter and a terrible MMA guy, but he isn’t too bright either letting himself get served up to Evans with the hint of contender status if he wins.
    What a chump.
    Whose is the next guy they are gonna line up for Tito to quit against?
    We need to get Fedor to drop to 205. We can build his confidence back up by destroying Tito at will.

    • wonggfan

      Well, as a fighter I am not too critical of Tito. He used to be one of the best fighters but now it will be difficult to put him at top 20.

      My issue with Tito is his personality. He is a sneaky, sly, lying, scumbag. Just look at the dude. A punk who built his career on picking fights with fighters that came before him. He dumped his ex-wife for a porn star.