Title Shot on Horizon, Lyoto Machida No Longer Considering 185 (UFC 157 Post video)

February 24, 2013
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Lyoto Machida UFC 157 Pre 9Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida had been considering a move down to 185 pounds, but now that he has defeated Dan Henderson and has the promise of a 205-pound title shot on the horizon, he intends to remain at light heavyweight to see how things shake out.

Check out what else Lyoto Machida had to say at the UFC 157 post-fight press conference.

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  • Jmoney510

    they should say he out pointed henderson… cause I don’t think anyone should consider that a defeat

    • yata

      he hurt hendo, machida hits few but hard its not just points

  • UncleRayRay

    Machida Blows!

    • Timothy Malone

      Good picture. Machida is the clever roadrunner and Henderson is the incompetent coyote who cant seem to figure out how to get him.

      • Rip ripperson

        but just because you can run away and stay just out of reach doesnt mean you won the fight. To win a fight you must actually fight. Faints and “elusiveness” is great if it leads to something but if it means circling the cage for 3 rounds then it actually ruined the fight. I for one am not even interested in a machida vs jones 2.

        • Hollywood Hendo

          Machida did fight and clearly controlled the fight in all 3 rounds. Just because he didn’t fight as if he was in a backyard or bar, doesn’t mean he wasn’t fighting.

        • Lucas Freire

          Out of 28 strikes from Lyoto,27 were significant.

          Out of 54 strikes from Hendo,20 were significant.

          That’s what you could call effectiveness. Or nowadays punching ninjas makes you win a fight?

      • kbroesq

        That’s exactly what I thought – Yeah, Machida is the road runner, and his opponents are the coyote that get hit with an anvil if they chase him.

  • Be interesting to see what Machida can do differently against Jones next time they fight. As he had some success in the first fight but he has to avoid being taken down.

    • golddigger


  • Jay

    DAn hendo got his ass beat haha dan hendo fans are soo sad and crying like little girls making excuses.

  • Dan

    Ya everybodys mad becuase machida isnt stupid like shogun and doesnt let dan hit him in the face with a weak HBOMB. Would any of you stand infront of dan and let him punch you in the face? Then stfu. Machida landed way better strikes, way more significant damaging strikes. Hendo was too scared to charge and attack machida thats why he lost. Machida was also the agressor in the 3rd round while dan did nothing.

    • Sir_Roy

      Shogun didn’t have the tools to do what Machida did. He doesn’t have the evasiveness and is not a masterful counter-striker as Machida is. It’s that simple. I do agree that while it doesn’t make for a spectacular fight, it’s Machida’s style and it’s what makes him a great fighter hard to prepare for.

      I feel he left his strengths behind for a time, buckled to the critics, and started brawling a little too much. He needs to realize where he excels and use it 100% to his advantage.

      Machida is to the striking game in MMA what GSP is to the ground game IMHO. Doesn’t make for oodles of excitement … but the potential to be nearly unstoppable for Machida is there if he embraces his style and sticks with it.

  • Ryan Bruno

    Ya Dan hendo sucks ass, too slow, 1 trick pony, old, fat, crybaby ass brawler who should be happy it wasnt a 5 round fight becuz he would have got knocked the f*** out or submitted 4 sure and he knows it.
    Machida>Dan it should have been a UD not a split decision, machida f****** dominated that clown. Dan landed 2 punches thats it.

  • Ryan Bruno

    Ya Dan hendo sucks a$$, too slow, 1 trick pony, old, fat, crybaby a$$ brawler who should be happy it wasnt a 5 round fight becuz he would have got knocked the fuk out or submitted 4 sure and he knows it.
    Machida>Dan it should have been a UD not a split decision, machida fukin dominated that clown. Dan landed 2 punches thats it.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      there was nothing dominant about that piss poor showing…a win on points at absolute best…

    • kbroesq

      You know, I actually agree with this. I’ve never liked Henderson, and I don’t understand why people do. I think earlier in his career, he was quiet and humble, and gave the impression of an ‘every man.’ He’s not like that anymore. He’s a cheater who whines, and despite the fact that he uses TRT, he still looks bad after 2-3 rounds.

    • Go Karate

      agreeeeeeeed! and how about some love for machida’s front kicks? if he had been a little more confident on the counters when hendo rushed forward that juicing fool would be out on the floor trt or not

  • Killa Fools

    is sad many months training for a fight for make very boring presentation, lyoto must stop fight and Log in athletics competencies, 3 f*** rounds running like a girl and feinting like a fool, if think can beat Jones in future with same
    boring technique, that was a good dream lol

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Either way he’s running into a buzz saw

  • golddigger

    If it was Pride they would have given Machida a point deduction for running away and not doing anything 90% of the fight

  • cassiocan

    Machina has fast strikes , you can barely see them. If you watch the fight again you will see several strikes. If you put in slow motion, you can see how accurate they are. Many pelople and judges are not familiar with Karate strikes.

    • Sir_Roy

      Good point. It’s not eye candy, but he does have fast hands … great counter striker.

  • Mark McDowall

    Yes it was a boring fight. Yes Hendo should retire before he starts loosing like Lidell and Hughes did. Yes Machida won and gets the next title shot after Sonnen. Will alot of people want to see that fight…HELL NO!

    • Supaman

      difference b/w Hendo and Liddell is that Hendo’s chin is still very solid.

      difference b/w Hendo and Hughes is that Hendo isn’t JUST a wrestler. once Hughes’ wrestling faltered, he was screwed (ala vs. Alves & Koscheck)

      HOWEVER, I’d say Hendo only has a few fights left as he’s clearly alot smaller. He still has lot of power in that right hand, and great wrestling but the problem is that he’s a small LHW and a slow MW.

      When he was a #1 contender against Bones, that was likely his last shot at a title. He may still have some exciting fights left, but not for title contention.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    they better stack this card if they expect people to buy it on PPV because as it stands now theres is absolutely no interest in a Bones v. Machida rematch…Machida has shown absolutely nothing to make anyone think a 2nd fight would play out differently…TBH, i doubt this fight gets made for Bones next title shot, Machidas performance was too unimpressive…you can be pretty sure the UFC will wait to see how Gustaffson/Mousasi plays out and should Gus win impressively, hes def. skipping past Machida and getting a crack at the belt…bank on it…

  • kbroesq

    While I won’t hesitate to defend Machida against the idiots who think he ran against Henderson, I will say (at least under this story) that I hope he really does something in training that is drastically different. The performance against Henderson isn’t gonna beat Jones.

    While I believe that he certainly beat Henderson, and he didn’t ‘run away,’ he didn’t do anything to make me believe he could beat Jones. I was really hoping that Machida would either KO Henderson, or beat him up in drastic fashion; that did not happen.

    • who knows

      don’t forget he took the jones fight on short notice and did pretty good> he had slimmed down for this fight so was hitting less hard but it might be better to catch jones

      • kbroesq

        That’s a good point – don’t get me wrong, I would rather see Machida fight Jones for a second time and see Henderson fight Jones for a first time. Machida did well against Jones, no doubt. He is going to have to kick it up a notch, though.

        • Lucas Freire

          I don’t think so,JJ doesn’t have Hendo’s KO power,Lyoto has nothing to worry standing,he’s far superior,as far as we discuss about technique. But Jon Jones is just a freak,he’s way bigger and stronger than Lyoto.

  • bajafox

    Lyoto v. Anyone puts $45 in my pocket.

    I pay to watch people fright, not dance around

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    Gustaffson/Mousasi and Cormier/Mir both happen b4 Bones/Sonnen so safe to say, no chance in hell Machida actually gets the next LHW title shot…the UFC will see how those 2 fights play out b4 announcing anything official…DW has continulously stated Cormier is gonna move down to LHW , Cormier has called out Bones, and that fight trumps a Machida rematch 10/10 times and unfortunately a Gustaffson/Bones fight as well…Cormier will absolutely wreck Mir easily much like Bones will Sonnen so it wouldnt surprise me to see Bones v. Cormier for the belt and possibly Machida v. Gustaffson/Mousasi winner for next shot…