Time for MMA to Come Clean? Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira Undergo Random Drug Testing

April 4, 2014
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Jon Jones UFC World TourUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his next challenger, Glover Teixeira, each recently underwent a random drug test by the Maryland State Athletic Commission (MSAC).

Jones confirmed that he was tested during a UFC media event at the Jackson/Winkeljohn gym in Albuquerque, N.M., on Wednesday. It was his understanding that both he and Teixeira underwent testing that included blood and urine samples.

“It’s great to know the athletes who are competing are competing clean. I’ve never taken any performance enhancing drug,” said Jones when commenting about the testing on UFC Tonight earlier this week. “I’ve probably fought people in the past who have. I want to see our sport be a clean sport. I have no right to accuse (Glover) of anything. The only edge you should have is your work ethic.”

The MSAC doesn’t reveal much information publicly about drug testing, citing privacy laws, but did confirm the testing and commend Jones and Teixeira in a comment provided to MMAWeekly.com on Friday.

“The Maryland State Athletic Commission respects, and maintains, the confidentiality of the out-of-competition random drug testing currently being conducted of professional MMA fighters Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira as they prepare to compete in UFC 172 on April 26, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland,” read the statement.

“Given that one or both of these individuals have commented publicly on such testing, the Maryland State Athletic Commission commends Mr. Jones and Mr. Teixeira, as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), for their cooperation in supporting these additional drug testing measures.  The Maryland State Athletic Commission believes that such measures are significant and reflect favorably upon the sport of MMA.  We are looking forward to regulating UFC 172 in Baltimore.  To ensure the confidentiality of testing, there will be no further comment from the Maryland State Athletic Commission on this subject at this time.”

Such testing isn’t overly common in mixed martial arts, primarily due to the expenses incurred and the lack of funding for the regulatory bodies to conduct them.

The UFC, however, agreed to pay for the random tests of Jones and Teixeira.

“The Maryland State Athletic Commission decided to conduct random drug testing for our event in Baltimore,” UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed to ESPN.com on Thursday. “We fully support their efforts and agreed to cover all the expenses related to the program.”

Jones and Teixeira are slated to headline UFC 172 on April 26 in Baltimore, Md.

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  • Mark McDowall

    I think all main and co main event fighters should be randomly rested.Hell if the UFC really wants to show its about having a clean roster…they should test all fighters all the time during camp. And keep the random testing for out of camp times.

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      In a perfect world, sure, but there’s an incredible expense attached to that much testing. It ain’t cheap. 🙂

      I completely agree with the spirit of your comment, though.

      * In hindsight, looks like I could be way off base with my ‘incredible expense’ comment – see below… 🙂

      • Wolf Ticket

        How much does it cost to test one fighter? Just curious…

        • Shocked_n_Awed

          You know what, good question – I was really just going from several things I’ve read stating that as fact, but never really looked into the actual costs.

          Now, I haven’t done a ton of research here or anything, and I’d like to get some industry-specific info, but what I’ve found so far is that an average, individual drug test might cost between $15 and $35… which, if every fighter in every fight for the UFC in 2013 had been tested once during camp, could cost around $19k. Which I actually don’t think is a lot of money, relatively-speaking, for the UFC.

          So that’s for one test for every scheduled fighter who went last year. If we wanted to see one test during every live camp, and one more test for everyone immediately post-fight, and maybe one more totally random one for absolutely everyone for the year, that could still be under $60k.

          Again, I’ve read so many times that this much testing would be prohibitively expensive, I’d assumed each test must have cost a couple of hundred bucks at least. And the $15-$35 average is based on the best info I can find, out of New York. Could be some doctor in Nevada testing for PED’s is shaking his head right now, saying, “Nope, it’s thousands more than that!” 😀

          I’m glad you made me look into it, thanks! 😀

  • thommo888

    WOW Jon organised his own random test , just think about that for a moment .

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      Hang on a sec, nowhere here does it say he arranged it – just that he conceded to it, and wholeheartedly endorses it. It was organized by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. 🙂

    • steeltown65

      What? Where the f–k did you get that?