Tim Means Knocks Himself Out; Marcus LeVesseur Steps In to Face Abel Trujillo at UFC on Fox 5

December 7, 2012
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Tim MeansThe injury plague of 2012 certainly has not slowed down and now it’s claimed a fighter by way of self-inflicted knockout.

Tim Means was cutting weight to prepare for his Saturday night showdown against Abel Trujillo by burning off the final few pounds in the sauna. In the midst of his weight cutting, Means slipped and knocked himself out and is now out of the fight at UFC on Fox 5.

UFC president Dana White announced the change via Twitter.

“The UFC curse strikes again. Tim Means slips in sauna and KO’s himself so now Marcus LeVesseur vs Abel Trujillo,” wrote White.

In his place, Marcus LeVesseur will step in and face Trujillo on Saturday night’s card.

LeVesseur was originally scheduled for the UFC on Fox 5 fight card against Ultimate Fighter winner Michael Chiesa, who was forced out of the fight due to illness.

So now LeVesseur faces Trujillo with the final card numbering 11 fights… if no one trips and falls down some steps or something.

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  • stak

    what the …?

    I was looking forward to the Means fight. Dude fights just like Cerrone.

  • Darin

    Get that sauna in the UFC. That thing can throw down!

  • adam1848

    Slipped and fell or passed out from heat and dehydration, I wonder.

    • fgh

      took the words out of my mouth

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    That’s too bad The Dirty Bird is a tough dude and real nice person, hope he gets another shot