Tim Kennedy Would Donate Entire Purse to Fight Michael Bisping in the UFC

May 20, 2011
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If the bosses at Zuffa are looking at cross-promotional fights between the UFC and Strikeforce, Tim Kennedy is ready to lay down an open challenge to face Michael Bisping in the Octagon.

The decorated Army Ranger took to Twitter recently and had a few comments to make about Bisping, and the brash Brit’s performance against Jorge Rivera. Needless to say, Bisping retorted and immediately the fires were stoked.

Kennedy insists, however, that despite his friendship with Jorge Rivera, his desire to face Bisping is nothing more than a chance to prove himself against the best in the world. Oh, and to take out a cheater as well.

“I haven’t lost sight of where I am and who I’m looking at realistically in Strikeforce. I knew that Chael (Sonnen) was going to be in a bad position, and if Chael and Bisping are kind of the No. 1 and 2 guys, and Chael is out, I’ll fight the No. 2 guy in a heartbeat. I know they don’t have anybody lined up for him, so I’ll step up to the plate,” Kennedy told MMAWeekly.com.

“I go in the ring, I let how I fight speak for me. I don’t like trash talking, but I hate people that don’t fight fair. I hate cheaters. I hate people that use steroids. I hate people that hide their urine samples. I hate people that grease their bodies. I hate people that manipulate judges. I hate it all. Just go out there and fight. It disrespects everything this sport is about.”

The action that Kennedy is referring to is the illegal knee Bisping landed on Rivera during their fight in Australia in February. Most have accused the Brit of throwing the knee with every intention of landing and knowing it was illegal, but he maintains it was incidental.

Kennedy isn’t buying it, however, and he wants to show Bisping how real sportsmanship pays off, and that he doesn’t need to fight dirty to knock him out.

“He walks away with a win, a TKO, from blasting the dude in the face, illegally. Just drives me insane, like it’s the worse thing that can happen in the sport,” Kennedy said about Bisping. “As a fellow athlete, I think somebody has to hold him responsible for that.

“If the promotion won’t do it, let’s let the other athletes do it. I’m an athlete. I’ll step up to the plate and say, hey you’re wrong, you fight unfair, you cheat, let me show you how real guys fight.”

If UFC president Dana White needs more incentive to put Kennedy in the cage with Bisping, the military veteran is happy to sweeten the pot. If Kennedy gets the fight with Bisping, he has dedicated his entire fight purse to charity.

“Without a moment’s hesitation,” Kennedy said about donating his purse. “I love fighting, I love this sport, I love the competition of fighting, and I’m still a military guy through and through. I don’t fight for the money. So my fight purse I would give to a military-based non-profit. I have some in mind. I’m waiting for this fight to happen before I said who it was, but they already know who it would be.

“I would love nothing more than to go out there put on a great display, put on a great fight. I’m confident I’d beat him and just take that fight purse and hand it right over. I think it’s not only a demonstration of how bad I want to fight the best guys, but it’s like a contrast of where he is. He’ll go out there and cheat to get a win. I’ll go out there to fight the fight, and then take my fight purse and give it to someone more important than me.”

Bisping is currently without an opponent due to Chael Sonnen’s recent suspension handed down by the California State Athletic Commission, but the UFC has made no mention of who could be the fighter to step in and face him next.

If Kennedy has any say in the matter, it will be him.

Should the UFC choose not to offer Kennedy the fight, he’s already in preparation to return to action on the July 30 Strikeforce card currently rumored for Chicago. Kennedy was in New York on Thursday shooting a magazine cover, but will then head out to New Mexico for six weeks to work with Team Jackson/Winkeljohn.

Kennedy is just ready to dole out some punishment to whoever they put in the cage with him. If it’s not Bisping, he’ll happily take the last competitor to fight for the Strikeforce middleweight title.

“Come July, I’ll just be praying to God for somebody to step in the cage with me,” Kennedy stated.

“July 30 is the date that I’m training for an opponent yet to be named. Hoping for Robbie Lawler.”

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  • gnodeb

    Man, how much fighter from B level promotion has to pay to publicly call out fighter from A level promotion? They should pay a lot and we should be able to see how much they paid. I’m tired of reading these kind of nonsenses.

    I don’t like Bisping and his fighting style, but Kennedy would be clear step back for him in every sense. He has nothing to offer and his style is even more boring…

    Again, they should pay for this…

  • chuckalugk

    I think it’s funny how Strikeforce is a “B” level promotion, but WEC is not. I don’t see a whole lot of people complaining about Pettis getting a title shot.

    Strikeforce has some of the best fighters in the world. The UFC may be more powerful and have more depth, but it doesn’t have EVERY top fighter.

    I think Kennedy(not a B level fighter) would beat Bisping.

    • gnodeb

      How many WEC fightres were calling out UFC fighters? I don’t recall single one. Pettis got title shot, but he didn’t ask for it.

      Hendo is talking about fighting Jones, Diaz about GSP, Melendez thinks he is #1 and now Kennedy wants to show to Bisping who is the man :P. It is annoying. They makes this sport looks like circus. Fighters should fight and let match makes to make matches…

  • Prodigy815

    Both of you sound stupid because Zuffa owns both the UFC and Strikeforce.

    • gnodeb

      I didn’t make any “SF vs UFC” comment so your post makes no sense.

    • ShockednAwed

      So, what baring does that have on thier posts? FAIL!

  • Mendel

    I hate people who try to start grudge matches to get on a card. I hate people who make stupid videos about their opponent and then after claim that they opponent has no class.
    Rivera got what he deserved, am I a Bisping fan? Well not really but I don’t dislike him either. I actually think he gets a pretty hard time for no reason and people don’t respect him.