Tim Kennedy on Service, Sacrifice, Donald Trump, and Kill Lists

November 28, 2016
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Tim KennedyTim Kennedy sat down with exclusively with MMAWeekly.com to talk about a number of serious issues beyond his fight career. Kennedy weighed in on the recent U.S. presidential election that produced President Elect Donald Trump, and his take on the situation might surprise you.

A decorated member of the United States Army Special Forces, the outcome of the election determined whether or not Kennedy would re-enlist in the military, and he explained in his interview what influence the election had on him and what direction he took following its result.

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This is a rather enlightening interview, as Kennedy delved deep into the ways that being such a high-level member of the military has affected Kennedy and his family, both personally and professionally, which includes Kennedy being named on several terrorist “kill lists.”

It is a reminder of the service and sacrifice of Kennedy and countless others who serve their country.

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  • Gum_ball_death

    ….and he’s also quoted as saying those who suffer from PTSD are “pu55ies”. Yeah….really classy guy you’re putting on the pedestal here.

    • dgs

      “and he’s also quoted as saying those who suffer from PTSD are “pu55ies”.

      Would you prove that please.

      • Gum_ball_death

        Are you seriously that f’n lazy?

    • BigE

      well, now everyone has PTSD. I embelished a story and was diagonised with PTSD so I can get my medical weed card. I think that’s what he meant. I’m sure if someone was in war with him and suffered due to real battle he wouldn’t think that. It’s just that now everyone can say they have PTSD or they are bipolar or any number of excuses to get their card or a check or some kind of compensation. I did mine just to smoke. I don’t take what he said to heart though. I think he’s a bad mother f#$%er and I thank him for his service to this country. It’s guys like him that make it possible to live free in this country.

      • Gum_ball_death

        I didn’t get that out of what he said…because he didn’t say that. he didn’t even suggest that. He claimed that people with PTSD or emotional problems can basically shake it off by exercising…which is pure ignorance. He doesn’t really understand it…because he doesn’t seem to really want to understand it. It requires critical thinking…which he clearly doesn’t possess.

        • BigE

          well I got a different take from it – from bloody elbow… “My adult life is filled with the things horror movies are made of. I could have nightmares every night or be a medicated PTSD victim if I didn’t choose every day to make a difference for myself and more importantly for the men that died to my left and right.” He’s talking about making a choice not to be a victim, to get up everyday and make a difference. Today people are “poor me” types and blame everybody else for their problems. Just curious – have you ever been to war? Seen your buddies killed, burned alive had to kill women and children? Do you have PTSD from something else? Just wondering on your reference on what people can handle or can’t.

  • The_NudeDude

    Yuck! Kennedy completely lost me. What a terrible human being!

  • Prince Randorson

    He means well and he does what he thinks is right. I dont agree with him on many things but he was my friend’s roommate in NC and from what I heard back then (before he was famous), he is honest and respectable.

    I dont buy the idea that joining a volunteer army makes you a hero, but I happen to know that some of the things they did in Afghanistan were actions that any good person would want accomplished. They helped many people who were living in fear of terrorist.

  • Mark Yang

    Speaking as someone who HAS been to war, and HAS been diagnosed with PTSD, you are incorrect in your assignation of meaning. He was talking about how you go on living WITH it, because he is absolutely right. Like depression, it is a black hole that takes momentum to stay out of.