Tim Kennedy: As Much Respect As I Have for His Skill, Michael Bisping Fights Cheap

April 16, 2014
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Tim Kennedy heads into his TUF Nations Finale headlining bout with Michael Bisping with a lot of animosity, but also with a lot of anticipation for the opportunity before him.

Having spent several years under the Strikeforce banner fighting numerous top-tier middleweights, he relished the day when he could challenge fighters in the organization that most consider the No. 1 mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

Kennedy already has a couple of UFC fights under his belt, but now he gets the chance to face a perennial contender. A victory over Bisping would vault Kennedy into title contention.

Tim Kennedy and Michael Bisping headline The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale in a five-round, non-title fight on Wednesday, April 16, in Quebec City, Quebec.

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  • snapdad

    i use to always boo bisping, but ive grown to like him. it seems like he always gets so close to that title shot and then he chokes. i would like to see him be champion some day

    • Bucket of Chicken

      I’d like to see him get a title shot at least. If Patrick Cote and Thales Leites could earn shots, then why not throw one at The Count?

      • Kenny Powers

        Yeah he’s been in the mix for a while. I think he deserves a title shot, but he’ll lose anyway. I really can’t see Bisping beating Machida, Anderson, Jacare or Mousasi, and he already lost to Vitor, so it would be tough. But he’s been around for so long I think he deserves to at least get the chance.

        • Bucket of Chicken

          Mousasi would be interesting as both have great hands but I imagine that Bisping would attempt to use his wrestling (take downs, position). Machida or Anderson would both drop Bisping within 5 minutes.

    • taylor2008

      Could care less if Bisping ever gets a shot. The guy acts like a jerk quite often. It was great to see him get KO’d by Hendo and Vitor. I want to see the count go down for the count again.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Bisping’s UFC wins come against opponents who have a combined 59-66 record in the UFC. Belfort, Souza and Rockhold are all more deserving at a title shot at the moment.

    • bigG

      3 of his losses have come against the TRT club. What would that record be if he was not fighting steroids as well as the men abusing them?

      • put me in the sauna coach

        TRT was within the rules at the time as long as levels weren’t too high. Now they’re not within in the rules. So time will tell what impact its had or didn’t have. I don’t hate Bisping as a fighter..I think he’s really good..really well rounded. He can be a prick half the time..but the problem is he’s lost every number 1 contender match.

        • Guesty

          Lost to Hendo and Belfort each via KO, so clear defeats but still no shame there. Had the decision against Sonnen stolen by way of either incompetent or fixed judging.

          • Mark McDowall

            The Hendo fight he lost because he was an idiot and kept circling in to Hendos power hand. So no issues there…

            The Belfort fight…well time will tell if Belfort is the same fighter without the TRT. Personally I think we wont ever see Belfort in the cage again…but thats my opinion.

            The Sonnen fight I agree with you that he Sonnen was given the win wrongly just to set up Silva/Sonnen 2…

  • DamianCross

    Is Kennedy being sponsored by 4chan? All this talk about how Bisping is “mad”, he’s going to “own” him, his opponent is “cheap”. He sounds like a 15 year old.