Tim Boetsch’s Broken Foot Forces UFC Brass to Rethink Its Middleweight Blueprint

July 22, 2012
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Tim Boetsch at UFC 117Everyone wants to know who the next challenger to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be.

Is it Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, Brian Stann?

Prior to Saturday night’s UFC 149, many felt it would be the winner between former Bellator champion Hector Lombard and rising middleweight Tim Boetsch.

After their fight, however, the picture didn’t get much clearer.

Lombard defied his usual bombastic tactics, succumbing to Boetsch’s methodical plan of attack, in a fight that left many scratching their heads.

“Our gameplan,” recounted Boetsch after the fight, “was to utilize those leg kicks to not allow him to explode into that range that he’s very powerful.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Even though the plan nearly went awry.

“I wanted to use my kicks to keep him off me and that’s what I was doing. Then, early in the second round, I blew up my foot, which made the rest of the fight more uncomfortable than I had anticipated.”

Although Boetsch’s broken foot didn’t pull him from a title shot – that was never the plan – it did throw a monkey wrench into the UFC’s plans for the middleweight division.

“After beating Okami and Lombard now, (Boetsch) has put himself in a very, very good position,” said UFC president Dana White on Saturday night in Calgary.

“I wasn’t coming in tonight to say this guy is gonna fight Anderson Silva. There’s gonna be some match-ups in the 185-pound division that will decide who fights him.

“If we had to make a fight right now for Anderson because Anderson wants to fight in another two months, I’d do the Weidman fight.”

But that’s not the case. Currently the plan is to pit several top contenders against one another to come up with the best challenger.

The winner of Boetsch and Lombard was chief among the participants in that plan, but Boetsch’s broken foot will cause the UFC brass to go back to the drawing board and make some adjustments to the middleweight blueprint.

As for Boetsch, he’s obviously heard the criticisms of he and Lombard, but true to his blue-collar roots, he takes it in stride, patiently waiting for his time.

“The vibe in the room says no, (I don’t deserve a title shot),” Boetsch said. “But I’m ready for whoever. I train hard enough and if I keep beating enough tough people, I’ll get that title shot. I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.”

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  • b-soc

    Hector Lombard – add him to the long list of anticipated fighters who got in the UFC and fizzled out!

  • Not a Lombard fan and don’t even like him but for his defence he came to fight and Boetsch who always fights like a Barbarian Warrior,was backing up for the whole fight I mean why everyone is saying Lombard sucks???He did the same that Clay Guida did a month ego!!!Hey I understand strategy and have to win,Look at GSP everyone is always on him for not finishing fights but you never see GSP running he’s always on the attack using his opponent’s weaknesses!But Boetsch who promised fireworks and KO,looked real,real bad like a pussy.I hate that coz I’m a big fan of Tim.I’mean fuck Lombard stopped and stood but Tim kept moving back.I mean how you supposed to fight someone if they don’t engage? In my mind Lombard scored all the point he had all 3 takedond he landed all the very few significant strikes and he hurt Tim.But seriously what did Tim scored to actually Win I cannot get it!

    • Wow man, really love your comment. And the fact that your not a Lombard fan makes it even better. And funny thing is I am a huge Lombard fan and a big Tim Boestch fan as well but Tim did not win that fight, I don’t know what the judges problems are. Not disrespect to Tim, like I said I am a fan of us still.

  • BTW Weidman Vs Belcher should just be the number 1 contender figth IMO.

  • MaritalArtist

    I would agree, except bisping/stann is also getting in the way. You also have Evans. Boetsch broke his foot, and Lombard lost (arguably, but he certainly didn’t win convincing fashion, that’s for sure). So you have bisping-stann, Evans, belcher, weidman, chael and vitor. Since vitor and Chael already lost to Anderson, it should be one of the other 4.

    This is very simple, people. Weidman va belcher, and a convincing win gets silva. Not a convincing win? Then the winner has to fight the winner of bisping-stann vs Evans to get the title shot. Boetch can be the alternate, as he should have healed up by then.

    After that it gets more complicated. The next one to get the title shot should be either the winner of vitor vs sonnen, or the winner of bisping-stann vs Evans, depending on who had a more convincing win. There you go, my 2 cents’ worth.

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    First, I don’t think any of them deserve Anderson yet even though I would love to see him loose. He should move up to Light Heavy and get an automatic shot at the title vs Jones. However, Boetsch vs winner of Stann vs Bisping in line next after Weidman vs Silva. I’m done.