Tim Boetsch: UFC Will Have to Give Me a Title Shot After I Run Out of People to Beat Up

December 25, 2012
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Tim Boetsch at UFC 117Make no mistake, Tim Boetsch wants to earn a shot at the UFC middleweight title, but he wants to work to get there and not get handed anything.

Heading into UFC 155, Boetsch was expected to face fellow top ranked middleweight Chris Weidman, but a training injury forced the New Yorker out of the fight and into surgery.

In his place stepped his teammate Costa Philippou, who presents a very tough challenge, but does take away some of the hype for this fight, as it was originally touted as two top middleweights battling for a potential shot at the title.

Boetsch was disappointed with the turn of events, but it’s nothing he hasn’t dealt with before and he’s sure he’ll deal with it again.

“It’s a bit more frustrating for me. I felt like this would really determine who the No. 1 contender was. Everybody has very high expectations of Chris, and I’m certainly on a tear; I’ve beaten two fairly high ranked opponents my last two fights. So I was very much looking forward to getting in the cage with Chris and seeing who came out the other side as the victor,” Boetsch told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“I was very upset that I wasn’t going to get to fight Chris, but at the same time I feel for the guy. He’s had a very rough year. A hurricane just ripped through and wrecked his house, now he’s just got this injury, he just had surgery and he’s in the recovery phase. My thoughts go out to him. Although it’s not Chris Weidman, Costa’s a tough guy and it’s going to be an exciting fight. He’s on a roll right now, he’s a tough boxer and he’s always looking to take people’s heads off.”

In his last two fights, Boetsch has knocked off Yushin Okami and former Bellator champion Hector Lombard to solidify his place near the top of the middleweight rankings, but his name still doesn’t get mentioned nearly as often as some others when talking about who will next take a shot at Anderson Silva’s 185-pound crown.

Talking is the point because Boetsch is not a boastful fighter who claims anything is his, or that he needs to be handed the keys to the kingdom.

“For me that gets frustrating. Just because I’m one of those guys who isn’t very vocal about calling people out and saying I deserve such and such an opponent. Michael (Bisping)‘s very good at that and he’s made a career out of it, there are talks of him getting a title shot maybe before even I do, so he’s done a good job of promoting himself and that’s one way of doing it,” said Boetsch.

“I think the better way to do it, or the way I prefer to do it, is to step in the cage and beat people up, and eventually they’re going to have to give me a title shot because I’m going to run out of people to beat up. That’s how I plan on doing it.”

That’s Boetsch’s plan for Dec. 29 when he faces Costa Philippou, and if that doesn’t earn him a shot at the title then he’ll move onto another fight in 2013 and then another, if that’s what it takes.

Boetsch wants to earn his shot at the belt and if that means two or three more wins first, then that’s what he plans to do. He’s not going to suddenly try to become a trash talker just to get a crack at the UFC middleweight belt.

“I am staying in the mix. I’m taking fights that the UFC is giving me; it doesn’t matter the opponent. People have been injured and late replacements, and I’m willing to fight whoever they put in front of me. I just want to climb all the way to the top,” Boetsch stated.

“It doesn’t matter if other people are out there running their mouths and trying to call people out and say what they deserve. I want to earn what I get.”

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  • How can you hate Boetsch. Go barbarians!

  • Corey Hutton

    Weidmen dropped out, knowing he would lose. And thought it would be an instant title shot. WIEDMAN BEAT A REAL FIGHTER YOU BITCH!

    • shakejunt

      sad specimen

  • Dar Rearick

    Weidman and Bisping are both bums they both ducked Tim they should not be in top 10 at all

  • Dar Rearick

    Dana is bout the money he can make thats all Hell he paid Lombard a good amount too come too ufc nd offered him a title shot on his 1st match WTF??? and what happened too him

  • kennybro

    it’s sucks that talking gets results.

    imagine if you were a patriots fan and despite how they did in the season or playoffs, they didn’t have as much hype around them so they didn’t get to play in the superbowl.

    poor johny hendricks lol

  • Adam Bruss

    I like Tim’s attitude here except that he thinks he beat Lombard. That fight was at best a draw for Tim. Basically nothing happened the whole fight.

  • Derek Lemaster

    Im still sour at Tim for the snorefest with Lombard. It takes 2 to make a boring fight, and these “warriors” were scared shitless of each other. The entire bar I was at was praying that their fight would save the crappy card, but they didnt. Now he thinks he’s in the title mix? Okami was owning him until he got smashed, so I wouldnt put him in the top 5. Wish he coulda fought Weidman though.

  • Mike

    This guy reminds me of Kampmann, it’s not the best fighter, but was lucky with his wins, his victory over Thunder Okami was just like Kampann’s over Pitbull, and the split decision against Lombard is just like Condit’s one, sooner or latter this guy is gonna fall, and people are gonna see that he is not a big of a deal, just a lucky bastard!

    • uncle

      Kampmann is a beast and with Okami was no luck involved he just turned it up in the last round it is
      just like that story when the Tortoise starts off slow
      and still beats the Hare to the finish line

  • Milos Rackovic

    Finally these quiet guys realising that they need some trash talkin to make their title fights and whatnot. On topic Tim is gud but not gud enough for t shot

  • El Gvapo

    Running out of people to beat up? I can’t recall him beating anyone up for some time. Okami battered him and I think he kicked Lombard in the shin a couple of times during their fight.

  • Sheikh

    I saw Boetsch get peppered for 2 rounds by Okami and then score a late KO and then I think he lost to Lombard EASILY so how can he view himself ready for a title shot??

    Against Lombard he ran the whole fight and threw nothing but leg kicks, weak ones at that. Tim got taken down several times and dropped from a knee. Maybe he needs to reach the tape?? AND that is why Uncle Dana is not ready to give you a main event.

  • Boestch/Weidman/Bisping/Belcher… all of those guys are in the mix. Bisping if anyone is most deserving, being in the UFC the longest and losing some really tough fights. IMO. Lombard hopefully gets back up there now with his win over R.P. His loss to Boetsch (who I am a fan of) was b.s though. There’s a lot of good fights still in 185 and we are in need of a clear #1 contender.