Tiequan Zhang Draws a Krazy Bee at UFC 144

February 12, 2012
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Tiequan Zhang WEC 53

Tiequan Zhang

When Leonard Garcia fell out of his planned bout against Tiequan Zhang due to injury, it was widely believed that Nam Phan would be tapped to fill the void.

That is not the case, however, as UFC officials on Saturday night announced that Krazy Bee fighter Issei Tamura would face Zhang at UFC 144 on Feb. 26 in Japan.

Tamura (6-2) is a bit out of the ordinary for a fighter making his UFC debut. The Japanese fighter has lost two of his last three bouts, including his most recent, and has a penchant for going to decision in his fights.

Tamura is a product of Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto’s Krazy Bee gym in Tokyo. He has fought his entire professional career for the Shooto organization.

Zhang (15-2) is also 1-2 in his last three fights and will look to get back on track in what will surely be hostile territory at the Saitama Super Arena.

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar puts his title on the line against Benson Henderson in the UFC 144 main event.

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  • Go Falcons

    WTF?! Chinaman really? Lets just be racist completely and use porch monkeys and turban heads while we are at it

  • TheLackofPants

    Same as the guy above: WTF do you think you are doing using the clearly racist term ‘Chinaman”? Stupid. Really Stupid. I expect racism from trolls on message boards, not the mmaweekly.com staff. I am disgusted.

  • As editor I take responsibility if anyone was offended by our use of the term “Chinaman.” Used in context it was not meant to be derogatory at all. It was only meant to refer to Mr. Zhang’s Chinese heritage. With that in mind, I apologize to anyone who was offended by its usage.

    Ken Pishna, Editor, MMAWeekly.com

    • dshaw831


      I understand the intention was not to offend. However, as a Chinese-American, I would prefer a different apology instead of your statement, “I apologize to anyone who was offended by its usage.”

      To me there’s no accountability. It’s like you saying, “I know I punched you in the face, but I apologize for the pain you feel.”

      What you need to say instead is, “I apologize for MY ERROR in its usage.” It makes a big difference, and people are more willing to accept the apology when we admit to it. Thank you.


  • Mario

    I didn’t necessarily take offense to it

    I just thought it sounded silly 🙂

    “Chinaman” LOL

  • dan

    You rascist writers call Tamura, the “Japanese fighter” while calling Zhang “Chinaman” WTF?

  • KingSlaughter

    yes i was very offended…i thought you people were professional…i will be getting my MMA news from a non racist website from now on

  • MikeMc1983

    Ken, If it makes you feel any better I didn’t know that the phrase chinaman was considered derogatory either. I’m clueless as to why it is, but I guess you learn something new everyday.