This is What Happens When Conor McGregor Steals Jose Aldo’s UFC Belt

March 31, 2015
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Well, the UFC 189 World Tours is winding down and we’re just about done watching the same press conference over and over again, where Conor McGregor pokes fun at Jose Aldo. It was fun while it lasted.

In the end, here’s what we’ve learned: 1) Conor is so good on the mic that he gives hip-hop artists a run for their money. 2) There’s way too much video for us to embed of all these damn press conferences and staredowns. 3) We still love pizza more than anything. 4) UFC 189 can’t get here soon enough. 5) Pizza?

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We’ll look back on this time and remember it as arguably the most exciting lead up to a UFC featherweight fight in history. And apart from the fact that both dudes look technically sound on the feet, we’ll remember that our excitement stems from watching things like Conor stealing Jose’s belt and Dana White being sandwiched between the two of them. Good times.

To the footage!

THIS. IS. INSANE. Watching the #UFCWorldTour presser live from Dublin! Link in bio!

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  • macarrech

    photoshop this and put two dollars signs on Dana eyes.

  • TheTruth

    They’re over hyping this fight. I hope its a good one…

  • The Best there is!

    UFC is faker then wrestling.

    • Bruce

      You mean than right? Your grasp of the English language is faker than wrestling. So then you should read a dictionary.

      • earlsimmons

        ahhhh the old grammar nazi. Attacking misspelling on an mma forum LOL rather than disputing the content. Classic loser.

      • The Best there is!

        Oh I made one typo and you’re going to throw me under the bus? Continue your basement dwelling activities and shut up.

    • taylor2008

      Is that because Aldo is betterer than Conor?

    • markhopkins435

      Ask Brock how fake the UFC is

  • jason1000

    Conor is going too far. He needs to go down now. Come on Aldo.

  • LeeA

    I love Conner. He has tremendous ability but lately all his antics make him seem like a douche. Grow up. You are a professional. Dana needs to get his head out of his ass and start penalizing these guys. Maybe he likes being sandwiched between two men…who knows.

  • Jeff

    The WWE/UFC

    • Hymen Mingesky

      About time MMA returned to it’s roots

  • guest1299

    Clowner McGregor mocks the entire sport, and Dana just looks on and laughs because his pathetic, unprofessional ass thinks it will help UFC’s lagging pay-per-view sales. No wonder he let Rousey perform at Wrestlemania. He wants his sport to be WWE part 2. What’s next, fake blood capsules in the Octagon? These people have lost all honor.

    • Yes because pro wrestlers use fake blood capsules for their blood…

    • taylor2008

      But Conor is really the only numbnuts that is doing the WWE thing. I can see doing it a little bit, but he is out of control.

      • Guest

        i guess you never saw chael sonnen’s antics then.

        • taylor2008

          Yes I have. He wasnt a d— like Conor. Conor is going way overboard!

  • Darren

    I used to like Conor and really hoped to see a good fight but he is about as unprofessional they come anymore. Seems like he is unsure if he can win with the amount of foolishness he is dishing out. Class it up a notch will ya?

  • Ss7270

    This kid best hold his own.

  • taylor2008

    I hope Conor gets KO’d then submitted, then KO’d again. He is only doing what he is doing because he is worried! Conor hasnt fought anyone NEAR Aldos skills.

  • Brazilian blood

    Its all for publicity.Are you guys kidding me? He is a f—in genius.This is going to be one of the highest grossing UFC in a long time BECAUSE of s— like this.
    Why do you think they put these press conferences on??? To hear them intellectually speak about each other…Hell no, for this reason alone. $$$

    If he gets knocked out or not is besides the point.Everyone calm down.It doesnt take any of the professionalism away from anything….its fighting in a cage.

  • DasCool


  • malcom

    its all about hyping up the fight for more money.

  • Jojo

    Hey look y’all! I never thought it was possible, but we’ve found a jackass bigger than Junie Browning.

  • asdfggg

    This idiot is going to get lit.

    At least he’s making both of them some good money.

  • asdfggg

    Martial arts should be about respect and discipline first.

    • Kracken

      YES SENSEI!!!!!

  • dug

    The so called ‘slap’ was no big deal… grabbing the belt isn’t very cool.

  • Bee Dubyu

    UFCF/WWF, they’re acting like little kids at the playground playing keep away. So juvenile!

  • Jeffrey Lowe

    so staged how nice that there was a second right there to take the belt and hand it back to Aldo’s second. doesn’t look planned at all :/

  • markhopkins435

    …………………….I think someone is getting paid to take a dive

  • Chill

    Soooooooo many haters. Relax buddies! It’s fun.

  • Sarge


  • Gee

    Concerning some previous post on this forum, I agree the fight is over-hyped, and also hope it’s a good fight. But I
    wonder why all this hype is so far ahead of the actual fight; how likely
    is it that one or the other will suffer some injury at the eleventh hour…
    Concerning McGregor, having just watched their promo-tour, I’m really warming up to Connor. Problem is that I like them both (altho McGregor is unquestionably the superior self-promoter).

    I watched all 8 episodes of their tour; Connor has already whipped Aldo mentally… but I still can’t wait to see the fight!!

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    Connor is a funny dude, and has been a blast to watch during this build up. I’m a casual UFC/MMA fan but I really want to see this match. That being said, I don’t think he wins one rd vs Aldo.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Jones/Rumble is a bigger fight than this.

    • markhopkins435

      that’s the one I’m waitin for

    • shakejunt

      so true. problem is they don’t need help selling that one. this one shouldn’t be a hard sell either, they’re just trying to cash in on what could be the last big score with conor.

  • romasanta

    lol! that was awesome!

  • Dave O

    This is going to be a fun fight to watch.

  • Sincero100mpre

    This is a shame! Dana is allowing all this stupidity, just to sell the PPV. This is all a show. Looking forward for Aldo’s kicking this joker’s @ss.

    • koreanphood

      It’s a shame, however, Dana is laughing all the way to bank.

      UFC is becoming the next WWE.

  • Yep

    Aldo the little chimp. They should put a little red hat on him.

  • BinCL

    I was watching this yesterday and said to myself, they are so close to each other, he can easily grab that belt.

  • This-is–Crazy

    This moment was epic and if you are too stupid to recognize that then you ought to be watching The Price Is Right instead.