Thiago Silva’s UFC 125 Drug Test Results Indicate Non-Human Sample

March 29, 2011
Thiago Silva at UFC 108

Thiago Silva

The results are back in the case involving Thiago Silva and the mystery drug test from UFC 125. The conclusion is that the Brazilian submitted a sample inconsistent with human urine.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the results of the testing on Tuesday.

According to the report, Silva allegedly submitted a sample to the commission on Jan. 1 that was tested by Quest Diagnostics and came back as an invalid sample, inconsistent with human urine.

A second sample was then sent to Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory, which is accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, for testing and came back with the same result – urine inconsistent with that of a human.

The allegation is that Silva submitted either an altered or substituted specimen for the sample used in the drug test.

Silva has been sidelined since the Jan. 1 bout in which he was victorious over Brandon Vera at UFC 125. He was set to return to action at UFC 130 in May, but was subsequently pulled from the card when red flags popped up over the drug test.

According to Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the penalty for the drug test on Silva could result in “revocation or suspension, and/or fine, and/or No Contest ruling” for the bout with Vera.

No penalty has been doled out at this point, but the commission has handled a similar case to this.

In 2007, former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman had a urine test come back with similar results. Randleman submitted a test that was found to have no human hormones, and as a result, he had his license to fight revoked by the commission. He was eligible to re-apply after one year.

The commission hasn’t decided on Silva’s punishment at this time, but it’s likely to end up in the same ball park. A hearing on a temporary suspension will be held on April 7. Silva also has the option to file an appeal for a formal hearing on the matter. will continue to update on the fallout from the testing situation and update with the punishment handed down for Silva when it becomes available.


  1. Shocking!
    Look at him ,he was just shooting animal DNA into his system 🙂

  2. Hey Damon, do you know what the actual testing procedures are? Do they use a “direct observation” type of test where a commission rep. observes urine leave the body? Or do they just give the guy a cup and tell him to go to the restroom and fill it?

    Also, is the sample considered an “adulterated sample”? Meaning he possibly put something (water, bleach, spit…) in it in an attempt mask something and that’s why it’s being labeled as “non-human”. Or are they saying/suggesting he provided a sample that was all together not his?


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  4. Silva is a crazy mofo. Pretty much the T.Silva we knew died on his way to the hospital after the Lyoto bout. The new Silva is a dark creature from the abyss ready to bitch slap fighters in the octagon.

    I knew he wasn’t human.

  5. Come on guys …99% of these guys are on the juice,There are ways around testing.

  6. He copped to altering the sample. A rep from ATT just posted a statement on the UG. Here’s a link:

  7. Wonder what he injected into his back. He just says it was prohibited by the NSAC.

    He could get smacked twice for this. One set of penalties for admitting to using a banned substance and another fine/suspension for altering the test.

    Should have just kept quiet, ask Hermes and any other fighter who “came clean”.

    • T. Silva is literally an animal. He doesn’t give a fuck. I wish every fighters takes this as a lesson and learn not to give a fuck.

      He looks so fucking scary in that picture.