Thiago Silva Suspended for Positive Marijuana Result on UFC on Fuel TV 6 Drug Test

November 22, 2012
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Thiago Silva at UFC on Fuel TV 2The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Wednesday announced that Thiago Silva, following a UFC on Fuel TV 6 drug test, has turned up positive results for marijuana metabolites.

He has been suspended for six months, must attend a drug rehabilitation program, and also pass a drug test before regaining clearance to fight.

“Thiago Silva tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout at UFC on FUEL TV in Macau,” read a statement from UFC officials. “The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents.

“Silva has admitted to taking the banned substance and has agreed to participate in an approved drug-rehabilitation program and serve a six-month suspension retroactive to the November 10 event. He must pass a drug test upon completion of the suspension before receiving clearance to fight again.”

This marks the second time Silva has been suspended for failing a drug test. The first time was when the Nevada Athletic Commission suspended Silva for submitting a urine sample “inconsistent with human urine” following his UFC 125 bout with Brandon Vera.

Silva had initially scored a third-round submission victory over Stanislav Nedkov, but the bout has since been ruled a “no contest” due to the positive drug test.

The UFC hired its own third party drug testing agent for the event in China due to having no regulating body to oversee the event.

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  • bajafox

    This is beyond ridiculous. There are 2 states where it’s legal to smoke marijuana, several states allow it for medicinal purposes, it gives absolutely zero advantage to a fighter and it’s still listed as part of these drug tests? It should be treated like alcohol, or Tylonel, it does nothing to change the way a fight ends.

    • Marquis

      And he is and should be rightfully suspended. It’s still an illegal drug. Those two states are insignificant to the fact that it is still (and should remain) a federally banned substance.

      • adam1848

        why should it remain federally banned?

      • shakejunt

        ah america, the land where the voice of the few is drowned out by the tyranny of the majority, what a place

      • MuayThaiFood

        Yeah, it should remain banned otherwise it might cut into the Mexican drug cartel’s profits. I ran into a big cartel grow operation in my State of Washington two years ago.Thankfully, it had already been busted or I might have walked into a hornet’s nest.
        The Feds couldn’t keep it from coming over the border and they are doing an even worse job of keeping the cartels from growing it in our National Forests and State lands. Keeping it banned makes as much sense as alcohol prohibition.

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        Why, should we criminalize tobacco too?

      • bajafox

        I wasn’t trying to justify what he did. I am bringing up the ridiculousness of the way this plant is treated by both the government and sport commissions. It does absolutely nothing to change the end result.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Alcohol and tylenol are not illegal substances. Whether you’re for the legalization of marijuana or not, at current time it is illegal. It has nothing to do with enhancing one’s performance

    • yaz

      its not about wether marijuana is legal or not , the point is he knows hes not allowed to smoke that s**t, so why do it . training hard for months and then smoke a joint .

      • Ali

        your a complete ignorant punk

  • xANVIL50x


  • xANVIL50x


  • Anthony Lopez

    Whyyyyy? He knows he’s a going to get tested, especially as a past offender. Thiago is one of my favorite fighters to watch, but this is so dumb.

    • adam1848

      I agree. Whether or not marijuana should be legal or even part of the tests isn’t the point. The reality is that they do test for it, everyone knows it stays in your system for several weeks, so why mess with it?? I love to watch him fight and I’m pissed he’s out….again.

  • Mario

    His record is starting to look like a mess!

  • DatDudeChrisAgain

    Damn… It Just Gets Wilder and Wilder

  • julian moran

    Who cares if he tested positive for marijuana? If it is illegal, let the law deal with it, but why take his win away?

    Moral and verbal abuse is illegal.. should every fighter who swears or intimidates his opponent have their wins taken away?

  • Grant

    Why is it a no contest for Marijuana? I am sure that didn’t propel him to victory.

    • B/c if the commission says it’s illegal, then that’s the rules. Federal law says no. And whether we like it or not the commission does not like it. It’s not hard to play by the rules if they say no. And I am a very big Thaigo Silva fan. Even some prescription drugs are not allowed.

  • Richurd Cheese

    Rehab or weed… That is funny.

    • Richurd Cheese


  • UFC now the place to get stoned or use other banned substances. These fighters really are ‘great’ role models for kids. That is at least twice Thiago banned for two substances. This is becoming a joke, but its ok for the business men at the top to sniff snow behind the scenes

  • Big fan Thiago Silva but I am pissed! Guy just got back and now is suspended again. Kind of a cool job though; kick some ass, smoke some buds, 6 months off of training and whatever then come back and kick some more ass. lol. jk. somewhat. But sorry guys, it doesn’t matter if your pro marijuana or not and it doesn’t matter your reasoning for the usage; if the commission won’t allow it then that’s the end of it. It’s not just about performance enhancement, it’s about safety and guidelines. BTW FEDERAL LAW RULES OVER STATE LAW!. And IMO unless your using for medical purposes, you need to calm down with fighting so hard for a drug to be legal, Do you need it that bad in your life? I’m just saying.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I think most people know Federal law supersedes State law. No need to go all CAPS on everyone. Lot’s of people also know that you don’t have to be a pot head to want it legalized. If you want to educate yourself more check out

      If Mexican drug cartels had lobbyist’s ( they probably do by proxy) then they would be the loudest voices for the continuation of prohibition of pot. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • “I think most people know federal law supersedes state law” Poor statement right there. No fact or statistic there just your assumption. I’m not here to argue whether pot should be legalized and for intentions I’m here to express my disappointment in Thiago being suspended again.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Let me rephrase my “poor statement” for to accommodate the lowest common denominator. Anyone who graduated from high school should know that Federal law trumps State law. By the way, I didn’t state it as fact which is why I prefaced the statement with “I think” and didn’t follow it up with statistics. Satisfied?

          Speaking of assumptions, your statement (“And IMO unless your using for medical purposes, you need to calm down with fighting so hard for a drug to be legal, Do you need it that bad in your life?”) assumes that is the only reason one would have to want it legalized is so they could use it.

          You didn’t just limit your comments to Thiago’s suspension and you did indirectly express an opinion of what side of the argument you came down on. So, in your own words, “calm down” and don’t be surprised when if your opinion draws a comment.

          • I’m not going all political by mentioning drug cartels; I’m just saying I’m upset Thaigo being suspended again sucks and we just need to accept the fact that it’s illegal under the commissions rules. We’re all fans here no need to get upset.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I’m not upset my friend, I was merely taking exception with part of what you had to say and the way you said it. If you don’t like your statements being questioned then don’t put them out there. And, for the record I get random tested for my job and I wouldn’t put my career at risk by taking illegal substances. Sucks that Thiago is out because I like watching him fight.

    • onehitwonder

      how would you like if everyone thought the UFC fights should be outlawed, so that would be the end of it? you gotta fight for your right!

      • Yea that’s fine fight for your right. But I’m not here to support marijuana being legalized (not that I’m against it at all) I’m just saying if the commission says no to it then just don’t do it.

  • jojo

    What a f-ing idiot!! Did this guy take too many punches to the face and its blurred his judgement? If there was an IQ test to get in the UFC, im sure he would fail that too!

  • used2bgood

    Because Tetrahydrocanabinol covers up other substances which are more heavy…such as roids…in my opinion he got his hands on the juice again.

  • Positive? That’s shocking given who he is.

  • Adam Bruss

    Nate Diaz looks like a genius doesn’t he?