Thiago Silva Given $25,000 Bond; Manager Working to Find Fights

March 8, 2014
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Thiago Silva UFC 108 w-478x270Former UFC fighter Thiago Silva, initially held without the opportunity to bond out, on Friday was given a $25,000 bound with conditions.

Silva was arrested on Feb. 7 and eventually charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest without violence. The charges stemmed from an incident at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Oakland Park, Fla. that followed threats that Silva made against his estranged wife, Thaysa, who trains at the academy, and purportedly dates Popovitch.

Judge John Hurley initially set Silva’s bond at $2,500,100. However, citing Silva, a native of Brazil, as a possible flight risk, the appearance of ongoing domestic violence towards his wife, and the probability that he represents a continued threat to his wife and others in the community, Judge Hurley then ordered Silva held without the ability to post bond.

Broward Circuit court Judge Geoffrey Cohen during a Friday morning court appearance said there was no proof Silva was a flight risk and would try to return to Brazil, according to a report by CBS Miami.

Judge Cohen set Silva’s bond at $25,000 with the stipulations that he stay away from drugs and alcohol, wear an ankle bracelet for monitoring his location, attend anger management classes and adhere to a 10 p.m. curfew.

Silva’s next court appearance is slated for March 19.

His manager, Glenn Robinson, told CBS Miami that he is working on getting Silva fights with other organizations since his UFC contract was terminated after he was arrested and charged.

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  • battle ready

    Well…maybe he’ll just go to prison and get all the fights he can handle there.

  • whitebelt

    Thiago is definitely being held accountable for what he did. I still don’t understand why he had to lose his job over it; his actions had nothing to do with his job as an MMA fighter.

    • Ralph Drees

      It has a lot to do with not wanting MMA fighters to look like violent killers. It’s a problem when you try to go into new markets where there is resistance to MMA, and you have guys on the payroll that are violent felons.

      • whitebelt

        I understand that the UFC is being cautious about their image and brand. I do not support the actions of Thiago SIlva in this incident; however, I do not see why Silva needs to be a public role model to stay under contract. I personally find the UFC to be somewhat hypocritical when they have no problem releasing Silva, but will keep the doors wide open to a public menace like Nick Diaz.

        • fsunoles10

          whens the last time diaz broke the law let alone had swat called on him?

        • MikeMcK

          Firing a guy because he possibly broke the law has become a very PC thing to do. (I say possibly only because he hasn’t been convicted.)
          Somewhere along the line the public started taking companies to task for employing someone society decides to dislike. People decided that if a guy isn’t fired after a situation like this, they get to say the company has supported the bad guys actions.
          This is of course silly, but that doesn’t stop idiots from jumping to that conclusion, and bashing said company.
          It’s sad, but it’s the way it is. There are more idiots out there than there are not. Best way to get idiots to support your brand is to show them you are an idiot too.

    • Innovator

      As an employee of a company if you do something that negatively effects how the public see’s the company you can be fired. He was in the public eye and represents his employer. Its also in his contract. You don’t want MMA to end up like the NFL.

    • JDMMA

      really??? I imagine either you are a high school kid or a rich brat who doesn’t work… his actions have had EVERYTHING to do with his job

      • stevo

        They should have waited until he is convicted though

  • Baller31

    I hear he’s looking for a female opponent for his next fight….

  • Guest

    Pablo Popovitch is a coward who gets his students to try and fight his battles for him… against a single man. When the single-man calls ‘his’ bluff, he runs to the police and tells them lies

    Manipulative opportunistic psychopath (We know about you)

    Enjoy that kitty-kat, playa: it all comes around

    • carsti07 .

      how do you know all that? just curious

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      Because its Thiago posting as Guest…