Thiago Silva Fails to Make Weight for his UFC Fight Night 29 Bout with Matt Hamill

October 8, 2013
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Thiago Silva at UFC 108Thiago Silva’s rough UFC road didn’t get any smoother Tuesday when he missed weight for his UFC Fight Night 29 bout with Matt Hamill.

The two were contracted to meet at 205 pounds, albeit with a one-pound allowance since it is a non-title affair. Silva, however, tipped the scale at 208 pounds in Barueri, Brazil. He was given an hour to shed two pounds.

That didn’t happen.

He will instead be fined 25 percent of his show money, and will not be eligible for any of the post-fight finish bonuses that typically net the winners an additional $50,000 per award.

UFC officials confirmed Silva’s failure to make weight.

That doesn’t bode well for Silva. He was part of the Fight of the Night and scored the Knockout of the Night in his June bout with Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. Had he missed weight then, it would have cost him $100,000 in bonuses.

Not only does missing weight prohibit him from any bonus money on Wednesday night, it’s also likely to have put him on shaky ground with UFC president Dana White, who has little sympathy for fighters that fail to make weight.

Prior to missing weight on Tuesday, Silva’s recent fight record has been less than stellar. He went 2-3 with two no contests in his prior seven bouts. The two no contest decisions were due to providing a fake urine sample for his drug test for one fight and then testing positive for marijuana following the other bout.

The pressure is definitely on Silva to not only win this fight, but also pass his fight-night drug test.

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  • PapiChulo

    He was carrying too much fat around the waist, because probably due to the back injuries, Thiago can`t execute some of the drills during the camp…or who knows. He may be on roids again…

    • Mike mckinney

      Or he was using PED’s that help him cut weight before, and isn’t now. Oh, I forgot. People just think all steroids just make you big, and like superman…

      • Gary Fredericks

        I agree. Given his proven past, there is no doubt it has to do with PED’s/lack of.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I’ve been saying it for months, Hamill will win this fight.

    • julian moran

      You say a lot of things.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Who are you picking?

        • julian moran


  • Mr Pete

    everybody juices, just cuz you dont get caught doesnt mean you dont do it, and smoking weed has nothing to do with fighting, my girl pinches me hard ass hell every time i do something wrong, weed doe not not suppress the pain at all.

    • Gary Fredericks

      You’re brain has been juiced. Come back when you can form a coherent sentence and hold a thought for more than .2 seconds at a time.

      • Bouncer

        “You are brain has been juiced.” Come back with proper grammar when insulting someone’s intelligence.

        • Gary Fredericks

          There, fixed it for you. Autotext sucks.

  • Blood Money

    Troll on twerp. Hammill is going right back into retirement and Silva gets a top 10 opponent next fight. Sucks he couldn’t cut the 2 lbs so he could get that KOTN bonus though.


  • Gary Fredericks

    I totally agree. Silva is a $hit stain on the sport.

  • Bouncer

    Silva is a damn good fighter. I actually feel bad he’s not going to get any bonuses for knocking Matt Hamill out..

    • Gary Fredericks

      I don’t feel bad for Silva at all. The man has derailed and killed his own career through his own actions. I have no pity for him whatsoever. A talented fighter he is, but other than that, not much else to say that would be complimentary and polite.