Thiago Silva Charged and Held Without Bond; UFC Contract Terminated

February 8, 2014
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Thiago SilvaUFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was arrested Thursday evening, then was charged and had his Ultimate Fighting Championship contract terminated Friday morning.

Silva was arrested Thursday night following an incident at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Oakland Park, Fla. Silva’s estranged wife, Thaysa, trains at the academy. Silva and his wife are  reportedly separated.

Silva showed up at the school armed with a gun, making threats for Popovitch to come out or he would go inside the school and open fire. Silva left without harming anyone at the site, and the police were called.

He then fled to his Oakland Park home and barricaded himself inside. A SWAT team was called to the scene and Silva eventually surrendered without further incident.

Silva appeared in court Friday morning (what video of the court proceedings here) where he was initially charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault, and resisting arrest without violence.

Judge John Hurley eventually found there was probable cause for charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest without violence. He determined there was no probable cause on the attempted murder charges.

The situation stems from a domestic violence situation between Silva and his estranged wife. According to documents that were read during the court proceeding, Silva assaulted his wife in late January, pushing her to the floor, sticking a gun in her mouth, and threatening to kill her.

The court charged Silva with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest without violence.

Judge Hurley set Silva’s bond at $2,500,100. However, citing Silva, a native of Brazil, as a possible flight risk, the appearance of ongoing domestic violence towards his wife, and the probability that he represents a continued threat to his wife and others in the community, Judge Hurley then ordered Silva held without the ability to post bond.

“You’re a professional fighter. With or without a weapon, you could easily kill your wife,” said Judge Hurley. “The court notes that this was not isolated, this looks like ongoing domestic violence. I think there is a reasonable conclusion that you would confront your wife again and the court is concerned that you would bring great harm to her or kill her.”

UFC officials later issued a statement to terminating Silva’s contract.

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated Thiago Silva’s contract, effective immediately.”

Silva had been booked to face Ovince St. Preux at UFC 171 on March 15 in Dallas. As of the time of publication, there had been no word on what the UFC plans to do with St. Preux, although he is currently without an opponent, while Silva enters into an entirely different type of fight.

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  • I was really looking forward to seeing him fight.

    Why would he do something like this. Ugh.

    • Joe Schmoe

      ‘Roid rage

      • Twizz Nizzle

        For real between roid rage n his wife leaving he just snapped…This is why people should lay off the juice

        • put me in the sauna coach

          I know quite a few people who juice, working at a gym for years you can’t avoid it…can honestly say I’ve never seen any of those guys showing any signs of “roid rage”. That being said..Silva seems like someone who has had demons long before he ever used. Roids don’t make someone crazy..but it does make you more of what you already are, in other words if you’re already crazy before juice, you’re gonna be super crazy afterwards.

          • Matte

            Medical side effects most of the time does not trigger. Let’s say a side effect has like a 5% chance to trigger, that is still quite bad.

            So your examples does not really mean there is no such thing as roid rage. On the contrary, it is a medical fact “roids” (depending on what you mean) can cause personality change and/or violent behavior.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Actually this could be a good case sturdy for roids. The WWF did a big roid bro ha after Chris Benoit went crazy

        • Kris-tyahn

          Benoit was misunderstood….. wink wink!

        • Kris-tyahn

          Samething happened to NFL players as well, they had their brains examined & tested etc., and they seen that they killed themselves or harmed others b/c their brains were mush, like Benoits! I beleive Benoits brain was the same as that of a 70 yr old man with dimentia or something like that.
          I’m pretty sure it had more to do with all of his concussions, than the steroids, which is why thye took NFL players brains as well, which is why the NFL is in a lawsuit with the players association based on all of that information, from concussions! I’m sure Roids didn’t help, but it wasn’t the main cause.

  • bajafox

    Was never a big fan of him. At least nobody will fk with him in prison

    • Gary Fredericks

      Baja, do you think Thiago would be the toughest guy in the joint because he was a UFC athelete afforded protections by rules, referee, and regulation?


      While he WAS a good fighter in the UFC, I doubt that his skills will transfer over to the joint very well, against multiple opponents in a cement and steel environment. Sure, he would be better suited than most people but in no way does MMA translate to realistic self defense. Maybe the striking aspects and the takedown defense of wrestling would help some, but I doubt Silva’s MMA training taught him anyting for dealing with multiple assailants, empty hand vs weapon defense, vitals targeting….ect. Even knees on the ground may throw him off if all he’s ever trained for was unified rules.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Gary: If you honestly think a pro fighter who’s been fighting his entire life, won’t be one of the toughest guys in prison, you really are stupid! He fought as a living & KO’d people with severety.
        But I guess people who murdered people with a gun or raped women are tougher than him, or some gang members who fought 5 vs. 1. Dude STFU, you have to be the dumbest person EVER, whats even more funny, is that you laugh at BAJAFOX, like what he said was stupid, yet what you’re saying is beyond idiotic & uneducated.
        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA STFU idiot! I’ll take a pro fighter who’s been fighting for decades over some loser criminal. B/C he fought with rules means he can only fight with rules….?!?!? WaitWHAT?!? Again, see how those guys do vs. a PRO FIGHTER a guy who was ranked in the top 10 as a LHW fighter in THE WORLD!!! But he fought with rules, therefore he wouldn’t be able to fight with no rules…..
        f-ing moron. That only makes him a lot more dangerous you genius, b/c he doesn’t have to stop when he’s breaking your face or ripping off your arm(s).

        • Warden

          Well said by someone who’s never been on the inside of a state prison. As a guard myself for the last 12+ years I have seen MMA guys in the joint. Gary is correct in most cases when they tangle with a seasoned convict. One on one, in most case they are fine. Unfortunately, prison fights are multiple attack situations from the blind side and/or with weapons. No martial art or pro fighter is trained to deal with those situations though Maine street guys do enough to get by. I believe they go on instinct with what they have trained or experienced before. MMA fighters train many hours for situations designed for the constraints of the rules in which they are competing hence the disadvantage on the inside compared to a lifer. In a cage? I would assume the advantages would be severely reversed.

          • dgs

            Exactly Warden. Additionally, once some of the tougher inmates find out he was a pro fighter, the challenges are going to start coming. Really, some dude with multiple life sentences could care less if he’s KO’d in a fight, he has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by saying he kicked a pro fighter’s ass. Silva should have plenty of opportunities to put his skills to the test in a real no-rules environment.

            Based on this report however, once some of those hardened convicts find out he’s in for beating up and threatening his ex-wife, Silva will need to grow eyes in the back of his head. Those inmates won’t think twice about wrapping up a bunch of batteries in a towel and beating him over the head, or shanking him the back.

          • George Sperry

            Are guys from Maine that tough?
            I have never heard that before.

        • Gary Fredericks

          You make such compelling arguments alongside your insults (which I would rate a 1 out of 10…you really could do better than you did). I am entertained by your reaction. Thank you for that. Funny how my opinion of the topic can rile you up and reduce you to the point of calling me “the dumbest person ever” and “f-ing moron”that much Kris-tyahn. Small must your world be to get that worked up over the fact that MMA is a SPORT and not a reality based self defense (RBSD). Could it work on the street? Yes. Seen plenty of evidence that it could. Unfortunately, we are talking prison….a cement and steel cage far unlike “The Octagon”. It is a place where one-on-one dueling style fights are not going to frequently happen. Prison is full of gangs (that train and practice techiques in using hand to hand as well as improvised weapons) and heavily divided by racial lines. BJJ is going to be nearly useless in the joint. Whether he puts them in his guard or mounts them, goes for a kneebar or armbar…ect they will have buddies shanking/soccer kicking the living sh*t out of him, and there are a lot of ex-boxers too. He won’t be so bad in there without a ref to save him or his gloves. Certainly he would be better suited than a non-MMA fighter but he will be far from the baddest man in there. They will be unconcerned and unafraid of Thiago’s UFC experience or MMA accolades because they mean SQUAT in there.

          You contradicted yourself here (like your attempt to make Thiago Silva sound better and above people who “murdered people with a gun or raped women” when his charges pertain to stuffing a GUN in his wifes mouth and threatening to shoot up a Jiujitu shcool full of 25 students! LOL…and you call me an “f-ing moron? BWAHAAHAHAHAAHAA!). I didn’t mention the fact he has been charged with battery of his wife as well as caught using illegal substances by the UFC a time or two. You call that “Top 10”??? Pfft! That’s ok though. Keep throwing rocks in your glass house guy. If you want to discuss the fact Thiago will/will not be the toughest guy in prison just because he is an MMA/UFC fighter that was once an over-rated top ten guy, I am game.

          Give me some reason why he would be and how MMA training increases his chances of being the baddest dude on the cell block chocked full dudes that grew up in hell and are still there? Do you think that none of the prison population in Florida has ever boxed or done other combat sports too?

          You make no sense, other than you felt that your Brazillian dream boy-toy is a F’ck up and deserved immediate deportation after his prison sentence. Maybe you could write him and send him money for commissary??? BWHAHAHA

  • DamianCross

    In other news, Anthony Johnson got his contract back.

    Ah, the revolving door of domestic abuse.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      Rumble had a history of domestic abuse?

  • fsunoles10

    his wife is running game, she will divorce him and get what little money he earned in mma. if the story of his wife cheating with his trainer is true i hope both of them die a horrible death.

    • unilab98

      Seriously? Cheating deserves death? What cave did you come out of?

      • Kris-tyahn

        The cave marked…. Islam!

      • earlsimmons

        Ha listen to this democrat. Why wouldnt cheating deserve death?

    • drkdisciple

      You sure sound like you know what you are talking about…in case you didn’t figure it out yes I am being sarcastic.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Why does Dana rip up his contract before he’s even had his day in court? Give the man his due process, its an American right no matter how damning the evidence may be

    • J.D.C.D.

      Damage control. Keep the UFC brand away from all that bad press. I guess Dana took a page from the Patriot’s playbook and their handling of Aaron Hernandez.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        There should be bad press about Dana ignoring someones right to trial

        • Guest

          I guess but imagine if the UFC keeps their contract with Silva and the trial goes for a long time. Throughout the whole process all you would hear is “Current UFC fighter” every time the guy is mentioned. This trial may take some time to blow over. At least with Silva being terminated he’ll be noted as former UFC fighter & eventually the UFC won’t be mentioned anymore along with him as time goes on.

          I bet though if this was Jon Jones or a Chael Sonnen there would be a very different handling of the situation.

          • Matte

            1. Jon Jones or Chael Sonnen would NEVER be in that situation. (As the rest of us wouldn’t either.)

            2. In a fantasy parallell universe where they were, they WOULD get fired.

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            Jon Jones was in a DUI. And btw Rampage was in a road rage incident

          • Kris-tyahn

            Yeah almost the same thing as beating your wife, not once but twice, including shoving a gun in her mouth & threatning to kill her. Then he goes to her “MMA school” and threatens everyone there with a gun…. Yeah, that’s identical to Jones driving impaired, and Rampage driving like an idiot.
            Are you really that stupid?

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            Are we in America where you are innocent until proven guilty?

          • MuayThaiFood

            Guilty until proven innocent only applies to criminal law. Think about it, if you commit murder, that automatically you a murderer. It is only in the eyes of the law that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You’re still guilty of murder.

        • guest

          really? did you not see the video? its pretty damning evidence. his comments after and during lead even the blindest man to sight in proving that at the VERY LEAST, he threatened an entire INNOCENT school with a loaded glock handgun. Court or not, he should be fired for that. Oh wait, im sure your Boss would be more supportive if you did that right? You can cast DW under negative light because if you were to threaten to kill 25 innocent people while waving a handgun everyone in your life would just give you a pass until trial idiot.

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            Where in the video did you see him actually pull a gun out?

        • taylor2008

          Are you serious? He pushed his wife around and was also at his MMA school with a gun. A trial doesnt matter. He was caught with that. If I was Dana I would can him too.

        • MuayThaiFood

          You’re kinda clueless. His right to trial is in no way linked to his right to work.

    • Racin8de

      He is NOT an American, watch the video. Brazil does have a extradition treaty the U.S, but thanks to the Obama administration and the TSA for bugging the President of Brazil’s personal cell phone, they have reneged on the treaty! No matter what he’s fcked. As far as Hernandez goes, he’s guilty as sin and he better hope the Mass D.A doesn’t charge him with the other two murders in South Boston in July of 2012 .

      • Mike TheEnvy O’Neill

        So wait does that mean that brazil no longer will extradite ppl if so this is awesome I hate extridation!!

        • Mike mckinney

          I have to thank you. Of all of the things I’ve heard of people hating, extradition has never been one of them.

      • Gary Fredericks

        I just KNEW Obama had a hand in this

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        He is in the American court system

      • MuayThaiFood

        You extradite someone when they commit a crime in the country they have citizenship in and then flee to another. I don’t see how extradition has any relevance here. Depending on his immigration status he could be deported though but he would most likely serve time here first. Also, TSA didn’t bug anyone’s phone.

    • drkdisciple

      Lol..I hope you are joking

  • J.D.C.D.

    I hope the dude gets some help. Step away from the MMA grind and get some help.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    How is anyone now a days a flight risk? You cant get on a plane without showing them DNA samples and a retina scan.

    • shakejunt

      you know… 9/11 and stuff. ‘merica

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    I wonder if the judge asked him for an autograph on the way out

  • Christina

    Another report said he was angry because he thought she wanted to take his house and money. Oops. Now a lawyer will get them.

  • BobGyro

    Its funny these guys that were up and coming hopefuls that fizzle out and never quite live up to the hype at some point in their career have serious woman troubles hahaha. As i can probably imagine were he is coming from , but man you have to show more restraint then that. Now unfortunately she definitely is going to take all your stuff lol, and is still playing hide the weeny with someone else.

    • Matte

      What is wrong with you?

      • BobGyro

        realistic outlook on his situation

        • There is nothing realistic about people typing hahaha and lol throughout their own post or capping it off with “hide the weeny”.

          • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

            Coming from “fetus sandwich”…

          • BobGyro


          • Coming from somebody that thinks it’s witty and creative to regurgitate pop culture references as if they’re his own. I like my name. It puts your guard down and showcases your laziness thinking that discrediting me for it is an argument of some sort.

  • King_DG

    well who cares this guy was on the decline, he was one loss away from being cut anyways. good riddance, if this was Jon Jones or Cain Velasquez that did what he did, I doubt they would cut him though.

    • BobGyro

      hence why he was having woman troubles in the first place

  • Gary Fredericks


  • jimmy777

    what a freakin idiot! The man just threw his life away over a woman..

  • jimmy777

    dana I’ll fight Ovince St. Preux, throw me in there!

  • Kris-tyahn


  • ppffffffrrrrtt

    Stupid woman

    • BobGyro

      go phuck yourself cuhnt

  • Kelly

    This isn’t just some random girl, it was his wife of 15 years I believe. I’ve been in married for 6 and I can tell you I would be pretty emotional if I flew to another country with my husband to start a new life and he left me for someone else after that many years commitment. I feel bad for him honestly. Thiago is Brazilian and they deal with things themselves down there by nature cause the corrupt cops down there aren’t gonna do anything for anybody. Also, you don’t think they would relish the fact they could call the cops on him put him in jail so he can’t interfere with their affairs for the time being. I wouldn’t be surprised if the story was exaggerated in their favor either. All that being said……. Who’s gonna be the fight promoter who has the guts to set up a fight between Thiago and Pablo down the line! I’d pay to see that one! 🙂

    • Kelly

      Funny how you can call me dumb and I’m “that girl” when you have no idea who I am and I just posted one comment stating MY opinion. I’ve never been smacked around, and I don’t recall there being any prior cases of abuse here either. He “allegedly” stuck a gun in her mouth and made threats (people make threats everyday whoopty doo dah). As for the gun, could be true and it could be just as much FALSE and “they” are just lying and or taking advantage to keep him out of the picture and what a better way really. BUT, We as spectators can only speculate. I just have an opinion that obviously YOU don’t like well that doesn’t bother me at all. Weather he did all this or not I still feel bad for him. Emotions get the best of anybody especially when you’re in a relationship which you probably know nothing about since you obviously don’t know how to talk to a lady lol. I also am pro on most laws and think if he’s found guilty he should be held for his actions. That doesn’t mean I condone abuse or smacking women around you asshole.

      • Kelly

        I’ve been loyal to this site for a long time and I’ve seen you commenting countless times nobody on here seems to support you, ever. I highly doubt you are married if you are your wife must be very tolerant of you spending so much time here being a idiot. Oswald Cobblepott if that is your real name lol. Penguin references = Never been loved? Right? lol

        • Sir_Roy

          Ah, OK. So, like the plethora of adolescent teens flocking to the medium, you admittedly use the internet as an outlet to be a d!ck. Gotcha. Erroneously thinking that because you’re not face to face with the human being in question, you can somehow say anything you want to them without repercussion.

          And to learn you’re a professor only leaves me with less wonder at all the degenerate attitudes infesting the youth of today. As above, so below. Schmuck. Must make you proud to immortalize yourself online thus.

          • Sir_Roy

            It wasn’t a conversation. It was you being an arse. As seems the norm for you on these threads. And speaking of arses, go blow it out yours with that “noun/verb agreement” and “grammatical symbols” BS. It’s beyond asinine. Your pitiful attempt at a “Hail Mary” hoping beyond hope your blithering was beyond, and you’d somehow make sense in your completely flawed critique of ones use of ‘gasp’ grammar.

            F- there “prof”…

            Wannabe grammar Nazi halfwit.

          • Sir_Roy

            I accept your apology along with your admission of guilt, remorse and defeat.

            That said, I ain’t going anywhere. I come across something you say I find needlessly antagonistic and offensive on these boards, and I’ll be all over it – shoving it back down your boorish throat. Had enough of internet bullies like yourself taking their crap too far for too little. You’re not the only one who can take liberties online chump.

          • Sir_Roy

            There are many things I’ve already taken from you. Human dignity for one. Maturity for another. Your insecurity shines through by posturing and flexing your virtual bicep like a mental midget.

            And heck, you want to go back to the subject of “grammar” – at least I know the difference between a possessive noun and the verb “to be” – “your a pigeon”. Right.

            You want to presume yourself oh so superior, especially “academically”, at least get that grade school lesson down. Know what that was? A flock of pigeons pooping all over your ill placed sense of superiority.

          • Sir_Roy

            Says the clown who keeps responding. Not fooling anyone.

            It’s very simple, psychology 101; you keep responding, and I will do likewise. Clear? Doesn’t take an “oh so superior” education to figure out the best way to get rid of unwanted attention is to ignore and move on. There’s a little coaching for you champ … free of charge.

      • Sir_Roy

        I see your point, in part, and commend you for realizing it definitely takes two to tango. Thiago certainly didn’t go off for no reason at all and society has GOT to start taking a look at the form of abuse men absorb from the “fairer” sex. Whether it’s emotional or physical, it’s still abuse. I commend you for being able to make that distinction.

        That said, he put a friggin GUN IN HER MOUTH. There is NO excuse to be had there. That is not a response worthy of any human being despite provocation (unless in extreme self defense).

        We give far, far too much leeway and lend far too much credence to “jealousy”. Some countries even permit murder and excuse it citing “jealousy” as an adequate response. That is INSANE. We need to get a grip on our sense of entitlement, that we somehow can own another human being as we would a non sentient possession.

  • brad king

    thiago hadnt taken a whupping like that since tangling with lyoto

  • Denny Swain

    Hey dana!!! Innocent until proven guilty is the law. I hope silva beats all the charges and then sues the crap out of your soft asssssss!!! You sissy!!!!

    • Charles

      You’re standing up for someone with a history of domestic violence? Way to pick your battles.

      • scratchface

        to be fair he hasn’t been found guilty of domestic violence yet…so what Denny said still stands..innocent until proven guilty…lol

  • Sir_Roy

    Jeez. Imagine how this thug would be without an extreme outlet for his pent up aggression like MMA.

    Send him to prison, then deport his arse back to Brazil. The good ole US of A has enough women beating cowards and emotional children to deal with as it is. We don’t need those migrating over from Brazil as well (note: many wonderful, great Brazilians living in the USA. Saying otherwise is NOT the point behind the comment).

  • guest

    I think most men might go a little crazy when they find out their wife is boning one of their supposed friends.