Thiago Alves, Four Surgeries Later, Christens Himself the Bionic Pitbull

July 11, 2013
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Thiago Alves UFC 117Four surgeries later and Thiago Alves is again on the mend.

Alves was scheduled to fight Matt Brown at UFC on Fox Sports 1 in Boston on Aug. 17, but a biceps injury forced him off the card and into the operating room… again.

Alves underwent the surgery on Thursday and sounded in good spirits afterwards.

“That’s surgery 4 in a year,” he tweeted. “You can call me the bionic Pitbull! Now the recovery starts!”

The American Top Team fighter hasn’t been fully healthy for the past several years, since he injured his knee in a 2009 bout with Georges St-Pierre.

He rehabbed the knee at that time, but years later had to have surgery to repair both his ACL and PCL in his left knee. Alves also suffered a torn pectoral muscle that required surgery, and now the biceps injury has hampered him.

Alves has fought just five times in the four years since the injury in the St-Pierre bout at UFC 100. He is 2-3 during that span, and last saw action in a loss to Martin Kampmann at UFC on FX 2 in March 2012 in Australia.

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  • Jojo

    Another fighter that never lived up to his full potential. I think he could have been a great fighter if he really tried. With all the missed weigh-ins, im really surprised is still in the UFC.

    • Lucas Freire

      Well…He was and still IS a great fighter.
      He completely dominated Kampmann, that was one of those fights where a single mistake made all his efforts become for naught.
      He’s still young, has space on the divison. He just needs a new fresh body and then he’s ready. lol

  • This guy is in limbo right now. You can’t tell me he ins’t a talented fighter. His wrestling isn’t garbage he just got out wrestled by two great wrestlers in Rick story and GSP. His thai boxing is so crisp. That fight with Kampmann was awesome. And no it wasn’t awesome until he got caught, b/c I’m a fan of Kampmann as well, it was a great fight and somebody had to lose. I hope he comes back healthy so we see him make a title run again b/c this guy should be making another title run, he is not a gate keeper with his training at ATT.

    • Jimmy Hanlon

      Don’t forget the fitching. I like alves. Had amazingpotential keyword had. Hell never be top 5 anymore Imo

      • Any fights you think he should have to attempt to get back up in the rankings? I wouldn’t mind a Nick Diaz fight or Jake Shields.

        • Lucas Freire

          Dear god, please NOT Jake Shields. I like good wrestlers, but DYNAMIC wrestlers. Guys that mix it up like GSP or Woodley. Shields is just boring standing, boring taking down, and boring on top. The only “dynamic” aspect of Shields game is his active guard.
          I’d love to see Nick Diaz fighting Thiago Alves, I see Alves as a bigger,stronger,meaner Paul Daley. Oh, and with much better takedown defense.

          • Well you are right about Shields. He hasn’t been impressive since coming over. I was upset with that Woodley fight. I wouldn’t mind Tyron and Alves. They are both big WW’s.

      • The Best Eva

        I agree but you never know. Guys who take layoffs sometimes come back with some strong performances.

        However his style loses to gsp 10 times out of 10.

  • The best eva

    You tear your muscles at the tendon a lot easier when on the juice. Which he was

    • The Best Eva

      Never tested positive get your facts straight.

  • Dragon Kid

    Didn’t he have some sort of life threatening injury?

    • The Best Eva

      Ya he had a pre fight brain scan that revealed something in his brain that potentially saved his life.