There’s One Thing Dana White Tells His Fighters Not To Do in Interviews

March 27, 2015
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Unlike most sports organizations, the Ultimate Fighting Championship allows its athletes to talk freely about anything they want, literally.

Former UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann said that he’d like to fight President Barak Obama in his next fight after defeating Antonio McKee at UFC 125. He received a visit from the U.S. Secret Service the following week.

UFC fighters are given the liberty to say whatever they want about any given topic, but there’s one thing UFC president Dana White asks his fighter not to do in interviews.

Dana White UFC 185 Post-Show“The only thing I tell guys not to say when they’re out there doing interviews is don’t swear on TV,” said White during the UFC Fight Night 62 post-fight press conference on March 21.

“I don’t like stopping anyone from saying their piece. You know, freedom of speech. They can say what they want,” White added.

The UFC does have a code of conduct policy that prevents its athletes from making insensitive or bigoted remarks, however.

Former bantamweight champion Miguel Torres was released by the organization in 2011 after tweeting, “If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them.”

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Heavyweight contender Matt Mitrione was suspended by the fight promotion in 2013 after going on a tirade about transgender fighter Fallon Fox, calling her a “disgusting freak.”

But when it comes to social issues, politics, religion, alien abduction, the existence of bigfoot, or any other topic under the sun, UFC fighters are, for the most part, given the leeway to tell it like they see it.

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  • Darin

    April Fools Day is next week. You guys are early.

    • Groinstrike

      How so? Dana cusses a lot except for when he’s on tv. Go watch him on when he’s on espn, or fox sports.

  • Seth

    People keep confusing 2 things.

    Freedom of speech means you can say WHATEVER you want. Yes, it does. No one can argue with that.

    But when it comes to being an employee of someone, you have to realize that you REPRESENT your boss – in this case, fighters represent UFC. And UFC may not want to be linked to someone who is racist, homophobic etc. So if you make a public comment in which you say something with which UFC doesn’t want to be linked, you will get in trouble.

    It’s same as in any other business. If your boss doesn’t want his company to be associated with racism and you post something racist on social media or you will say something racist in the interview – you will be punished.

    • jaycrew


      Free to say whatever you want AND free to deal with the consequences of that action.

  • Scooby

    Says the piglet that swears constantly.