There Was More to Lyoto Machida’s Story than Wanting Anderson Silva Money

August 26, 2011
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Lyoto Machida at UFC 129

Lyoto Machida at UFC 129

“I want Anderson Silva money.”

It’s been a catchphrase tossed around the MMA world ever since UFC president Dana White confirmed that Lyoto Machida was asking for a hefty raise in order to accept a fight on short notice against Rashad Evans at UFC 133.

In the end, Machida turned down the fight, and the UFC moved on. They had Tito Ortiz fill the slot against Evans at the Philadelphia event that went down a few weeks ago.

Machida has received more than his fair share of criticism for stating that he wanted more money to accept the fight, but according to his manager, the whole situation was blown out of proportion.

“I think there was a lot more to it than what was explained,” Machida’s manager Ed Soares told MMAWeekly Radio. “Sometimes things get a little twisted, and there’s reasons behind it, it wasn’t just because of the money. At the end of the day, what people need to understand is there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes.”

Soares explains that Machida was hesitant to take the fight in the first place for a variety of reasons, but like for anybody else in the world, money talks.

“For instance, his elbow wasn’t 100-percent. That wasn’t as big of a deal, but two of his three cornermen didn’t have visas to get into the country and wouldn’t be in there. He’s taking the fight on less than three weeks notice, his family is totally against him taking the fight, so when you put all of those things onto the scale and weigh it, and let’s just say worst case scenario and he comes in and loses. Whatever place has your record, it’s going to just say a loss. There isn’t an asterisk next to it saying ‘loss, but didn’t have two of his three cornermen, took the fight on three weeks notice.’ It just says loss,” Soares stated.

“For someone like Lyoto in this business, a loss can change a lot in a person’s career. What’s misinterpreted was that if he was to do that he wanted it to make it worth his while. Maybe the things that were said, they got a little bit misconstrued, it was misunderstood, but Lyoto’s the same guy he’s always been, his heart of a fighter wanted to take the fight, but it just didn’t make sense for him to do it.”

With that offer clearly behind him now, Machida is moving forward and waiting for a call from the UFC for his next fight. Rumors have swirled about a few opponents, but Soares says they will be ready for whoever the promotion offers.

“What’s next for Lyoto is whatever the UFC wants,” said Soares. “We never pick our opponents, whoever they think is ready.”

Possibilities could include the winner of the upcoming fight in Brazil between Maurcio “Shogun” Rua and Forrest Griffin, as well as top ten light heavyweight Phil Davis. Nothing is set as of now, but Machida remains by the ready when the call comes in.

If he’s successful in his next fight, Machida and his representatives do believe he’s getting very close to a title shot. Machida is of course a former light heavyweight champion, and would love the chance to wrap that gold back around his waist.

“I believe Lyoto’s one or two fights away from fighting for a title,” Soares commented.

Machida will continue to train in Brazil while he awaits word from the UFC on who he will face next.

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  • adam

    i agree completely with machida and soares. lyoto has nothing to gain from fighting an extremely dangerous opponent like rashad on short notice, while nursing an injury. he fought rashad, healthy and after a complete camp, and knocked him out. tito had nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking this fight, so good for him. i admire anyone who takes a fight against a top ten guy without a full camp. but don’t criticize machida, who is still recovering from that absurd decision “loss” to jackson, for treating this like a business decision, because it is. if you want one of the best fighters in the division to step up and save a card on short notice, then put up the bucks…its not like dana doesn’t have it!

  • wonggfan

    I actually commented on this when that statement was released. Dana has ways of twisting words to create drama out of nothing. It’s sad that he can’t help but do that even against one of his own former champions.

    Dana = Clown.

    • afk

      Yup, I’m sure nobody other than Dana White ever uses intelligent word choice to help their own perspective along while being interviewed.

      You’re such a needless hater. And you know what they say, haters are just people filled with jealousy and unrealised potential. What didn’t you do with your life that’s turned you into such a negative and spiteful loser? Particularly one, who based on their posts, knows absolutely nothing about mixed martial arts either.

      • BigGuy

        I have said it a million times… wonggfan is an ass clown! He thinks he knows everything, yet when he opens his mouth you quickly realize he is an idiot!

      • wonggfan

        Look, when Dana was talking out of his ass to degrade Affliction and SF, one of the common excuse was that he was a promoter and that his words should not be taken too seriously.

        But Lyoto is one of his own fighters.

        Dana didn’t have to act this way against Lyoto. He could have simply told the press that unfortunately, the UFC could not meet Lyoto’s demands and decided to seek other fighters.

        There was absolutely no need for Dana to put on an act to take shots at one of his own former champions.

        • phrankthetank

          You kill me. If the shoe was on the other foot and it was rashad who didn’t take a last minute fight against machida, you’d be talking more shit than Dana white, but now because it’s your precious machida, you’re like “see?? Dana white blew it out of proportion, machida’s not that much of a bitch!”

  • johnnylopes

    Ed Soares is a fuckin retard

    • Darren2112

      no way! Soares is one of the most influential figures in the UFC right now. He respresents alot of top UFC fighters and a few future top UFC prospects.

      When Ed talks, the UFC listens.

  • Unador

    The title ” there was more to the Machida story than just wanting anderson silva money”

    and yet after I read the article… there is nothing more to it than Machida wanting Anderson Silva money!

    Where in the article does it say Lyota deamaded something other than Money?
    Did he request assistance with Visa’s for his corner men?
    Did he request two cornermen replacements of equal or greater caliber?
    Did he request the best elbow doctor in the world and a 100,000 dollar remedy?
    DId he request a smooth talker to come in and woo his family?
    He demanded more money.
    more money
    and nothing else.

    Worried about his career he says, worrieda about another loss he says.

    Worried that it’s not going to say ” Loss * but took fight on three weeks notice with bad elbow and two missing corner men.”

    Well maybe Ed Soares is a fucking retard like Johnnylopes implies. Because it still isn’t going to flaming say ” LOSS * but got Anderson Silva money!!

    Keep your lame excuses to yourself and just say. Hmm 3 weeks notice? I’ll take 450K.
    Ok, I won’t fight. It’s too short of notice. And leave it at that.
    The excuses are only helping your manager make you look bad, Lyota.

    • wonggfan

      The UFC does not help fighters get VISAS.

      The questions you asked make it sound like the UFC does a lot of shit for their fighters.

      Fighters are independent contractors.

      • Unador

        no, I know UFC doesn’t do stuff like that for fighters. I was just pointing out the descrepency in the article name and the article content.
        Machida asked for more money, and only money. There wasn’t any ‘more’ to it.

        The rest of the stuff was just weak excuses from his management.
        It was short notice, leave it at that.

        I did not engage in an opinion of whether machida was worth it or not.

  • bajafox

    “When you accomplish what Anderson Sylva has, you’ll get more money”

    I read the whole thing and also came to the same conclusion, he would have put all of those things aside, for more money. I wonder how much money a potential loss for Machida is worth? lol…greedy fkr

    • wonggfan

      It remains true that Lyoto asked for extra pay.

      But the way he asked that extra pay was different from how Dana characterized it as.

      Dana made it sound like Lyoto, out of ARROGANCE, thought that he DESERVED Anderson Silva’s money.

      I doubt Lyoto expressed that sort of entitlement.

    • Cptmats

      “When you accomplish what Anderson Sylva has, you’ll get more money”
      Anderson Silva fights in the weakest division in the UFC and has no desire to move up or down( cause he’s afraid of losing to GSP or Jones) and has four losses on his record !

      Machida fights in arguably the deepest division in the UFC and only has two losses on his record, both of which are to top five Ranked fighters !

      Only reason Anderson is still a champ and Machida is not is because Silva’s a coward and Machida is not !

      • natpaukar7

        Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida???

        Opinions Please:???

        Anderson fights in the weakest division I would probably agree but that is also because he’s KO’d everyone worth fighting in that division…and he moved up and fought a top 5 at the time guy as well as another no body at 205 and both were first round KO’s. I think anderson silva dances around and acts like a fool in the octagon as his own way of saying…give me a decent fighter. No one except Chael Sonnen has challenged Silva, and that is with a broken Rib…the way he fights these people they look like members of a weak division cause he makes them look that way….Anderson would KO machida so fast he wouldn’t know what happened. Though I doubt that fight would happen…Machida is good but not Anderson Silva good….Machida should rematch winner of RUa and Griffin…than maybe one more and then the title…I think he’d be interesting against Jones but I don’t see him necessarily winning unless he blasts him…Now Anderson I see KOing Jones round 2.!! remember who said it first

        • Cptmats

          #1 The MW division looks weak because it is weak ! Not because Silva makes it look weak !

          #2 Silva has never fought a top LHW , If your talking about forrest than you mean a Gatekeeper not a top LHW. He’s fought two very low ranked LHW’s !

          #3 “Now Anderson I see KOing Jones round 2.!! remember who said it first”…..Silva doesn’t want anything to do with Jones . He made that very clear after Jones Destroyed Shogun !

          Being content to fight in the weakest division isn’t a big accomplishment ! Machida’s fight are ten times as exciting and he is easily worth the same Money as Silva !

  • shakejunt

    Machida had nothing to gain from a fight with Rashad, bottom line.

  • But what do you do with Machida now:

    Forrest next? Only if he beats Shogun; and if Shogun wins, he’ll have a rematch with Rampage because everyone wants to see that; and after that, everyone will want to see Shogun fight Rashad, so that they can see what would have happened after they were scheduled to square off, not once but twice (that’s if there’s anything left of Rashad – physically, emotionally, or both – after Jon Jones gets through with him).

    Dan Henderson has also been suggested as a possible next Machida opponent. Alexander Gustafsson is another possibility; but if Forrest loses to Shogun, Forrest will probably fight Gustafsson next (who else?).

    So I guess there are no easy answers.

    • Cptmats

      Actually it is an easy answer. Dana hinted a Hendo fighting on first fox card, said that his opponent would depend on ufc 134…….but it wont be a rematch with Silva……So its gotta be the winner of Shogun/Forrest…which will be Shogun !