The Winner of Lesnar vs. Overeem, It’s Undisputed

December 22, 2011
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Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem UFC video gameIn a video preview for next week’s hotly anticipated UFC 141 in Las Vegas, THQ and UFC Undisputed 3 ran AI simulations of the battle between two of the largest heavyweights on the UFC roster, Brock Lesnar and Alistar Overeem.  Through 25 simulated matches, Overeem had a slight edge, as  UFC Undisputed 3 predicts him as the winner by knock out in the first round.

Some interesting facts from the simulation:
· Lesnar attempted a total of 287 takedowns
· Two of Lesnar’s wins were by submission via arm triangle
· Overeem won by knockout 92 % of the matches he won.

Be sure to check out the simulation for even more facts and statistics from the 25 matches…

  • katarinasun

    LOL – Lesnar’s avatar looks nothing like him! I think Overeem could have a chance at winning this fight if he can get one good knee that knocks out Lesnar, otherwise this will be a close fight if Lesnar can bring it down to the mat. I have already ordered UFC 141 in HD on my employee account with DISH because they always deliver me the best HD picture for fights. I cannot wait for the graphics of some of these video games to get a little better, until then, I’m sticking to watching the real thing.