The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn Cast Revealed

March 25, 2014
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641F1B3F-8B8F-48BD-B571-0139D2134D24On Wednesday, April 16, Ultimate Fighting Championship fans will get their fill of the UFC’s long-running reality series, The Ultimate Fighter, as FOX Sports 1 showcases the season-ending The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale live from Quebec City, followed by the two-hour premiere of the hotly anticipated nineteenth season headlined by former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and two-division champion BJ Penn.

In the nineteenth edition of the series, 16 middleweight (185 lbs.) and 16 light heavyweight (205 lbs.) fighters will square off in the most challenging sports tournament on television. The premiere episode will determine the eight men from each division who will successfully move into The Ultimate Fighter house and compete for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a six-figure contract with the UFC.

The successful fighters will be divided into two teams, coached by Edgar and Penn respectively. The series will follow the teams as they live and train together in preparation for their fights. Then, both coaches will settle their score once and for all at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 6, in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale.

“Frankie Edgar is a guy who many believed should have fought at 145 pounds but fought at 155 pounds and beat everybody including BJ Penn – twice,” said UFC president Dana White. “This kid went from being a one-dimensional wrestler to having some of the best hands, knockouts and toe-to-toe wars.

“BJ Penn is one of the legends in the sport. He basically built the 155-pound division in the sport and had championship belts at 155 and 170 pounds. I can’t wait to see this third fight.”

The competitors are, in alphabetical order (name, professional MMA record, age, fighting out of):

The competitors are:
Corey Anderson (3-0), 24, Lincoln, Ill.
Cathal Pendred (13-2), 26, Dublin, Ireland
Kelly Anundson (6-1), 29, Deerfield Beach, Fla.
John Poppie (3-1), 24, Ettrick, Wis.
Anton Berzin (3-1), 24, Philadelphia, Pa.
Doug Sparks (7-2), 31, Bloomington, Ind.
Josh Clark (7-2), 29, Richmond, Ky.
Daniel Spohn (8-3), 29, Columbus, Ohio
Chris Fields (8-4), 30, Dublin, Ireland
Joshua Stansbury (4-2), 29, East Liverpool, Ohio
Matthew Gabel (8-3), 28, Le Mars, Iowa
Ian Stephens (4-0), 25, Ringgold, Ga.
Lyman Good (15-3), 28, New York, N.Y.
Adam Stroup (5-1), 27, Denver, Colo.
Eddie Gordon (6-1), 29, Uniondale, N.Y.
Nordine Taleb (8-2), 32, Montreal, Canada
Jacob Heun (6-3), 26, Coconut Creek, Fla.
Hector Urbina (16-8), 26, Coconut Creek, Fla.
Mike King (5-0), 30, Naples, Fla.
Matt Van Buren (6-2), 27, Chula Vista, Calif.
Tyler King (7-1), 33, North Attleboro, Mass.
Bojan Velickovic (8-2), 33, Delray Beach, Fla.
Dhiego Lima (8-1), 33, Sugar Hill, Ga.
Daniel Vizcaya (7-2), 28, Aurora, Ill.
Adrian Miles (14-5), 30, Biloxi, Miss.
Patrick Walsh (4-1), 25, Stoughton, Mass.
Tyler Minton (5-1), 26, Johnson City, Tenn.
Tim Williams (8-1), 27, Millville, N.J.
Todd Monaghan (8-2), 31, Clinton, Iowa
Roger Zapata (5-1), 27, New York, N.Y.
Cody Mumma (5-1), 30, Henderson, Colo.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn will run for 13 weeks in its regularly scheduled timeslot of 10 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1. Each episode’s winners will advance in the single-elimination tournament, which will culminate in a three-hour finale, live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 6.

Many of today’s most recognizable names in the UFC have emerged from The Ultimate Fighter series, which also produced champions such as Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Matt Serra and season winners Michael Bisping, Ryan Bader and Nate Diaz.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Most of these guys have way too many pro fights and some are too old for this. Ten of them are 30 or older. Adrian Miles (14-5)? Randy Couture retired at 19-11!

    Hector Urbina (16-8) really? He has moobs at 170lbs.

    • shakejunt

      roy was a name too. people will complain whether it’s a bunch of unknowns or veterans. the reality is that legitimate prospects get signed directly and thus avoid the tuf tournament. gotta make due with what’s left.

      • Alex

        Oh, so the former Bellator champ isn’t even a “legitimate prospect”?
        Thank you for proving my point, friend – I guess from your comments here that you already start to get some wisdom here and there.

        “If you can’t beat them, join them” – that’s definitely been said about you LOL

        • shakejunt

          a former champ of the #2 promotion is surely not a prospect anymore. LOLLLLLL, RIGHT?

          • Alex

            So what is he exactly?
            some kind of treasure?
            And that’s why he has to fight to get to the house of TUF, let alone have ANY KIND of contract?

            Yeah, that’s the real value of a former champ of the #2 promotion – peanuts from the table LOL

          • shakejunt


            he’s certainly an early favorite, just like roy was. and roy was no prospect.

            LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

          • Alex

            LOL let’s try this magical thing called logical thinking.

            Nelson was PROMISED his place in the house, he would’ve stayed there regardless if he wins his first fight or not.
            Good might only last there 2 minutes and then to never appear again.
            Do you really think that UFC gives him Nelson treatment in that case?

            Unlike Nelson, they don’t give two craps about Good, whether he’s favorite or not – like they didn’t give two craps about Shayna Baszler or Tara Laroza, that were favorites in their women TUF.
            Good is apparently not THAT good to get the UFC contract, even though he’s a former Bellaturd champ, thus he has to go the hard way, the way of the noobz.

          • shakejunt

            not saying lyman good is the next messiah, just that he has a huge edge over the rest of these guys. there are more productive ways to argue your side.

  • Alex

    Lyman Good, former Bellator champ and GP finalist, ASKED BJORK to release him from his contract so he could join TUF.
    So in his mind, TUF>>>>Bellator.

    Guess it shows what Bellacrap fighters think of their beloved org LOL.

    • RubeKegal

      People have gone from UFC to Bellator you know

      • Havoc

        People have also gone from the NFL to the Canadian Football League. That doesn’t make them comparable.

        • RubeKe

          My comment has more likes, therefore I am right and you are wrong.

    • Me

      It shows that Lyman Good knows he was lucky to win that strap during the promotion’s early days and that he’ll never win that belt or another tourney again and nothing else. And good on Rebney for letting yet another fighter walk when he asked to be let go (although I’m sure you’d find fault with that as well).

      • Alex

        LOL you’re delusional boy.
        You don’t even watch your beloved Bellator’s fights – I watch, because I know my MMA.
        Good had a SUPER CLOSE fight against Rick Hawn, who fights for their vacant title, he was a finalist in their last GP (which means they automatically gave him contract extension), and he took 2 rounds out of 5 in Askren fight, nearly finishing him in the 5th.
        He’s Bellator calibre fighter, and is a good matchup for both Lima and Hawn (or Koreshkov, whom he lost because he didn’t expect that the Russian striker will take him down).

        Go watch fights, moron.

        • Me

          It’s obvious you’re a bit dense and resort to name calling as a result but let me help you out with your reading comprehension. Maybe that will result in responses that don’t sound like they’re coming from an 8th grader. Nowhere in my post does it say that he isn’t Bellator caliber. Merely that he knows he’s gone as far as he can in that promotion and that he knows he won’t get another shot at that WW belt. He could certainly stay in the promotion and win fights but he’ll ultimately end up an “also ran.” Bellator’s fighter roster has turned over completely since the days when Good won that belt and the competition has improved beyond his ability to dominate. He can have some close fights with their better competition but will continue to fall short. In a tournament style promotion that leaves him with few options. If he can get into the UFC (which I’m sure he can) he’ll be in a position to carve out a decent career as a middle-of-the-pack guy. A viable option in the UFC’s more open ended format.
          It’s amusing that you show such disdain for the promotion, even referring to it as “Bellacrap” yet admit to watching it regularly, basically admitting that you’re just a little troll who likes to post hater comments when he can. A sad and somewhat pathetic preoccupation but if it fills your time have at it.

          • Alex

            LOL I watch MMA because I’m an expert in MMA – unlike you, who writes bunch of blabbering with your idiotic theories.
            “Maybe he thought this, maybe he thought that”…LOL.

            Plus the idiotic assumptions, that he will always fall short against those who he had close fights with…that made me laugh and understand, how little you know about the sport boy.

            He gives up on a promotion where he HAS, NOW more success than 90% of their fighters, for just a SMALL CHANCE to enter the REALITY SHOW. Not the UFC itself – REALITY SHOW.

            That’s the real comparison, and that’s what you fail to see, delusional kid. (And yeah, it’s not “calling names” LOL, that’s a definition of what you are, and I like to define things correctly LOL)

          • El Gvapo

            Just give up kid, he’s made you sound stupid. LOL as you would say.

          • Alex

            He only made himself stupid with the idiotic theories of what Good thinks and how he fights.

            He clearly haven’t even seen him fight and talks out of his rear end.

          • El Gvapo

            No, it was just you that sounded stupid.

          • Alex

            I just bring facts and shove them into your and your friend’s dumb faces.
            It’s hard for you to deal with it, I understand LOL – your friend comes up with some stupid theories, and you’re just a monkey, you cannot even think yourself of any kind of a response on topic.

            You’ll get over it 🙂

          • Black

            You’re both a couple of f–king idiots. Can’t imagine wasting all of that time just trying to make sure I got the last word in.

          • Alex

            All of that time?
            I can type all of this in a couple seconds, because I think fast.
            You might be able to do it when you finish kindergarten, child.

            Now crawl back to the hole you came from

          • shakejunt

            do you have any idea who you’re talking to? you cannot win against a mind of this calibre.

          • shakejunt

            oh the expert is back

          • Me

            1st of all – despite what you may believe scattering LOL’s and all capped words throughout your post doesn’t serve to add emphasis or weight to anything you say. What it does is make you sound like an hysterical schoolgirl with a crush and annihilate any chance of anyone taking anything you have to say seriously.

            2nd of all – Good’s “small chance” is just as good as any other fighter’s on the show – it’s not like he has to win. He beats one guy and then he’s in the house – after that any flare for the camera and a good showing will guarantee him a spot on the finale card and most likely a slot in the roster. In fact history has proven that the fighters who win the show are rarely the ones with the most successful post-tuff career.

            3rd – as to his Bellator “success” – I’d have to say that success is a relative term considering he lost that belt on his 1st attempted defense about 5 years and 7 or 8 fights ago and hasn’t seen it since. As I’ve already stated in a tourney formatted promotion that leaves him stranded in the pack with nowhere to go (which is pretty much the same reason Ben Saunders asked for and was given his release from the promotion). Remember, in order to get another shot he has to go through yet another tourney. That will amount to another year of his athletic career and at least 3 more fights just to get back to a title shot if he even manages to get that far. (An unlikely scenario if history is any indication.) And all of this against ever improving competition. So considering the laterally suspended nature of his career as a result I’d say a run at TUFF is a smart move meant to reinvigorate that career and not a reflection of “what he thinks” of Bellator as a promotion (a very childish assertion by the way). I assure you if he was on the Michael Chandler path he would not be jumping ship for TUFF.

            Finally – with regards to your noble sacrifice of watching MMA you so clearly despise simply to further your “expertise” all I can say is thank you. At the very least it’s given me a good chuckle.

          • Alex

            LOLLLLL so many blabbering and a bunch of text without any solid word of proof. I write “LOL”, because you’re laughable.

            And yeah, of course he considers even appearing once or twice on TUF screens and having a chance to get to the UFC >>>>>his whole Bellator career, TV exposure that he gets there and their belt.
            You know that.

            And history shows, BTW, that only two TUF fighters were UFC champs, and both – guess what – won the show.
            Your “history” is BS, just like everything you type.

            BTW, Saunders was KICKED out of Bellator, not asked to leave. He’s crap even on Bellator terms.
            And if Bellator was good enough, Good (LOL no pun intended) would’ve stayed there regardless. #2 company in the world, remember? Hhahahaha

            So that’s how I exposed your silly blabbering bunch of text for having no value, sorry!
            Deal with it LOL

          • Me

            It appears we have someone who goes to the same grade school as Alex. OK. (Edit: for some reason you came up as another poster. I thought it odd that you had some little friend who sounded just like you but apparently it was some comment thread glitch that’s been corrected. Really, I should have known.)

            Saunders himself said he asked to be released and Rebney agreed. You sound like someone who enjoys a good conspiracy theory so I’m sure you’d dispute that even though you can find Saunders own words on the net with regards to the subject.

            And no, I doubt Good would consider 2 moments on TUFF worth his entire Bellator career. However, a chance to be a UFC fighter compared to his particular Bellator career? Yes, that I’m sure he considers worth it. Something I literally just said.

            If you regard being the champ as the only measure of success than yes, only 2 TUFF contestants have had any UFC success. Of course you’d be the only one using that particular standard but bully for you.

            I apologize for the “bunch of text.” Next time I’ll keep it short, use poor syntax, and only words with 2 syllables or less to make you feel more at ease.

          • Alex

            he problem with your blabbering is not that you write a lot. It’s your problem LOL – the problem is that it’s all unproved BS.
            Like, for example, Saunders asking for release – you lie about that and you know that.
            Or he lies, he’s a known blabber, comes with lame excuse about his every loss: LOL I remember him writing for MMAjunkie ton of excuse about every fight he lost in the UFC.

            If the only chance for Good, a former champ in the #2 org, is to get into the TUF house (which is huge risk even when you’re super great fighter, and he’s not), then it shows how little of the value Bellator, and his title, has – both for Good and for the UFC.

            And about history: you know what? Bring me the stats of successful TUF losers opposed to unsuccessful TUF winners and prove your point, or you’re just blah blah blah.
            Oh wait…I forgot…that’s exactly what you are LOL

          • Me

            It really isn’t my problem that you don’t have the brain power required to properly use a search engine (even though google et al. do all they can to make them as idiot proof as possible) but here, just for you:

            I want to thank @BjornRebney for letting me go,” Saunders posted on his Twitter account. “I fullfilled my contract and I wanted to be a free agent again. The future is bright! ” … “Given his game and name he built for himself during his tenure in the UFC, Bellator wanted to retain his services. However, Saunders managed to convince Rebney that it was time to go.
            “No one should be feeling bad about this… it was my decision,” Saunders later added on The Underground Forums. “They originally wanted to re-sign me. Me and Bjorn talked. This was what I wanted & he obliged. “My relationship is still good with them and I was given the option to resign if I choose to. We left on a good note. I just felt the need to have control over my own Destiny.”

            Simply google the 1st sentence and it’ll take you right to the site. Funny how an MMA expert like yourself missed this.
            Now while I’d love to sit here and make a fool of you all day, and I get that you have all the time in the world since school got out at 3, I have a real adult job in the real, adult world and have to finish up before I can go home. So farewell and enjoy your slice of humble pie.


          • Alex

            LOL so that’s what you call “asked for release?”
            He said that he fulfilled his contract, do you actually see the difference, dumbass?
            Bjork let him go…of course he let him go, his contract was over and he sucked, that’s the same thing as to be fired, he just wasn’t rehired! Hahaha.

            Now that’s the only point you mentioned, which means that you agree about all the other stuff we discussed by not mentioning it – in that case, the only fool here is YOU, and you actually agree with that LOL

            Now you go and do your “real adult job” in Starbucks, or McDonalds, while I, the DB Manager, the SQL and Oracle expert, write this from my own place of work in my own office, from my own private laptop that the firm bought me 🙂

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    TUF hasnt gotten worse, the viewing has. Ive changed tv packages to get Fox 1 , and Fox 2 isnt even in HD . Now they want to put it on Inside Access or whatever and make you pay an additional 10 bucks to sit in front of your computer. Im done Dana, you win Im leaving and you can call me all the names and F bombs you want

    • shakejunt

      and yet you’ll continue to post about how miserable the situation is.

      this tuf isn’t even on fight pass. if it was, just get a hdmi wire or a chromecast. problem solved.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Or Ill just watch Bellator on Spike HD. Glory too.

        • shakejunt

          have fun with that. could just watch it all.

  • i hope BJ Penn gets another Andy Wang, those early TUFs were actually entertaining for some reason