The Ultimate Fighter: Live Episode 5 Recap: Illegal Knees and Damaged Toes

April 7, 2012
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TUF Live Coaches Logo Dominick Cruz and Urijah FaberIn the fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, another fighter advanced to the quarterfinals, one coach grows impatient with one of his fighters and next week’s match up was revealed.

Team Faber celebrated their first win with Al Iaquinta’s split decision over Myles Jury in episode 4 while Team Cruz’ week was filled with drama.

The matchup between Michael Chiesa and Jeremy Larsen put Sam Sicilia in an awkward situation.  Larsen and Sicilia are teammates on Team Cruz, but Sicilia and Chiesa train together in Washington outside of the show and are close friends.

Coach Cruz asked Sicilia to provide a scouting report on his friend to assist in Larsen’s fight preparation.  Sicilia stayed true to himself and his friend and did not disclose any information about Chiesa’s skill set.

“I’m not going to sneak around and give out secret info,” said Sicilia.  “I’m going to let those two fight and best man wins.  That’s what it is.”

Coach Cruz continued to question Chris Tickle’s work ethic.  Doctors confirmed that Tickle has gout in one of his toes.  Gout is a kind of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in blood and causes joint inflammation.  Acute gout can be quite painful.

Cruz asked Tickle if he wanted to leave the show.  Tickle assured Cruz that he’d train through the discomfort and stay on the show.  In training, Cruz pushed Tickle to work harder.  Tickle did, but he wasn’t happy about it.

This week’s matchup was a clash of styles.  Larsen wanted to keep the fight standing while Chiesa’s game plan wass to get the fight to the ground.  Chiesa was a heavy favorite heading into the fight.

In the opening round, Chiesa secured a takedown early and set the tone of the fight.  Larsen fought hard to get back to his feet only to be taken down again.  Late in the round, Cheisa landed an illegal knee to Larsen’s head while Larsen was getting back to the standing position.  A point was deducted from Chiesa for the infraction.

Chiesa came out aggressive with strikes in the second round but quickly worked for a takedown.  Larsen avoided taking damage on the botton and stayed busy working to get back upright.  The times he could get to his feet and create space, he’d land punches, but Chiesa’s tenacity to get the takedown proved too much.

In the closing moments of the round, Chiesa took Larsen’s back and dragged him to the ground.  He was unable to sink in the rear naked choke but finished the round in complete control.

The judges scored the fight unanimously for Michael Chiesa.  The official scores were not read on air.

“Jeremy Larsen is a tough guy.  I expected it to go the distance.  I was expecting a third (round), but I went out there and got the win,” said Chiesa following the fight.

Chiesa’s father passed away two weeks ago.  He dedicated the win to his mother and thanked family and friends for their support.

Larsen was not happy with the decision.

“I thought they took a point in the first round.  He drilled me right in the head with the knee when I was obviously down.  I don’t know how I lost that round then,” said Larsen.  “Give him the second round.  We should be in a third (round) right now.  I have no problem with that but giving him a decision, I’m not okay with that.”

Larsen said he was “rattled” by the knee but continued like a warrior.  Chiesa described the knee as a “total accident.”

Team Faber maintained matchmaking control and have put together back-to-back wins.  Coach Faber picked Joe Proctor to face Team Cruz’ Chris Tickle in next week’s live fight.  It

  • phrankthetank

    He was not getting back to a standing position when he took the knee, he dropped to his knees to keep that from happening. Something needs to change though, chiesa did nothing but shoot for takedowns. Larsen hit him with Solid punches, showed great Td defense and got back to his feet over and over. If a guy lands a takedown but does nothing with it and his opponent pops back up, how does that win him the fight?

    • adam1848

      I agree, completely. A takedown should count about as much as a solid jab or leg kick, if you do nothing with it. This whole style of judging that gives a takedown so much weight is absurd.

  • Towers66

    He dropped his knee purposefully to avoid a strike, accidents happen. Unanimous decision was handed out correctly in my opinion.

    • phrankthetank

      Accidents do happen, but there was nothing accidental about that, he was on his knees for a good few seconds before that knee was thrown, Faber was even yelling out “he’s down, watch the knees!” I’m not saying it was the wrong decision, it just frustrates me when guys just shoot for takedowns and do nothing with them.

  • rsnowbass

    I agree.

    On the other hand, I’m looking forward to Tickle getting his ass handed to him. There is nothing genuine about that guy, there’s just a huge aura of douche surrounding him.

  • mich1fan

    Larson is a moron. When the other guy gets a point taken, it doesnt go to the other fighter. They just take the point from him, so the 10-9 turned into a 9-9 first round and a 10-9 second. Someone needs to explain to him that they dont take the point from Cheisa and add it to his score.

    • adam1848

      that’s what i was thinking, but wish these were three round fights either way. the whole two round format is just dumb.

  • CORRECTION: Chris Tickle DOES NOT HAVE GOUT. He is just a big ass baby who whines about everhthing … next he’ll be bitchn’ about too much oxygen in the gym and he needs a break to breath less. Get rid of the big baby and let the real fighters beat each other up.

    I have to say, this episode is not as entertaining as the past episodes … maybe because Urijah does not say much and has a stale personality. Cruz on the other hand, also does not say much but at least he has a personality.; it is suttle but brilliant.

  • Kolvir

    I swear I hear Faber or his coaches keep calling for a knee after he was down, but before Faber said watch the knee. He seemed to hesitate a bit before he threw it.

  • fightfankevin

    I thought Cruz came across as a real douche for trying to convince Sam to sell out his friend. And making it look like it only benefits him because he is there to ” be the best fighter”, when in reality it was benefiting Cruz’s lifelong friend Larson.

    • adam1848

      I agree completely. Cruz was comparing it to having to fight your friend if you get matched up down the road in the competition, which is totally different. I’m sure these guys would be thrilled to throw down in the finale, but selling out your boy so Cruz can get another point up on Faber would be straight dirty, and I applaud Sam Sicilia for having the balls to not only blow off Cruz, but also not holding a grudge about it. Cruz is just trying to win, so although I’m not surprised he tried to get Sam to roll over, Sam gained a ton of respect in my book for handling the situation exactly as he did.