The Ultimate Fighter 18 Week 3 Notes: Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate Feud Escalates

September 18, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18 CoachesThe males took center stage on the third episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate with the first male fight, while the animosity between coaches Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate boiled over.

Team Tate gained matchmaking control with Julianna Pena’s submission win over Shayna Baszler and coach Tate opted to pit Chris Holdsworth against Team Rousey’s top male pick Chris Beal in this week’s match-up.

Drama in the Fighter House

Julianna Pena may have defeated Shayna Baszler in last week’s episode, but she is getting on her housemates’ nerves by talking in an English accent.  She is accused by teammates of telling Team Rousey the planned female match-ups.  Cody Bollinger confronted Pena about the allegations.  Pena denied them, but that did nothing to sway her teammates from believing she did.

“Logically speaking here, who is the one girl that has fought so far?  Julianna.  Who is the one girl that doesn’t care if the other team finds out who we’re matching up against? Julianna.  Who was up the last two nights hanging out with the other team?  Julianna,” said Team Tate’s Louis Fisette.  “She’s got a huge guilty look on her face.  She’s got ‘guilty’ written across her forehead.”

Rousey and Tate Rivalry Heats Up

The fighters were taken to the Red Rock Casino Resort to watch UFC on Fuel TV: Nogueira vs. Werdum.  They piled on couches and enjoyed catering and an open bar.  The attention quickly turned away from the flat screen television to the bar area where coaches Rousey and Tate were engaged in an argument.

Tate asked Rousey to move away from her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway.  Rousey’s distain for Tate is nowhere near her dislike for Caraway.  She tells Tate that Caraway doesn’t know how to hold pads and Tate responds by saying Rousey doesn’t know to hit pads or throw punches.  Rousey striking coach, Edmond Tarverdyan quickly entered the discussion and the situation escalated.

“She’ll beat you standing any (expletive) day.  I guarantee you that,” said Tarverdyan.  “And she’ll break your arm at the end.  You and your boyfriend, both of you together.”

Tarverdyan was led away and the situation was defused, but not before Traverdyan promised Caraway, “I’ll get you someday.  There’s too much cameras here, but I’ll get you someday.”

“I’m going to break this girl to the point to where she’s never going to be able to put a string of wins together again,” state Rousey.

Holdsworth vs. Beal Pre-Fight Hype

Beal and Holdsworth have similar personal background stories.  Both lost their older brothers to gun violence and used martial arts to keep from falling into the lifestyle that led to their brothers’ deaths.

Stylistically, the two couldn’t be more different.  Beal comes from a boxing background and likes to strike.  Holdsworth has a grappling base with a strong submission game.

Beal suffered a hand injury in his match to advance into the fighter house and that’s part of the reason Coach Tate chose him to fight.  Being a cancer survivor, Beal refused to let a swollen hand get in his way of winning.

“We’ve got to get this win back.  I want to put a smile on Coach Ronda’s face,” said Beal.  “I was the number one pick for a reason.”

“I’ve worked too hard for this and I’m not going to let him take it from me,” said Holdsworth.

The Fight: Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal

Holdsworth established his jab early and was able to keep Beal on the outside.  His right hand found a home regularly.  Holdsworth would land and make Beal miss.  He mixed in takedown attempts and with a minute remaining in the round Holdsworth stepped in with a right hand the knocked Beal down.  He landed elbows and as Beal worked to get back to his feet Holdsworth applied a guillotine choke that forced Beal to tap out.

Fight Announcement

Team Tate moves to 2-0 in the competition and maintained matchmaking control.  Coach Tate decided to pit Roxanne Modafferi against Team Rousey’s Jessica Rakoczy.

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  • Advance*


  • bajafox

    Why are the dudes acting like drama queens? Especially that guy trying to start crap.

    Ronda bringing up a year old tweet shows her immaturity. So did Tates “don’t stand so close to by boyfriend” bs

    Holdsworth showed crisp striking and has an excellent ground game, gonna be tough to beat

    • Cptmats

      Tate has shown nothing but class.
      Rousey has shown she is nothing but a douche bag !

      • Maddawgmar

        Yeah. “Get away from my boyfriend.” When all Ronda was doing is getting a drink. That’s class. Like first period, Homeroom class. Not saying Ronda is much better, but come on this isn’t Highschool.

        • Cptmats

          “When all Ronda was doing is getting a drink.”

          She was not just getting a drink ! That was obvious to anyone who was watching. She was deliberately trying to provoke Tate by squeezing in the tiny space between her and her boyfriend and if some douche bag pulled that shit with me and my women in a bar they would wake up in the ER !

          Tate handled the situation and Rousey’s douche baggery as classy as some one could !

    • woah

      the only guy acting like a drama queen was Ronda’s coach, Caraway just said he apologized for and went about his business. Apparently Ronda’s coaches have the same lame attitude as her.

      • bajafox

        The fighter who started isht with Juliana is the drama queen in that pack, watch it again. During the Tate/RR confrontation he’s got his big nose in it. He’s a drama queen, nothing more

    • Advance*

      Do you really think she cared just because someone was standing close to her boyfriend? It’s because it was obviously one of Ronda’s lame intimidation tactics.

      • bajafox

        I’m just trying to stay unbiased. Both of them showed immaturity last night, Ronda is leading by a mile but Tate could have easily avoided that

        • asd

          With all antics thrown at her the whole time, Miesha had all the right to make a fun joke. Come on, be fair. She had to let at least a bit of steam out.

  • Mhmmm

    Lol the guy threatening tate?? Your going to get her someday but too many cameras around?? Stfu.

    • Cptmats

      He was talking to her BF.

    • Maddawgmar

      Did you watch the show? He was threatening Caraway for saying he was gonna break Ronda’s teeth on twitter.

      • asd

        DUDE. Caraway said that to a fan, not Ronda, come on.

        • Maddawgmar

          He freaking admitted to it afterwards and apologized for it. And they admitted to it again on the episode. Some people, myself included, doesn’t care about apologizing when hitting or threatening a female is said or done. That why Ronda’s coach went off.

          • CherryWine

            I’m a young woman and I believe it is totally unaccepatable to threaten a woman. However, it is not okay for a woman to threaten a man and have it overlooked just because a woman is a woman. That is exactly what Ronda did to Bryan. She made a threat to Bryan to get to Miesha, heard his indirect response, then played victim. Problem is Ronda can dish it but can take it. Whenever she gets a little taste of her own medicine she goes berserk and throws a tantrum like a child.

      • CherryWine

        If my memory is correct it was Ronda who started the fued between herself and Caraway. Caraway was just responding to a fan who relayed to him something disrespectful and threatening Ronda said about him. Ronda didnt have to bring Miesha’s BF into the situation. It all went down during the build-up to the strikeforce fight and Ronda was looking for any way she could make Miesha mentally unprepared and make her fight on emotion. That was Ronda’s motive and sadly it worked.

  • kcfield

    Best line of the night was when Ronda went back to the bar for another drink, and Tate said, “Grab her butt, Bryan,” with a chuckle.

    • kcfield

      Too bad Ronda doesn’t let her fighting skills speak for themselves and chill out outside the ring.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Not impressed with the “drama” and “entertainment” factor that this season was supposed to bring but that’s not really why I watch TUF so it’s all good. The fights have been good thus far and that is the important part. Just from what we’ve seen so far I’m putting Chael’s season ahead of this season. I’m sure there are many more moments to come with Ronda crying and Tate with that smug look on her face. B*tches aint Sh*t but Hoes and Tricks.

  • wow

    who was the guy threatening Caraway? is he even a fighter? Caraway is a legit fighter who should be 4-0 in the UFC if it wasn’t for an awful decision. Ronda comes off as the bully in highschool who can’t make it a day without starting some drama or looking for any excuse to be a total b*tch. I used to really admire her, but now I find her so obnoxious and petty.

    • Manuel Lopez

      That guy is a coach, Ronda’s coach and he came off like the biggest @@@hole and bully. Ronda too. These people are not behaving like martial artists who should use their skills as self defense, as a philosophy of self improvement and discipline. No, instead Ronda is trying to start s***. And let me just say that Misha is showing much more class and coaching integrity material. But it’s a tv show so who knows.

    • Kbroesq

      Seriously, that’s exactly what I thought. The only time I’ve seen that guy is coaching Rousey. He’s not a fighter. He’s just some loser who was probably selling cell phones and/or electronic cigarettes before he became a trainer.

      He should keep his mouth shut.

      • Mike

        Actually he as an MMA record of 2-0. Meisha tweeted about it.

        • Kbroesq

          I hereby retract everything I said!!! He has a 2-0 MMA record, everyone!

          Never mind that he’s talking to a UFC fighter with a winning record. He’s 2-0!

          • Alex Holmann

            whats your mma record?

          • Kbroesq

            What does that have to do with anything? I’m not talking down to a UFC fighter saying I’m going to ‘get him,’ now am I?

            Perhaps if you read the whole comment chain, you’d understand…perhaps not, though.

  • matthew paisley

    i like Ronda inside the ring. But as a coach i don’t think she was ready for or can handle the pressure. And she and her coach obviously didn’t at all think about how she might make the sport look when they started the drama at the bar. the sport deffintly doesn’t need poor representation…..jackasses

    • Chazz

      Completely agree Matthew! I am / was / might be a huge Rhonda fan but that was classless and puts the sport in a bad light.

      The more I watch it the more I like Miesha .

      Rhonda’s trainier is a moron saying on national TV “Ill get you, one day, but not now..too many cameras..” What an Ass!

  • Manuel Lopez

    You know Carraway did the right thing. He didn’t play to the cameras.

  • kcfield

    So, what do you all think the oddsmakers’ line would be on a Caraway vs Rousey fight?

  • King_DG

    This Tarvardyen douche needs to keep his mouth shut, he’s not even a fighter. Caraway could probably kick his ass anyways

    • Mike

      he has a record or 2-0

      • jeremy

        he won both and his record is better then rondas striking coach. he should have told the guy to eat s***

      • asd

        Yeah, on an amateur circle. Good for him.

  • Mike

    Armenia is a country in the north eastern part of the middle east that shares borders with Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Gegard Moussasi’s family is from there and Kim Kardashian’s father was from there

  • Kbroesq

    They’re actually from the kiosk in the mall that cells miniature helicopters, cell phone cases, and electronic cigarettes.

    I also heard he could get me a great rate on my refi.

    • Kbroesq

      *sells* Seriously, MMA Weekly, can we be allowed to delete our posts!? I’m really not smart enough to proof read.

      • Lucas Freire

        Well…you can.

  • Brian Burchell

    In case no one has noticed, Rhonda is a female version of Nick Diaz, Mini-me if you will.. a decent fighter and a big fish in a little pond. When the WMMA field gets a little deeper, notwithstanding the talent that’s already there, and when Dana pulls his head out of his a** and stops kissing a** because he sees a quick buck, Rousey will be sitting in a bar somewhere, flexing her steroid-filled neck muscles and saying.. “I could’a been somebody, I could’a bin a contender”

  • CherryWine

    I hate it when people call her “big nose”. She really doesnt have a big nose at all and has quite a beautiful profile. The only reason she doenst have the most attactive nose is because she is a legit well-rounded fighter unlike Ronda. When Miesha steps in the the cage she actually fights her ass off. She is not dependent on one signature move making her a one trick pony. Her flawed nose is only proof that she works that much harder in the cage than Ronda ever will.

    • CherryWine

      Does not! Cant deny Miesha got the best arse in WMMA. Better than Ronda.

  • Trossi3389

    wow ronda never bothered me till the first 3 episodes aired… my god i now have hatred for this pig… shes nothing more then a spoiled, intimidated, jealous “miss piggy looking” fk’n whore.. dana must have wanted to crawl into exile when it came to light of her stank ass… UGGH.. her trainer is even a bigger POS.. talk about a backfire,, those 2 are made for eachother. lmfao