The Ultimate Fighter 18 Week 2 Notes: Injury Forces a Fighter Out and Rousey vs. Tate Rivalry Heats Up

September 11, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18 CoachesThe 16 men and women who advanced through the elimination round moved into the fighter house on the second episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate.  An injury forced one fighter off the show, while top team picks Julianna Pena and Shayna Baszler competed in the first fight of the season.

Tim Gorman is forced off the show due to injury

Tim Gorman defeated Lee Sandmeier in the elimination round to earn his spot in the fighter house, but suffered an injured hamstring in the process.  Gorman was the last male selected by Team Tate.

After consulting with a doctor and having an MRI, Gorman was informed that he wasn’t medically fit to continue.  The doctor recommended four to six months rehabilitation.

“It was my dream to fight in the UFC and I would have fought with my leg torn and just did the best I could, but they’re making me go home,” said the disappointed Gorman.

Louis Fisette is brought back to replace Gorman

Fisette was defeated by Chris Holdsworth during the elimination round via submission, but impressed the coaches and UFC president Dana White in the loss.

“He went against a really good submission guy and got caught, so it wasn’t like he got knocked out or he got dominated through the whole fight.  I like the kid, so I chose to bring him back,” said White.

“It’s my second shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’m looking to make the best of it,” said Fisette.

Baszler vs. Pena pre-fight talk

Baszler was considered the favorite by nearly everyone in the fighter house heading into the bout with Pena.  Baszler’s 24-fight experience overshadowed Pena’s six fights.  “I’ve fought the best in the world and she can’t hold a candle to them,” said Baszler.  “She doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring with me.  She should be coming to my seminars and learning from me.”

“Shayna, I want to kick your ass and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, “ stated Pena.

The Fight: Shayna Baszler vs. Julianna Pena

Pena came out aggressive, but Baszler drew on her wrestling ability to control most of the opening round.  She took Pena’s back at one point.  She spent time in side control, but late in the round Pena gained top position and the tide began to turn.

Pena began to land heavy punches in the second round, wobbling Baszler with a left hook.  She landed knees in the clinch and secured a takedown.  Pena took Baszler’s back and applied a rear naked choke that forced Baszler to tap out.

Fight Announcement

Team Tate gained matchmaking control with the submission victory and got to decide the first male fight of the season.  Coach Miesha Tate decided to match Chris Holdsworth against Team Rousey’s Chris Beal.

Tate said she decided to pick Beal because he had a hand injury.

“She specifically picked Chris because they know he has a hurt hand.  It’s some (expletive),” said an infuriated coach Ronda Rousey.  “Chris is going to beat him with one (expletive) hand.”

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  • Advance*

    I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think I ever wanted anyone to lose as badly as Shayna tonight. As for Ronda, she’s starting to look like a weirdo.

    • bajafox

      She deserved to lose talking so much crap.

      We’re starting to see why Ronda was so worried about her image. I have a feeling by the end of the show she’s gonna have like 8 fans left

      • Chicago

        Me being one of them. She has Nick Diaz’s attitude, but with a vagina!

        • L

          Delusional, volatile, unstable. Three words that came to mind watching Rhonda on tonight’s show.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        If you are so delicate that you can’t take a little “crude” talk from a woman, then maybe you should go watch Dancing with the Stars. That show might be more your speed.

        • Kbroesq

          Yeah, because it really helps the sport when the athletes are compared to trashy, foul-mouthed, ignorant, hot heads.

          Her attitude just helps further the stigma that fighters are mindless idiots with no skill whatsoever. And Rousey is probably pulling in more NEW and casual viewers than any other fighter, so they cannot really see her skill yet. They may just turn off the T.V. before they can see her skill because of her attitude.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            It’s a show about MMA fighting…..should they also blur out the blood during the matches so no “casual viewers” are offended?

          • Kbroesq

            I don’t see how you can possibly make such an analogy. Blood is part of the sport and always will be. I worry about casual fans who would have never given any attention to MMA turning it on because of Rousey, seeing how she acts, then turning it off and assuming all MMA fighters are like that, when most MMA fighters are not like that at all.

            This analogy about blurring blood makes no sense whatsoever. Well, it makes sense, it’s just not an apt analogy.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            It’s all about editing and perceived drama. Do you think that everybody in New Jersey acts like those morons on Jersey Shore? Or, does MTV show that moronic behavior to draw more viewers?

            Any “casual” viewer who is offended by Rousey’s behavior would most like find some other offense with the sport.

            And while the blood is part of the sport and doesn’t offend me, I’m positive it would shock and offend some people who would then assume that every fight is a barbaric bloodfest, that ends with both fighters and the ring covered in blood.

            If you don’t like the way that Rousey is behaving, then don’t watch the show.

          • IdiocracyIsComing

            Ive seen enough to know that Barry is one of those D-bags with too much ignorance to comprehend these comments. I love punching someone in the face as the next guy, and watching it. But there is a bad stereo-type of these type people, and well for the most part, the stereo-type is true. Sad.. This sport will never be main stream like NFL, especially since it attracts trash as its staple audience. The blood blur makes no sense at all..

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            Too bad that your argument is so lame and invalid that you had to stoop to personal attacks, but that’s what unintelligent people normally do when faced with somebody who is far smarter than they are.

            I doubt that you have the balls or courage to actually punch somebody in the face, so you might as well stop trying to make yourself out to be some kind of tough guy.

            And if “mainstreaming” the UFC means that it will attract dopes and fan-boys like you, then I hope it never becomes mainstream.

          • Kakakak

            Do you like Kaka?

      • shakejunt

        but hey, what about sara mcmann?

    • peanut

      What are your accomplishments in life?

  • wow

    I don’t wanna be “that guy” who agrees with everyone else. But yeah…I agree with what EVERYONE else is saying about Ronda..WTF Ronda!….no doubt she’s a great fighter, athlete etc, but wow….what a nut job. She’s got the craziness of the Diaz Brothers, but does the whole whiny, always offended act of Bisping. Not a good combo. Better remember to pack the meds next time you do a 6 week filming bit in Vegas.

    • Advance*

      I hate to say it, but I just think she’s not a smart person. She’s obviously been a successful athlete her whole life and a dominant female so she’s grown a lot of confidence in her opinions and the way she acts. She’s probably never had to reevaluate herself or had anyone check her. Same thing with Nick Diaz. He has supreme confidence in his opinions even though most people realize how ridiculous he is.

  • SD39

    RR is coming off like a spoiled little brat. I know she has worked hard to get to where she is but she only views things from an egocentric position. She got mad at MT for smiling when her fighter and friend won a fight? She’s crazy. Maybe if her and her coaching staff actually coached Baszler and had a game plan for her like Julianna’s coaches did, instead of just to continuing to state that Julianna had no chance to beat her, things may have turned out differently. I agree with bajafox, she’s not doing herself any favors right now.

    • Justin E.

      You sound a little obsessed there buddy. How many posts you gonna make about your hatred for her.

  • No Ka Oi

    I think I am going to stop watching this season of TUF because of Ronda Rousey. She makes me long for the Michael Bisping season….I don’t need to watch a psychotic, bipolar female cry the entire hour……

    • Advance*

      She’s not far off from saying “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.” That whole thing about Tate smiling at her girl’s pain was just as ridiculous. And I’m pretty sure she said “feast at the table” when the fight was about to start. The lesson should have been not to underestimate your opponent but she’s obviously not one for reality

    • wow

      Wait…you to watch another Michael Bisping season because you DON’T like Bipolar whiny bitches?!?

  • Advance*

    Even after she got choked out she was still underestimating Pena. Crying and saying she’s 3 times the fighter as her. You’d think the loss would have humbled her but I guess not

    • L

      And Bazler’s most recent fight before the TUF house ended…. In a loss by RNC.
      Bazler is like Ronda, a good grappler, with not great striking (although Bazlers striking is still better than Ronda’s!)

  • Triggerman99

    So I would imagine that when Rousey’s team wins a fight, there won’t be any celebration from Rousey, right? By her own standards you’re not supposed to do that, because you would be “smiling at the pain” of the loser.
    At least when Nick Diaz says out-of-whack stuff it’s funny. Rousey just comes off as irritating and overly dramatic. I was already rooting for Tate before the show even started, but now after watching Rousey act like a psycho ex-girlfiend I hope Team Tate wins every single fight.

  • Gary Gilbert

    BOBGYRO…A little obsessed with Bazsler? On another note…You never say anything positive about anybody. I think you are an ass

    • IdiocracyIsComing

      Thats funny sh!t.

  • onehitwonder

    Glad Pena won, Glad Tim Gorman is off (how can tim “not know who Tate is”, even BobGyro knows Tate) hell of a comment for a coach that picked you for her team. I was going Rhonda’s team, but switch to Tate’s team more mature. yes i know we can all sleep easier now.

  • BobLemons

    I’ve often been against the Ronda Rousey hating but man she did herself no favours there. Getting upset because a winner and her coach celebrate the victory? That’s some ridiculous s**t right there.

  • TKDGuy

    I pretty much agree with everything posted before me – RR is coming off like a spoiled brat, over emotional to the point of being unstable. I think all the press and attention has gone to her head. She’s coming off as unintelligent, to say the lease, especially compared to Tate who is actually fairly articulate.

    One additional thing about Baszler, the article says, “Pena came out aggressive, but Baszler drew on her wrestling ability to control most of the opening round…”

    I didn’t think Baszler’s wrestling very good at all. She got Pena to the ground, but then did NOTHING, just laid there.

    I love it when the underdog wins, especially against an egotistical favorite.

  • Tomatocan

    I found it pretty odd that Shayna was so confident going into the fight and I noticed she had a 15-8 record. If she was fighting before everyone else, there couldn’t have been as good of competition…and she still lost a third of her fights.

  • IdiocracyIsComing

    So funny, this season reminds me of Ortiz vs Shamrock. I HATED TITO, before he coached and showed how truly dedicated he was to helping and had a good heart. While Shamrock showed the world he was just a d-bag and was only on the show to try and self-promote. Rhonda has done herself no favors, and was justified by worrying about her image. I’m sure she watched the film and realized how immature and bratty she is. I lost alot of respect for Rhonda. Became a Tate fan. Hope she has improved her ground game and can defend an arm bar!

  • IdiocracyIsComing

    Shayna, FYI. Everyone one on the show “deserves” to be in the ring. The producers brought people who can fight, and deserve a shot. NEVER underestimate your opponent. Im sorry the Female MMA train passed you by. You layed the ground work and have made a name. You should be proud, but I think your time is done. Your conditioning lost that fight for you. You were gased, by the end of the first round. Youth prevailed. Your mouth made me want to see you get SMACKED and you did… Trash-talking-hater, yes I am.

  • punha

    Lol man I love it !!!!! Keep going!!!!! I know you’ve commented about her like 300 times…but its all good she’s a bitch!!!!