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The Ultimate Fighter 18 Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate Coaches’ Challenge Video

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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18 CoachesPrior to their Dec. 28 rematch, The Ultimate Fighter 18 coaches Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate go head-to-head in a rock wall climbing competition in the Team Rousey vs. Team Tate coaches’ challenge.

Courtesy of UFC.com

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  • thinking_man

    Why isn’t it part of the story that Ronda was in the middle of a 17# weight cut in a 24 hour period when she stomped Tate in this contest? I think the act of doing that to show her team that weight cutting is a mental exercise (listen up Cyborg) not a physical one is rather remarkable. I think whipping Tate in the middle of such a draining extreme cut is icing on the cake.

    • jake snod

      yea and shooting a finger on national TV is nice viewing and permitted. Rousey is all gutter.

      • thinking_man

        Rousey is “all gutter” and “pure hillbilly trash” is the message board equivalent of giving the bird I would say. I guess you could be a complete hypocrite and state she cannot be herself in the public eye with full accountability… but you can do it with no restraint under the veil of internet anonymity. She is a fierce competitor and feels no need to hide her feelings about Tate … and she is building a fight and a big payday like hundreds of smart fighters have done before her. You are just a clueless tool hater bud, face it.

        • jake snod

          Rousey acts trashy and vile every day just a classless low life unfit to be a champion. Hopefully Tate can end this slobs career.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree it was a good thing to show her team that it can be done. BUT screaming obscenities and giving the finger to your opponent is some childish Diaz-esque behavior and is by no means excused because she was in the middle of a self imposed weight cut.

  • jake snod

    shooting the finger is classy and shows how well bred Rhonda is. Just the way a champion should be perceived and act as a role model for all the little girls watching the show. Disgusting as Rousey is pure hillbilly trash.

  • jake snod

    A Champion should act like a champion not shoot fingers on TV and curse and be filled with malice and hatred that spews ignorance and anger. A Champion has to be above gutter tactics and low life slum gutter tendencies.

  • tk

    Can’t stand Rhonda. Hope Meisha KO’s her childish @55!

  • Mark McDowall

    I think the freeze frame above sums up what Rousey is all about. It may not be Tate, but when she does finally loose it will be amazing to see Rousey flip out on national TV.

    • jake snod

      good comment as Rousey is not worthy of being a champion.

      • Mark McDowall

        Skill wise she is worth of being a champion…but in all other aspects I agree with you!

  • jake snod

    A Champion is supposed to be looked upon an achiever of accomplishments and a role model for the young kids aspiring to be champions themselves someday. Rhonda is one of the worst examples of a champion since Mike Tyson. Rousey is hurting the great UFC’s image nationally.

  • Shartnado

    I would love to see Ronda ruin her own career with this crap. She belongs in a trailer park .

  • jake snod

    Never saw Chris Cyborg shooting fingers or swearing or being disrespectful. Time for a new champ with class.

    • Destintidefan

      Yeah steroids are a much better example. Now that’s class

  • jake snod

    Little kids watching Rhonda swearing and flipping birds are watching and wondering is this how a champion acts?

    • candelario

      very vulgar … she thinks it’s cool or she thinks it makes her look tough… it just makes her look trashy

  • jake snod

    Shouldn’t Dana step up and tell Rousey to knock it off and act like a champion and not act like some two bit tramp and gutter snake?

  • Papi

    I was big Rousey fan. Never again. After watching this season’s TUF I am completely disgusted with the white trailer/gutter trash Ronda has revealed herself to be. The UFC did a good job of creating a false image. Champion or no I never want my daughter to witness this type of skank behavior. Miesha Tate may never beat her in the ring but she has crushed her in femininty and class and the real type of young woman I would prefer my daughter to witness. I am a Meisha fan forever now. Ronda is a complete loser. Belt or no belt. Disgusting!

  • Destintidefan1

    You guys are a bunch of idiots, you are watching women fighters and complaining about them not being polite and proper. Ronda is awesome and a fierce competitor, which is the point in fighting. If you are looking to see women be proper try watching a tea party and see how interesting that is.