The Ultimate Fighter 18 Filming with Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate is Going “Bad” Says Dana White

June 14, 2013

Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey - StrikeforceThe Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate filming is going “bad,” according to UFC president Dana White.

“It’s going exactly the way you’d expect it to be going, bad,” said White on Thursday following the UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson media day in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was originally supposed to coach opposite Cat Zingano, but a knee injury forced Zingano off the show and out of the title fight planned at the conclusion of the season.

Rousey’s longtime rival Miesha Tate replaced Zingano as coach.

Rousey defeated Tate on March 3, 2012, by armbar to win the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title. Tate and Zingano fought at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale on April 13 to decide who would get to coach against Rousey on The Ultimate Fighter and earn a title shot.  Zingano defeated Tate by technical knockout in the third round.

“Miesha and Ronda hate each other,” said White. “It’s like literally crazy drama every day.”

White characterized the upcoming season of the reality show to its third season, which featured archenemies Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock as opposing coaches.

“It’s Ken and Tito type stuff,” he said.

White was unsure if the coaching drama will lead to increased ratings when the show airs in the fall.

“I don’t even know if some of that stuff will make TV. It’s bad.  Those two do not like each other and their camps do not like each other.  And it is pure (expletive) mayhem every day.”

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  1. MEH

  2. Dana White secretly injured Cat Zingano, he wanted this so badly.

    • I’ve been saying that she wasn’t actually injured from the beginning. Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey was the only way that this season was going to get decent ratings. Not like anyone will be able to watch it since it is on Fox Sports 1, which I don’t know anyone who has.

      • you can watch it on the internet man. no worries

      • Fox sports 1 is actually going to take the SPEED channel place in august 2013.

    • Great point as Cat was boring. Big Nose is hated everywhere and fans want to see Big Nose tate destroyed again.

  3. Dana really trying to hype this b.s…but I don’t think anyone cares.

    • Agreed…this will be the most heavily advertised season of TUF with the lowest veiwership…

  4. I have a feeling this will start off as one of the highest rated seasons of TUF, but will end as one of the lowest. It’s going to become more about Rousey and Tate than the fighters…and in those terms…who gives an F…

    • Big Nose Tate is a hard sell. Like a Rosie ODonnell sell hard to take hard to look at. Big Nose tate turns people off.

      • I dont think it has alot to do with Tate. I think the whole guys and girls in the same house, plus the fact that everything to do with Rousey is so overly advertised and rammed down our throats that people really don’t care about it.

        Jones/Sonnen revitalized TUF and make it exciting again. This season is turning it in to a reality show more about the coaches drama as opposed to the fighters…

  5. women they are more competitive than men. they so hate to be wrong / lose that it gets to the very core of there soul and is uncontrollable rage. women are crazy CRAZY ! this going to be good. Miesha what you doing this weekend ? I love you girl. #1 Fan.

  6. Miesha you are so freaking beautiful. I love you.

    • kidding right? Big Nose tate is ugly as hell and a mess. Face for radio only.

      • agree…and ronda not much better

        • Rhonda will be 200lbs after dropping a few kids and a fat mess and still have that quarter size mole under her eye.

  7. Don’t care, won’t watch.

  8. F*** WMMA
    Keep the women as RingGirls!!!!
    I don’t like women refs as well

  9. This season has girls and dudes living together in the house, no? I imagine that would cause far more drama than Rousey and Tate could cook up. Every season has a couple guys that hate each other and get (or nearly get) into a fight in the house. Imagine if a guy and a girl hate each other? All kinds of opportunity for Jerry Springer-esque fun.

    • there is going to a lot of sex this season. for sure

      • its going to be ugly chicks this isn’t the real world fool

      • But who could get drunk enough to sleep with Big Nose Tate?

  10. Another reality show with a cat fight. TUF hits an all time low. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I don’t watch it for the house drama. I skip to the fights.

  11. Big Nose Tate is a mess. Mrs Brian Tate hopefully isn’t on the show. Dana is just boosting ratings for the mismatch and destruction of Big Nose Again. It’s a rating game. selling Big Nose is hard.

  12. I hope he lets them bang bro

  13. Naked pillow fight between those 2 would be cool.

  14. Big Nose Tate could be a ring girl for a tractor pull or a rodeo maybe. Circus clown for Big Nose Tate. No make up needed just color that honker red.

    • She’s still too good for you, bruh.

      • I could use that Big Nose of Tate’s as a yard sweeper

        • I doubt she’d let you touch her 🙂 Most women probably would.

  15. Woman belong in the kitchen and in the bedroom period.

    • The bedroom, where you lay awake every night wondering why you don’t get laid.

  16. Big screen TV needed to fit Tate’s Nose in.

  17. Come on Dana give us more of the training of an ultimate fighter than BS sob stories and bitchieness that takes away form the true art form of martial arts.. Last season was great.. I want to see people train hard and throw up