The Ultimate Fighter 18 Episode 7 Notes: Dana White Does Damage Control

October 16, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18 CoachesUFC president Dana White had to step in to prevent the animosity between Team Rousey and Team Tate’s coaching staffs from escalating out of control in the seventh episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18.

Dana White Plays Peacemaker

The bitter rivalry between UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and former Strikeforce titleholder Miesha Tate has been a major focus on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. The rivalry isn’t isolated to the two athletes. Their coaching staffs can’t stand each other either.

During previous episodes, Team Rousey striking coach Edmond Tarverdyan has been in verbal altercations with Tate’s boyfriend and jiu-jitsu coach Bryan Caraway and guest coach and former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman.

Tarverdyan and his unibrow has been a target of Team Tate. Team Tate placed a Dracula figurine in Team Rousey’s locker room with a coupon for a local hair waxing salon. Coach Rousey opted to not show Tarverdyan because she promised UFC president Dana White following the altercation with Hallman that there wouldn’t be another incident.

Team Tate continued to antagonize Team Rousey by placing photos of a female movie character with a unibrow all over the UFC gym with “Edmond Rousey” written across the bottom.

“Last night there was a movie playing and there was a character in it that’s like the perfect cross between Ronda and Edmond,” said Coach Tate. “It’s got the buns on the side of the head like she does and it has the unibrow like he does.”

White attempted to remove the photos before Team Rousey arrived to prevent another clash between the coaching staffs.

“I caught wind that Team Tate was putting these pictures up all over the gym and I came down here to get rid of this (expletive) so another war doesn’t erupt down here,” said the UFC president.

“Those two are going to fight at the end of the season. They’ll have plenty of time to talk smack, hang pictures and do whatever they want. I want them focused on – we’ve got some talented people here. We’ve had some great fights already and I want to make sure these kids get every opportunity to win. They’re trying to pick another fight and then blame it on Ronda’s team,” added White.

White efforts to remove the photos failed when he didn’t check the sauna. Team Rousey’s Anthony Gutierrez found the photo and showed it to Tarverdyan.

“Edmond’s been very disrespected, but we gave our word that we wouldn’t let it escalate any more but the other team didn’t do that,” said Coach Rousey. “We gave our word and when we give our word it means something.”

The Fight: Michael Wooten vs. Josh Hill

Hill is an accomplished wrestler who takes his opponents down and controls them. Wooten has trained in traditional jiu-jitsu since a child, but prefers to keep fights standing.

Hill quickly closed the distance in the opening round and slammed Wooten to the canvas. He mounted Wooten and then took his back. Hill worked for a rear naked choke, but Wooten defended the submission attempt. Hill worked his way back to his feet, but the round clearly went to Hill.

Wooten landed a knee in the opening seconds of the second round and secured a takedown. Hill scrambled back to his feet and applied a guillotine choke and pulled guard to tighten it down. Wooten escaped and delivered elbows and punches. Hill gained top position in the final minute of the frame, but Wooten had done enough to force a “sudden victory” round.

Wooten shook off Hill’s takedown attempts in the final frame and the two battled for position inside the clinch. They separated and Hill missed with a spinning back fist. Wooten changed levels and secured a takedown. From there, Wooten delivered shots to the body and head of Hill for the remainder of the round.

The judges scored the round 10-9 for Wooten, giving him the unanimous decision win.

“I’ve never lost a fight in my life. It’s new to me. It’s tough,” said Hill in defeat. “It sucks and I’ll be back.”

Rousey Shuns Tate Again

Following the fight, Rousey again flipped Tate off when Tate attempted to congratulate them on the victory.

“Every single day that they try to smile in my face and shake my hand and insult me behind my back it just shows me the kind of people that they really are,” said Coach Rousey. “Miesha might be a good athlete, but she’s a terrible person and she surrounds herself with like people. It’s team fake-nice vs. team real me. I’d rather be real.”

Fight Announcements

With the technical knockout win, Team Rousey regained matchmaking control and reserved the right to pick the final preliminary match-ups. With only two male and female fighters left to compete, the match-ups were obvious. Peggy Morgan will take on Team Tate’s Sarah Moras, while Cody Bollinger and Team Rousey’s Anthony Gutierrez will face off.

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  • wow

    First off I have to say I have nothing against Dana White..I think he’s a great promoter despite a few weird comments here and there…that being said I have never seen him try to protect someone more than Ronda. Pranks have always been a staple on the Ultimate Fighter and Dana has never bad a problem or even said a word about it. He is REALLY trying to protect Ronda from looking more idiotic than she already has. Example: Did she really said making fun of unibrows is RACIST?

    • Ultimo

      Dana protects her because he’s riding her

      • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

        Pretty sure Rousey and Edmond ‘train’ together…

    • Guest

      I’ll admit I haven’t seen much of this season of TUF. Since I can only assume that the info in this article is accurate, I do have to agree w/ @c41db08b816e1662e756ce1dcea7e5c0:disqus. To me, Team Tate’s antics were more antagonistic than lighthearted. The exchange between Rampage and Forrest (the net/super soaker) comes to mind when I think of what constitutes a legitimate “prank.”

      As far as Dana goes, I think he was more focused on preserving the rematch and avoiding any bad publicity that would likely arise if things escalated. Personally, I think this incident is an example of things going to far. Plus, I can only assume that this feud has been a distraction for the fighters (especially those that haven’t fought yet).

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      Dana knows if he lets it go too far that Rousey will come off even worse than she already is and will probably do something that would warrant kicking her off the show. And he doesn’t want that…….

    • Mark McDowall

      Problem is Rousey is like alot of athletes…great at what ever sport they are in but they need a pack of handlers around them at all times doing constant damage control to prevent them from doing anything too stupid.

      Look at Bones…before he got roped in he was saying dumb stuff left and right and was crashing bentleys and hanging out with other chicks while his pregnant girlfriend sat at home. Now he seems to have removed his head from his backside and is ok.

      Ronda has really hurt her image being on this show and Dana realized it the moment she opened her mouth. She is a spoiled daddys girl…and so far daddy Dana has given her everything she wants…

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        I agree. Ronda desperately needs to lose a fight and get humbled up a little. How she handles a loss will be the true test of her character.

  • robc

    I may be off base but I don’t think Dana is protecting Rhonda as much as he is trying to keep women fighters’ images as professional as possible. It’s one thing to see guys almost get in a brawl on TUF (Chris Leben anyone?) but to have the female coaches get close to throwing down with their coaching team inciting and supporting would work against what the UFC is trying to do with women fighters in general. There is enough potential backlash having women beat each other up on tv to begin with without having them act like idiots. With that said, Rhonda really needs to grow up. She has to be by far the most immature coach they have ever had on the Ultimate Fighter with the exception maybe being Ken Shamrock. The fact that they have to bleep half of her interview comments due to her swearing really emphasizes her lack of class. I’m trying to remember any of the male coaches openly swearing for any reason and I can’t. The first set of women coaches and she comes off as cheap trash. Not a great first impression. Tate on the other hand seems to be a much more laid being, easy going individual who seems frankly puzzled at Rhonda’s attitude. I expect Rhonda will win again but it’s depressing that her combat skills are in inverse proportion to her professionalism (as in lack of) outside of the ring.

    • Mark McDowall

      Rob I agree with you. Seeing women almost coming to blows while being egged on by their fellow coaches isn’t a good look for the UFC…but it is the ultimate FIGHTING championship…thats what they do.

      And her swearing is pretty bad…I swear ALOT…and its a terrible habit…bu Ronda puts even the drunkest of sailors to shame…and it is exactly what you said…a lack of class and IMO a lack of intelligence.

  • Maddawgmar

    I can see that point Dana makes saying, “they are trying to pick another fight, and blame it on Rousey’s team.” All season long I have noticed the Tate’s team has been antagonizing Rousey and her team in little subtle ways. That being said, I think Rousey goes over the top too easily. I think both these teams need to ease up and focus on the fights.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      Rousey can dish it out, but she can’t take it. She continually talks sh*t about Tate, but then whines about it when they give it back to her. The fact that her coaches get so worked up so easily over the smallest things makes them laughable.

      • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

        Oh yeah, Tate’s team is doing ‘subtle’ things, like smiling and saying “Good fight”, and Rousey’s team merely responds with middle fingers and F*** you, as if they are Stone Cold Steve Austin reincarnate.

        Any one who has brothers knows, that if someone is that easy to rile up, you are almost obliged to do it.

        • bajafox

          Comes with the territory… Its laughable how easy she is to tick off

  • mjw2e

    You need to stop using copy/paste in your articles. Do better.

    “giving him the unanimous decision win.”

    “With the technical knockout win”

  • MMA

    “I can’t stand when somebody comes in here and they’re one dimensional” LOL. No Dana you can’t stand wrestlers, you have no problem with one dimensional strikers….

    • Maddawgmar

      Seriously, GSP. Lol

      • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

        Dana’s dream fighter is Chuck Liddell, not Tito Ortiz. Sprawl and brawl, not lay and pray.

        • Maddawgmar

          Dana has said time and again that his favorite fighter is Matt Hughes. And Tito wasn’t a lay and pray, he was ground and pound, huge difference. GSP is lay and pray. But at least GSP has some stand up, he just doesn’t want a Ben Askren type.

  • bajafox

    I can’t imagine what the NFL would do to an NFL coach if he gave the other coach the finger instead of shaking his hand.

    The level of unprofessional-ism that Rousey shows is humiliating. Every week I’m reminded why she said she wouldn’t do the show again, not even for $10M. It’s not worth the reputation she’s destroying on a weekly basis.

  • Mark Craig

    “With the technical knockout win, Team Rousey regained matchmaking control and reserved the right to pick the final preliminary match-ups.” Erm, it wasnt a technical knockout win… it was a unanimous decision after going to the extension round….

  • knockout67

    its so obvious how dana is trying to protect rousey ..she is an absolute trash social graces…she comes off looking ignorant and very trashy..

    • Dale Coonfield

      I really liked Rousey before TUF, that has changed since her first little tizzy. She says she is being “real” I would say her “real” comes off as bitch and sore loser. The whole Diaz flip off thing goes to show how ignorant she is. Do you see head coaches flipping each other off in the NFL or College ball? How about other pro sports? How about duing the Olympics? Ms Rousey needs to learn how to act in public. I hope Tate smashes her, maybe break her arm or even snap a bone with a heal hook.

  • Sonny

    Rousey and her coaches are all spoilt little brats.. im pretty sure meishas boyfriend would knock him the hell out. I dont understand whats up with all the hatred on team rousey and RR telling MT to F**K off and not shaking her hand after a fight.. i bet her next fight she gets boo’d.. im all for Meisha.. i hope she kicks RRs butt.. i cant stand that bully..