The UFC is Headed to Mexico… As Soon As Cain Velasquez is Ready

January 28, 2014
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Cain Velasquez UFC 155 backstage passThe Ultimate Fighting Championship is headed to Mexico.

The only question is: when?

The answer is simple: as soon as UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is ready.

Following Velasquez’s most recent victory, over Junior dos Santos at UFC 166 in October, it appeared that the UFC was on course for the champ to next defend his belt this spring in Mexico.

That, however, was before Velasquez realized he had a shoulder injury that needed surgery accompanied by several months of rehabilitation.

Velasquez had successful shoulder surgery in December, but UFC president Dana White confirmed on Monday in a media luncheon with that Velasquez isn’t expected to be able to even begin training again until at least April, the month that had been the original target for Velasquez vs. Werdum.

With Velasquez sidelined, Fabricio Werdum, the No. 1 heavyweight contender, will instead face Travis Browne at UFC on Fox 11 in April in what will likely be the night’s headlining bout. That bout will be in Florida, not Mexico.

White and the other UFC brass are reserving Mexico for Velasquez.

“Won’t go (to Mexico) without him. As soon as he’s ready, we’ll do it. We’re ready as soon as he’s ready,” said White.

“We can go to Ireland without Conor McGregor, but going into Mexico without Cain would be silly.”

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Velasquez, Werdum, Perez, Trevino, Gastelum, possibly Campuzano …
    if only they’ll add the SW division before the event and sign WSOF champ Jessica Aguilar they would have a great star for the show.

    • Jeff Andrews jr

      and bring Nick Diaz out of Retirement and have Nate fight on the same card OR have Melendez fight for the LW title against Pettis as Pettis is said to be returning around the same time.

  • Zemo Carpathian

    I would love to see Cain stay in his beloved Mexico.

    • william pucci

      Stupid comment.He’s born in the US and proud of his Mexican heritage. His father did all he could and worked as hard and he could to give his family a new life in the United States. Cain works as hard as any fighter in MMA. He is a fighter that children could use as a role model.

      • Zemo Carpathian

        I saw a short documentary on Cain that showed his parents having been in the US for over 35 years and still do not speak English. Cain is on an advertisement, I believe for Verizon, and its calls him a patriot while it shows him using a mouthpiece with the colours of Mexico. And lastly, while he has a huge tattoo that says “Brown Pride”, he married a non-Hispanic. He went to an American college, not a Mexican college, on an athletic scholarship.. So how does he show his appreciation to the US, he comes out to the ring with a Mexican flag. I saw F him big time for being a racist and a hypocrite.

        • OhhAngel

          Appreciation for the US? Racist and hypocrite? Zemo, one can look at your comment history and see you’re clearly human poverty. A pungent repulsion. Whatever makes up feel better though.

        • Jeff Andrews jr

          In what way is Cain a racist??? Please explain??? And to your other comments Cain shows his appreciation and patriotism to the US through his charitable work and his MMA coaching and teaching to youths and young fighters… He also does this by paying his TAXES!!! You discredit and disparage a fellow American who is setting a positive example by contributing to the growth and advancement of young Americans and foreigners who look to America for a better life. Foreigners who can relate to Cain see what he has accomplished in the US and they grasp and comprehend that with hard work and dedication they too can succeed in America. So when emigrating rather than coasting off of the gov’t they work towards their goals with the same vigor that was imbued into them b/c of the examples set by Cain. So you see if you were to look at Cain through constructive rather than destructive eyes you would see that there is a PLETHORA of intangible positives that Cain brings and/or gives to America by him embracing his heritage.

        • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

          he aprecciates both countries in different ways, with a flag or paying taxes and living in USA, he never had bad words for USA or any other country …

          also Cain’s a sport champion so everybody are so pissed when he act like a mexican, but if Cain was a drug pusher sure they would call him a mexican.

  • El Tigre

    Born in the US, raised in the US, went through the US school systems, trains in the US, lives in the US. I think Cain is an awesome fighter and he’s obviously proud of his families Mexican heritage, but c’mon, the dudes American.


    Yea racist hypocrite guys…can’t stand them …what a dumbass this guy is….notice nobody likes ur stupid comment..get over it buddy with the racist card ..its old apparently you like the guy enough to watch hid documentary and know his wives heritage background if you don’t like him don’t watch him and his hot ass non Hispanic wife pal

  • Chico

    Don’t go to Mexico Cain! It’s a ploy to have you and your parents deported!