The UFC Has Closed the Door on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

February 6, 2013
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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

The UFC has closed the door on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Prior to his last fight in the Octagon at UFC on FOX 6 against Glover Teixeira, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said he was leaving the UFC. UFC president Dana White said the organization has closed the door on its relationship with Jackson.

“The reality is, Rampage wasn’t very nice on his way out. He’s lost three fights in a row, which is no different than any other guy that loses three, four, or five in a row.  The real situation here is, Rampage doesn’t want to be in business with us anymore,” said White recently.

It turns out, the UFC doesn’t want to be in business with Jackson either.

“To be honest with you, I think Rampage said it best himself.  This is a quote from Rampage, ‘I don’t think I can compete with the best in the world anymore.  I don’t think I’m at that level anymore.  I’ll just go out and put on some entertaining fights that people want to watch,’” said White

The UFC president said he has no ill-will toward Jackson and wishes him luck in whatever he decides to do in the future, but did take offense to some things Jackson said about the organization.

“Rampage is going out and saying stupid stuff like lies about our pay-per-views.  Any fighter that has a pay-per-view deal has audit rights,” said White.  “If you really thought you were ripped off on your pay-per-view, wouldn’t you be lawyering up right now and coming in with your audit team to check the books?  Yeah, you would,” said White.

“Not only do we pay guys what they were supposed to get paid, we pay them more money than they were supposed to be paid. So everything the guy says is complete (expletive).”

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  • Captain Obvious

    This is old news

    • JimmyPettishardo

      old news in a sense that we knew Page was on his way out.

      old news also in a sense that Dana has no class. He is again acting like a pure uneducated classless redneck dissing one of his former champs.

  • Sucks to see Rampage go but he’s had his time. He’s put in the work. I’d rather see him go pro boxing then to Bellator though. If he’s done with UFC then he should just stay away from MMA and move onto something else not another MMA promotion IMO.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      He got bills to pay CombatScienceMMA nerd.

      • Very true. I only meant fan wise I would rather see him make money in another sport. Pride and UFC is where this put his time in against all the top fighters in the world. His is so far ahead of guys in Bellator. Big fan of Bellator too. Lots of talent there. But Rampage is so seasoned. Best to him either way.

  • dan

    He needs to retire. His knees are on par with Shogun where he cant train properly anymore. Theres longer any head movement or footwork. And yes, Shogun should retire too. A healthy Shogun wouldve crushed Vera

  • Cereal Killer

    I’m sorry, but I won’t miss him for one second! Everything that people said he was in Pride, did not transition to the UFC. He KO’ed Wandy and Chuck, both well past their prime. That’s It!!! The monster named Rampage never knocked out another fighter. In fact, all the rest of his wins came from decisions. Makes me wonder if he was just another Pride juicer?

    • Sir_Roy

      Iceman wasn’t passed his prime till Page knocked him out of it.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Umm… I’m pretty sure he came in, won the title, defended it against one of the best ever in Dan Henderson and stayed a constant contender until just recently. While I agree he is completely done, the rest of your comment has no basis in fact.

      • dan

        IMHO, Page/Hendo is one of the most underrated fights out there. It was a back n forth fight that was fought everywhere

        • JimmyPettishardo

          yeah…back and forth battle between a dude too small to complete at 205 and a dude that was the UFC champ but not the #1 LHW in the world. yeah…

          TUF noobs overrate Hendo.

    • the truth

      your fukin retarded he came right in the ufc with 2 ko’s ya fucktard ya this is 2 years late but its better than being so fuking stupid u cant google a guys record.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Now we don’t have to listen to him whining about how bad he’s got it anymore. And, nobody will even notice when he’s gone…….

    • JimmyPettishardo

      oh man…seriously…they should have a mandatory weight class move up for dominant champs.

      Anderson Silva should be fighting dudes and 205 and Jon Jones at HW.

      I’ll bet you Anderson can’t dance around dudes at 205 like how he does at his current weight class. Jones the same. He won’t be able to out muscle his competition like how he does now.

      • kidfury2035

        Hey dummy… You can make anyone move up in weight… Also.. where have u been these past few years, have you not seen Anderson beat 205’ers

        • kidfury2025


  • Tomk88

    Hendo is overrated?!? Dude get your head out of your ass****…. Henderson has beaten some of the greatest fighters in the world…..truth! Let Page retire, he is doing a well enough job tarnishing hus own legacy. You cant deny that he has fought amazing competitors.

  • lowlb

    I remember Rampage would get knocked out in the Pride days. He is not like us who write posts on the internet. He would either get knocked out or he would do the knocking out. He was a big part of building this sport. The UFC actually owes Rampage a great deal. He does personal stuff I don’t like but the guy showed up and fought!
    Now, the guy fights the best in the world -Jones, Machida, Glover T, and doesn’t get knocked out. The guy is a great fighter! He loses but the best can’t knock him out. Rampage deserves more respect for building mma and the ufc.

    • dathump

      I agree, it was no secret rampage Didn’t have the same desire or drive fighting for North American fans, I really think if more fans focused on the fight and less on bashing and disrespecting the fighter after a loss we would see fighters going in the the octogon and fighting to win and putting on a good show, instead of fighting not to loose. fans need to take lessons from old pride fans and applaud fighters win or loose as long as they fight a good fight.

  • Yusuf

    Please, enough with the silly comments. Rampage Jackson is one of the greatest MMA fighters in this young sport. Any real criticism of him as a fighter should be directed towards the sport itself – which simply is not kind to older fighters (with rare exceptions like randy couture, anderson silva, etc.). As a person, he probably is no worse than most of these fighters (what do you expect from a person who fights for a living while the rest of us earn our wages in more human settings)? When Rampage won the light heavy-weight championship – he was the best in the world at that time. He remains one of the best ever in his weight division, and one of the most popular ever regardless of weight division. He unified the UFC and Pride titles – and so he has a place in history (most fighters cannot say that). He is one of the most exciting fighters to ever step into the octagon. But physically, he is past his prime (when you need TRT, it really is time to hang it up) physically, and he was out of mentally as well. MMA at the highest levels is something that one has to be on their A-game not only physically…but also mentally. While there are exceptions like Anderson Silva and GSP…you will not find most other MMA fighters aging any more gracefully than Rampage Jackson. If they survive a bit longer, it is probably only on account of having a better mental state of mind as compared to Jackson. He however was one of the absolute toughest fighters in the history of this young sport. He may have been a very different fighter if he had started out in the UFC (like jon jones) as compared to Pride – where he was overseas, in a different culture (when that wasn’t as concerned about wins and losses as is the case in the ufc), at at time when the sport was more about striking, at a time where the sport was less evolved, where there was hardly any regulation of peds, etc. What Rampage will most be remember for however is his personality. Most fighters don’t have much of one to be honest. Still, everyone loses. Ali, Tyson, Pacquiao, Gracie, GSP, Silva, Fedor, etc. My advice is not to take any of these guys as heroes or role-models. As long as you don’t do that, neither will you raise these fighters to a high pedestal, nor will you go overboard in your criticisms of them.

  • RAMpage

    I guess it’s too much for some people to put ‘Ram’ in front of ‘page’, lol.

  • logic

    Dan Henderson is on the Mt. Rushmore of MMA. Anyone believes otherwise needs to cover the last 13 yrs. of MMA. Rampage put on a great show. He has given up mentally by complaining about wrestlers. He is right lay n pray is bad for mma but its part of it. He does not want to work for it anymore. He still has a couple of fights left. He has good boxing, chin, and great experience

  • biggieb

    For those of you who don’t know, rampage caught chuck when chuck was in his prime, stupid Dana came to pride with his golden boy n rampage beat him all over the pride ring till the ref graciously stopped it Google it u boobs, n brine saying hendo is overrated, yea but randys a legend ? Ranndy has a chale sonnen type of record