The UFC Doesn’t Have to Sign Gina Carano, She’s Already Under Contract

March 8, 2014
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GinaCaranoSF0409_7478-460x270When UFC commentator Joe Rogan appeared on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show recently and said there’d be a “huge announcement” about women’s MMA and possibly Ronda Rousey’s next opponent, it started a firestorm of speculation.

Rumors quickly swirled, and predictions were made. The one that caught the most traction was that former Elite XC women’s featherweight champion Gina Carano was going to sign with the UFC and face Rousey.

It turns out, the UFC doesn’t have to sign Carano because she still has four fights left on her Strikeforce contract.

“Gina is under contract,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC Fight Night 37 post-fight press conference on London on Saturday. “She’s got four fights left on her Strikeforce contract.”

Carano walked away from fighting for a more lucrative career in Hollywood after losing to Cris Cyborg in 2009. In March 2011, UFC’s parent company Zuffa LLC purchased Strikeforce. The doors were closed on the promotion in January 2013.

White recently said that the UFC would be open to Carano fighting if she wanted to return, but admitted on Saturday that he’s never spoken to the former face of women’s MMA about such a return.

“Never once have I talked to Gina Carano. I don’t really know her that well. I met her at a fight one time. She’s sweet. She’s beautiful. I like her. That’s it,” said White. “Never once did I say Gina was coming back. That’s some rumor that got started.”

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  • Manuel Lopez

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her return. She is talented and very popular. But today’s women fighters are even more well rounded than 4 yrs ago.

    • HooahJuice

      I just want to see those two rolling around all sexy ad stuff

      • TRT-Rex

        Omg. You perv. Jk. I don’t think Carano is ready. If she come back have her fight Cat first. They both need warm up fights

        • HooahJuice

          I agree. Carano is a decent fighter and she cannot handle her…..handle Ilike the sound of that

  • Jason

    Carano hasn’t fought in almost 5 years? She could barely make 145 lbs even back then? I have no idea how this rumor even got traction. Unless the UFC was just looking for a quick pay and give a Ronda an easy fight. Oh wait…

  • drkdisciple

    She hard a hard time making 145 when she was training how could she make 135 to fight Ronda? If the UFC gives her a title and skips Cyborg it would be a farce!

    • Oscar Sanchez

      because she doesn’t train like she did now she’s an actress so she has to keep up with the other girls and be skinnier even tho she looked huge in ff movie but she was next to skin and bones tho lol

  • Joe Dog

    Elvis Presley lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Joe Dog

      He talks to Joe Rogan, daily.

  • revo74

    Fake Carano? Cyborg was the only “fake” person in that fight. She was JUICED out of her mind! Carano fought a man that night as far as I am concerned.

  • revo74

    You’re crazy! Cyborg was JUICED up big time for that fight (and many others) Carano fought a man that night. It’s true that Carano doesn’t have much of a ground game, but standing up she can take anyone. Unless they are on JUICE of course.

    • GeorgeBlackmore

      Then let her fight Holly Holms for her comeback fight? Why wouldn’t that happen? Because Carano is a big fat chortling chicken with ZERO reach, Holms on the other hand can deliver everything Carano thought she had 6 years ago, and knock big chunks of fat off of her in the process. Carano is an NFL fullback, and only an average fighter, the girls today are much better.. Give her to Holms.

  • TRT-rex

    I don’t understand why people write the same post over and over almost word for word? Everyone wrote the same thing about Carano’s frame and cyborg juicing. Your all a bunch of robots that can’t figure out something new to say!

  • Drock420

    Horace was a joke anyway sitting in his moms basement on his moms laptop bashing fighters on mma sites, while yelling at his mom to bring him more nachos. Horace is a waste of a life anyways.

    • Oscar Sanchez

      hot pockets!!!! maaaa maaaa lol

    • GeorgeBlackmore

      You got something against bashing those who deserve it, pot smoker?

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    No thanks Uncle Dana, I’m not interested in seeing one overrated fighter fight another overrated fighter…if this rumor where to be true that is.

  • GeorgeBlackmore

    Carano needs to crawl back under the couch cushions, nobody missed her after disappearing for all of those years.. She’s spent her money, and nobody says, “may I have your autograph,” anymore.. So, after getting in at the right time in the beginning and achieving a bit of notoriety, she turns her back on the women at a critically important time in MMA development of women… Nah, no thanks she’s a front runner, and sports already has too many of those, get lost Gina!