The UFC 133 Trash Talk Continues: Rashad Evans, “I’m Not Ryan Bader!”

August 3, 2011
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When you have two fighters with the gift for gab that Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz have squaring off in the Octagon, you’ve got to expect that, regardless of any respect the two may have, there’s gonna be some words flying before the fists start.

In a recent interview, Evans and Ortiz started that war of words, heating things up as their Aug. 6 main event bout at UFC 133 in Philadelphia grows near. The UFC is turning the heat up another notch, with another viral video of the two verbally throwing down as Saturday’s fight grows near.

  • bajafox

    Tito took this fight on a few weeks notice, he has nothing to lose. Rashad hasn’t fought in over a year and you can ask Rampage and a few others if “ring rust” is real or not.

    Rashad said it himself, that when Tito was on top of him the last fight he was much stronger than he anticipated, now Tito is healthy, that should only make him more dangerous than the first meeting.

  • Unador

    didn’t work that way though. Tito is and always will be a coward.
    And Rashad knew it. He pulled Tito’s yellow color to the fore at the end of the first round with a flurry of blows. And Tito knew at that moment he was going to lose.
    Being healthy only made the loss for Tito worse. He’s better off with excuses and has none for this fight.
    short notice is no excuse, this guy just came off of a training camp so he wasn’t sitting on the couch when he got the call.

    Can you hear that noise?? the sound of air rushing through an orifice?
    that’s the sound of Tito SUCKING OUT LOUD!!