The Trilogy: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos Happening Next Following UFC 160 Victories

May 26, 2013
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Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez UFC 155The next UFC heavyweight title fight is set.

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez defended his title against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 160 on Saturday.  On the same card, former titleholder Junior dos Santos knocked out Mark Hunt in the co-main event to solidify a third fight with Velasquez.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement during the UFC 160 post-fight press conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas following the event.

“It’s a no-brainer.  If ever there was a trilogy, that’s it right there,” said White.

dos Santos and Velasquez first met in the first UFC fight ever televised on the Fox network on Nov. 12, 2011. dos Santos knocked out Velasquez just over a minute into the bout.

Velasquez avenged the loss in one-sided fashion and recaptured the title at UFC 155.

“If you look at the way both fights went.  Junior destroys him in the first fight.  Cain destroys him in the second fight.  I can’t wait to see the third fight,” said the UFC president.  “They both looked awesome tonight.  They’re the two best heavyweights in the world and that’s the fight.

“When you talk about a trilogy between two heavyweights, this is a trilogy.”

Velasquez welcomed the trilogy with dos Santos.

“That fight makes sense, so definitely,” said the champion. “I’m all up for that fight.”

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  • insane187288

    i will say Cain looked amazing. Hunt either was on an amazing game or Junior was off his. Mark Hunt gained a lot of respect cause he did an amazing job. i dont thing Jr looked as good as he could have. Trllogy will be a great build up i just hope both come in 100% and it should be a split decision with both in a bloody mess and a top three fight of all time.

    • Lucas Freire

      huh…Really? After all this hype around Hunt,you’re going to say Cigano was off his game? He did what everybody(including me) was kind of reluctant to believe that could happen,not only he defeated Hunt on his own game,he DOMINATED the whole match. And knocked out Hunt.

      • John Bunch

        Exactly! And staying on the feet for 90% of that fight…sticking and moving, minimizing the damage from Hunt’s striking. I kept waiting for Hunt to land that bomb that would end it, just because JDS chose to strike without fear…it never happened. He impressed the heck out of me…

      • barnettoo

        Wouldnt’ say dominated..but yeah he beat him every round.

        Hunt fought well. He actually had JDS hurt in the second round. Who else had JDS hurt like that?..other than cain.

        The KO was bound to happen by the way Hunt was pushing forward.

        I think people underestimate Hunt. He will not be a champ at the point, but he has enough skillsets to be a strong mid-tier HW guy.

        • John Bunch

          I thought Hunt did well also…with no excuses for injuries, he was right there most of the fight. Just couldn’t put the finishing touches on…due to JDS’ evasion skills.

    • Cptmats

      “i dont thing Jr looked as good as he could have. ”

      That was the best Junior has ever looked !

  • Timothy Malone

    Almost sad to see this fight happen because both are top guys but one of them will have a completely aimless career after they lose this trilogy (at least until the champion loses to someone else.) I don’t think there should be best of 5s.

    • John Bunch

      You know what…that’s right on the mark. It’s inevitable that they will rematch, but there are a couple of options to spread things out a bit. Like MMA said, Werdum seems like a good option, though he’s not high profile among casual fans, or even Big Country. Maybe Dana is thinking about some classic boxing trilogies of the past…but in this short a time span, it seems like it could do a lot to discourage casual fans…which are the focus of the UFC. The core is going no where…Plus, we could get JDS vs Overeem in the meantime, just to keep things rolling. And after Cain/JDS 3…Jones should be ready to move up and he could mix the equation up a bit. Crap…and the Cormier entrance, and even Josh…plenty of options to slow the inevitable down a bit.

      • Guest

        Crap…and the Cormier entrance, and even Josh…plenty of options to slow the inevitable down a bit.

        • barnettoo

          Yeah…why the trilogy now???

          Let Barnett fight Mir. Should he beat Mir, let him fight Cain. Let DC fight either JDS or Reem. Let Reem fight JDS or Cain.

          The trilogy which will eventually happen….doesn’t need to happen now.

  • tyrone

    Big country should get a shot at title 1st. Ufc protecting cain by giving him rematches, while big country been on a tear. Big country will ko cain, and dana knows it.

    • Big County wins by KO every time and has an underrated ground game. But this is the first time since being in the UFC that he even has 3 wins in a row. Soon to be 4 if he beats Miocic. But Nelson losses every big fight that counts. JDS, Mir, Werdrum were all his big fights he needed for a title shot. Are you cool with Nelson/Cormier for #1?

      • John Bunch

        Nelson/Cormier would be a classic! Talk about strength vs strength…the ground war could be epic if the idiots don’t boo too fast and “force” the ref to stand them up. And head over to the first Glover article…be interested to get your input on the fight…the guy is a class act!

      • encoro-encuero

        Oh yes. That fight is cool with me even for a main event.

        • I wouldn’t even know who to pick for that. Nelson has a great ground game, Cormier is an olympic wrestler, Nelson can take a shot and so can Cormier so far. I think it would really be about who comes in better shape.

          • barnettoo

            DC would kill Nelson.

            Nelson can’t beat anyone in the top 10. He lost to Mir and Werdum. I don’t think he can beat Barnett. What makes you think he can beat DC?

          • I’m not picking Roy as the winner, I think the fight would go to decision. And your right, Roy ko’s everyone but has lost all his big fights that he needed to win. But he has a chin and a good ground game so I do feel the fight would go to decision. I certainly don’t think DC would kill Nelson though. I see him getting a big fight next for #1 contender.

          • John Bunch

            Even late in their careers, fighters can still evolve and get better. Cormier is a perfect example…Nelson is no different though.

          • Indeed

    • Anthony Lopez

      Big Country should get a title shot? Really? Because of a win over Cheick Kongo? Umm…. no. Let him beat a contender first

  • mmafan

    make the co-main event barnett vs nelson winner will be next in line..

  • natetpk3

    Lmao at ufc protecting Cain. Cain vs Nelson would look like JDS or Mir vs Nelson. Nelson’s too slow. Nelson hasn’t KOd a top 5 guy yet. He’s lost all his step up fights. Let him fight the winner of overreem vs Browne. I was kind of hoping for JDS vs Cormier and Cain vs Werdum if werdum beats Nog. But I’d love to see JDS get that belt back!!!

  • This is like Arlovski/Sylvia. These guys are going to go back and fourth with each other for that belt. We have The Reem/Browne & Big Nog/Werdum. Then we have Nelson and Cormier. Barnett certainly needs to be thrown in the mix. Maybe against Mir. I personally hope Overeem comes back better then ever like most champions do after a loss. He’s still young and so well rounded on top of being a high level kickboxer.

    • Dragon Kid

      different between the arlovski and Sylvia fights are they were never considered the two best in their division in the ufc or outside in indie promotions.

      • No disrespect to Arlvoski or Sylvia but you are somewhat correct. There is no doubt that Cain and JDS are the two top HW fighters in MMA. Cain is very well rounded, with great cardio and JDS has incredible hand speed along with his KO power.

        • John Bunch

          I agree with you bro, but matchups can change things a bit. I think everyone wonders how a Cain/Cormier fight would go down…similar skill sets, although the hands would seem to go to Cormier…imo anyway (but like you said, Cain’s cardio in a 5 round fight would probably be the deciding factor). But Josh/JDS could be pretty interesting! We both love Josh’s game…I could see him giving JDS fits…but then having problems with Cain.

          • barnettoo

            Yeah..that is what I thought too. Cain vs DC/Reem and JDS vs Barnett/DC/Reem before the 3rd match. Build up the HYPE!!!

      • John Bunch

        I get the outside the promotion part…but in the division, at that time…do you mean Mir, who was healing from his accident? But yeah…both of these guys fought some cans during their championship runs…Pride had, without a doubt, all the best heavies during that time.

  • MMA

    Mix it up already! Cain’s 5 past fights will now be 3 with Junior and 2 with Bigfoot if they do this. Give Werdum or Overeem a chance if they win! Junior is awesome and certainly top 2 with Cain but let him get another fight in before the rematch. A win over a hype train of Mark Hunt (no disrespect to Hunt, dude is a f***** warrior) should not be getting him another shot after the beating he received from Cain.

    • Justin Wallace

      agreed. its turning into arlovski and sylvia. i didnt think cain deserved a rematch so soon either. there should be a minimum of 2 or 3 fights before giving a fighter another crack at the belt.

      • barnettoo

        I dunno what Joe Silva and Dana has in mind. I mean…what happens when JDS beats him this time in a flash KO? Fourth match?

        Seriously, build Cain and JDS up! Make Cain fight Reem (although it makes no sense) and make JDS fight DC (which makes sense). Barnett should be fighting MIR ASAP.

        And also…how come Rashad Evans and Shogun never fought?

  • eric

    Honestly, don’t see the triology looking any different than the rematch, Cain will push pace and take Junior to floor, Junior’s wrestling/TDD won’t be any better. Cain will grind out another decision/or even stoppage ground and pound this time. Like really, what can Junior do this time differently?

    • barnettoo

      That’s what you said before the rematch buddy!! I don’t see how Cain can do better than the first time. He will come in and get clipped again.

    • Cptmats

      I see an Easy KO for Junior in the rematch.

      “Junior’s wrestling/TDD won’t be any better.”

      Any better than what ? Great ?

      You should rewatch the fight dude ! Junior gassed out after three or four minutes because he killed himself by over training, however Cains first take down ended up with Cain on his back and Junior on top and then JDS stuffed eight straight take downs !
      Junior made Cains wrestling look a little weak ! He wasn’t able to take Big Foot down either !

  • solo

    I can understand this fight is happening again.

    The problem is that there isnt a conteder in the division other than JDS. At least one who is available.
    Werdum- Hes in TUF and fighting Nogueira
    Overeem got knockdown by Bigfoot and now hes fighting Browne.
    Nelson is fighting Miocic and lets face it, he cant deal with the best HW ‘s out there.
    Barnett has just arrived with a loss from DC
    DC is not gonna fight Cain.
    So yea, even though is soon i think for trilogy to happen. It makes sense. Great Fight, market vise, sell vise…

    • barnettoo

      Since when did the UFC care about making fights that made sense in terms of ranking?

      How is it that Brock Lesnar rather than Nog got the title shot when Randy came back? Oh wait…had Nog got the title shot and beat Randy…yeah…what would the fans have said about the UFC’s HW division?

      I would prefer a build up fight. Make Cain fight Reem and JDS fight DC. A little tourney.