The Secret to Dave Herman’s Succes? Don’t Let It Go Out of the First Round (UFC 146 Video)

Dave Herman and John-Olav Einemo at UFC 131Dave “Pee Wee” Herman is a guy that likes to have fun. From his time out of the cage to his time on the way to the cage, and, yes, even his time in the cage.

His love of life has led Herman to one simple philosophy for success, as he heads into his UFC 146 fight with Roy Nelson: Don’t let the fight get outside of the first round.

Check out what else Dave Herman had to say at Wednesday’s UFC 146 open workouts in Las Vegas…


  1. I like Pee Wee. I just hope he doesn’t come to this fight looking like a gorilla again.

  2. Yep Dave Herman doesn’t have a testosterone problem.
    It had to hurt. Is that a legal move, grab a handful of back hair and pull?

  3. Herman is a good fighter

    He just needs to stop goofin’ around.

    • He needs to do more than just not goofing around.