The ‘Russian Touch of Death’ is Revealed in Seminar Footage We Uncovered

October 2, 2014
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Russian Guy Martial Arts 2

There’s a magical way that old-school martial arts flicks were able to make us gaze upon them with intrigue and a desire to do the same out-of-this world moves we saw on screen. I think at one time I actually thought I could easily do the same stuff Jean-Claude Van Damme did in “Bloodsport,” down to throwing a blinding powder in my eyes and trying to avoid punches because eyesight is overrated. I know, dumb. But, ah, to be young again.

Anyway, most of us have grown up to the point where we don’t believe always believe the stuff we see on television — or in the case of the following video, on Facebook.

We don’t know what this martial arts master is saying because it’s Russian and we don’t speak Russian, but it’s pretty clear he’s showing off his best move. I guess we’ll just refer to it as the Russian Touch of Death. See for yourself.

(Note: Click anywhere on the black box to start the video. The Facebook embedded video doesn’t start automatically or give many visual clues that it is actually there… what’s up with that Facebook?)

Photo props go to Lev Ivanov’s Facebook page

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  • Bryan Mordt

    Give him a 3 fight contract in the UFC, sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Dangsun

      Make him fight Mighty Mouse

  • Filip

    never mess with russians, this video here shows u why… spartans all of them… systema is one of greatest things to learn

    • Dangsun

      What good is that supposed to do?

      • Filip

        ahahahah 🙂 do i rly need to explain it to you? with training like this, they will go on 10000 times stronger enemy. Same thing was with Spartans. With training like this you change your life where you just LIKE pain, pain gives you what you LIKE. Besides all the things they are teaching same like USA this kind of thing is the best thing to make from Soldier and SUPER soldier. Spartan training rulez

  • Tony Milliondollar Man Fusco

    BS.try that sh!t on me, knock his ass out

    • Dangsun

      Probably wouldn´t take more than one shot.

  • John Bunch

    This is embarrassing to watch. Looks like one of those Christian faith healers that touch you and knock you down because you are faking it or you are overcome by mass hysteria.