The Rock’s WWE Promo Skit on Saturday Night Live is Hilarious and Here’s the Video

March 29, 2015
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Fitting that the Rock appears on Saturday Night Live the evening before WrestleMania, isn’t it? That’s promoting and advertising at its best, folks. Good job managers and PR people.

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The former WWE champ’s appearance on the long-running show was a hit, and this video says it all. Check out Dwayne Johnson do a WWE promo as “Cocoa” and give us another reason to love the Rock.

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  • Matt Stirbaiter

    i hate blocking videos to just America. means i’ll have to find another upload to watch instead which wont go towards your viewing figures.

  • hamal

    Why can’t I watch this because I live in Canada?

    Makes zero sense.

    Video was absolutely awesome though. Thanks YouTube.

  • Drock420

    Who cares? How is this MMA news anyways?