The Red Coats Are Coming – Best Assassin’s Creed Yet – Assassin’s Creed 3 Out on October 30

October 28, 2012
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Sponsor Spotlight: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3Assassins Creed brings the explosiveness again! Now in the 5th year of this wildly successful game and the fifth installment, Assassin’s Creed 3 brings the best ever Assassin’s Creed game and battles when it hits stores with a bang on October 30th.  You can pre-order your copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 now at Gamestop.

Assassin’s Creed 3 takes place in Colonial America, and features the introduction of the new protagonist character Conor Kenway.  Step back into time and play the game that will take you through 30 years of Conor’s life in Colonial America from 1753-1783.  The game play will take you from early Boston to New York and really explores the great American Frontier of the time.  The new Assassin’s Creed 3 offer 150% larger playing field then Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood that was released in November of 2010.

The game will feature real historical characters of the time including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington as they shape America for what it will become Conor Kenway is making sure there will be a tomorrow.  Conor Kenway and a plethora or new weapons make him one of the most exciting Assassin’s to date.  Gameplay includes use of period-relevant weapons such as dual pistols, bow and arrows, tomahawks, and of course the classic Assassin’s Blade.

The game is also advanced in the sense that it will feature weather simulations that not only affect the display of the game, but also the gameplay itself. Connor will be exposed to fog, rain and snow and the current weather season will also affect how the Templars and soldiers move and react during said conditions.

Assassin’s Creed 3 introduces the Anvil Next game engine, which offers stunning new technology to revolutionize gaming with powerful graphics, lifelike animations, immersive combat and advanced physics. Revamped gameplay will include new combat animations to replace the old; free running has been modified and now allows Connor to climb trees, swing from branches and cut through buildings during intense chases. Fitting to the period, Connor will also be allowed to hunt animals in the Frontier area for skins to keep warm during the above mentioned weather additions and may also find himself the prey instead of the predator for some of the animals in the Frontier as well. Animal hides will have various values depending on how, where and what weapon hunted the animal.

The engine technology, advanced free areas and the setting make Assassin’s Creed 3 the most advanced yet in a series that has produced tremendous games in the past. Scheduled for a 10/30 release on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms, pre-orders from include Free Single-Player Mission, exclusive Sawtooth Sword in game weapon and $10.00 off the Ezio Auditor Gauntlet Replica! Secure your copy here today.

  • Nobama

    getting either this or medal of honor when it comes out, so which one yall think i should settle for?

    • TMW_Shadowstarr

      AC III.

    • AC3!!!

    • Tboneuk

      Silly question mate.

      If Medal of Honour is just rubbish as the first one then its not even worth a rental.

      The new assassins creed looks amazing. It will be the best game of 2012.

      • Guest

        Best game…ahem, Dishonored, Borderlands 2.

        • asc kurosaki

          just stop, lol

    • nikolai

      assassins creed 3!

  • Reginelli Capone

    Waiting.Fall of Cybertron and Hitman Absolution.Then hibernation.

  • Timothy Malone

    I got XCOM instead of this. This game looks awesome but I havent beaten the other 35 Assassin’s Creed games that come out every month it seems.

    • donald leblanc

      Wow you know nothing of the ac franchise so why do you comment? They don’t have more thenfive games…get some knowledge before u post dumb ****.

    • jim

      There hasn’t been an actual AC sequel since 2009. There have been two sub sequels, Brotherhood and Revelations, that added on the the story of the second game while Assassins creed 3 was in its 3 year development period

  • DK

    Assassins Creed 3 hand down cant wait for it

  • Metricc

    Why is this crap in an mma feed!

    • They are a sponsor, that’s why it says Sponsor Spotlight at the top of the article. Gotta pay the bills.

  • Darin

    Its not enough that the ad takes up 1/3 of the screen? You need to place articles on it too???

  • shakejunt

    go to this town, assassinate this guy, go to next one, assassinate that guy, go to yet another town… rinse, wash, repeat.

    i’m no video game person, but this is just such a repetitive series.

    • Jim

      I see you haven’t seen any footage past the first game. AC1 was repetitive, but the others are anything but.

      • isaiah – steel fists


  • sharpshooter

    Already preordered it can’t wait

  • Tbineuk

    I’ve just ordered the freedom edition for £80.

    It’s worth it just for the amazing Connor statue you get.

  • zzz

    Boy, this sure is some MMA news.

  • The Truth

    I love how people try to dog the AC series but yet jump on the bandwagon of gun heads like medal of honor and CoD. Are you all serious calling the AC series repetitive. That is rather funny. The AC series has a unique story with a history style to it. Their MP is the best idea so far.

  • Triggerman99

    Assassin’s Creed is the only game series that I always play and follow no matter what. I’m not a guy who plays every video game that comes out, but I always look forward to the next AC game. This one is no different. Can’t wait to recruit some assassin’s and take out a whole battalion of red coats!!

  • Jack


    IGN is covering an insane amount of MMA now.

    Wait a minute…….

    makes me think the UFC controls all MMA sites

    considering they have been doing ads for this game for the last 9 months.

    • No, UFC doesn’t have anything to do with us running AC3 ads on our site. They’re just targeting the same demo that MMA reaches, so we’ve been lucky enough to have them advertise with us.