The Legacy of Brock Lesnar

January 3, 2012
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Brock Lesnar at UFC 87
“I’m a fighter, and I believe that if somebody should be holding a belt in the UFC, it’s Brock Lesnar.” ~ Brock Lesnar speaking to MMAWeekly Radio in August 2007

It’s hard to believe that a fighter with a 5-3 record overall, much less a 4-3 record in the UFC, could have such a singular impact on a sport, but that’s exactly what Brock Lesnar did in the four short years he was involved in MMA.

On Friday night at UFC 141, following a loss to Alistair Overeem, Lesnar called it a career and said his MMA days are behind him.

It’s irrefutable, however, the impact that Lesnar had on MMA and the UFC specifically over his time with the promotion.

Following one fight that he had in K-1 to kick off his career, a victory over Min Soo Kim, Lesnar was already calling out UFC champions and awaiting a call from UFC president Dana White.

“I mean, you take Randy Couture for example, I mean he’s the heavyweight champion of the UFC, but he’s a small heavyweight. Let’s face it, Tim Sylvia was not a legitimate heavyweight champion,” Lesnar said in 2007.

“I enjoyed watching Randy beat the (expletive) out of Tim Sylvia. I enjoyed that. I mean take a look at this guy, Tim Sylvia, the guy’s feet, they’re damn near webbed. He looks like the Swamp Thing. The guy is a vulture. He can’t wrestle worth a crap. He’s got a jab and a little right hand. There’s no way. I’d double-leg his ass right through that cage so fast, and that would be the end of the fight. I’m tired. I’m tired of this. Brock Lesnar wants to fight somebody, somebody with credentials, and Tim Sylvia ain’t the guy.”

Strong words undoubtedly, but Lesnar was willing to back them up in the cage.

Shortly after that very interview, Lesnar signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC, and despite his lacking 1-0 record, he wasn’t asking for a pass or a warm-up fight. He wanted to face the best of the best on day one, and there was no other option for Lesnar.

“I just want to find out a name, get a face, and be able to watch his previous fights and then just start training everyday to dismantle my opponent,” Lesnar told MMAWeekly Radio in October 2007, just after signing with the UFC.

Following that statement, the UFC handed Lesnar a very dangerous opponent for his first foray in the Octagon. Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was the fighter chosen to greet Lesnar for his first fight with the promotion, no easy task for such an inexperienced mixed martial artist.

What resulted was a submission loss for Lesnar, but not without landing his own share of shots on Mir. If you looked at both fighters after it was over, most would assume it was Lesnar that came out on top, but a lesson was learned and he would come back stronger.

Following that fight, Lesnar dominated Pride and UFC veteran Heath Herring before being given a shot at legend and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. In only his fourth professional fight, Lesnar TKO’d a living legend and took home his first taste of UFC gold.

Lesnar further cemented his place in the sport when he returned at UFC 100 and tasted revenge as he bested Frank Mir to defend his heavyweight crown. The powerful fighter from Minnesota mauled and bludgeoned Mir to retain his belt, and at that moment it seemed Lesnar would be unstoppable.

Unfortunately for the giant heavyweight, it was a disease that would topple him, not another fighter in the cage. In October 2009, it was announced that Lesnar had contracted diverticulitis and would be sidelined for the immediate future.

At that point, it wasn’t even about MMA, it was literally about Lesnar fighting for his life.

A long medical battle followed, but the Lesnar that returned to the cage just didn’t seem like the same beast that entered it a couple of years earlier. While Lesnar did best Shane Carwin in his return bout in 2010, he then fell to Cain Velasquez to relinquish his heavyweight belt.

Another fight with diverticulitis followed in 2011 following a coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter alongside Junior dos Santos. A few months later, after recovering, he faced his final battle in the cage against Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar may retire with a 5-3 record, but his legacy in the world of MMA will be cemented forever.

As a former pro wrestler with the WWE, Lesnar brought a huge amount of fans with him, eyeballs that may have never even given the UFC a chance if not for following the massive heavyweight after his career in sports entertainment ended.

The pay-per-view sales alone justify Lesnar as one of the most popular and watched fighters to ever enter the sport of MMA.

When he grabbed the microphone and spoke, there was always a little pro wrestling flavor thrown in, but it was something that MMA fans could embrace. Whether they loved him or hated him, Brock Lesnar was somebody everybody wanted to see compete.

There’s also no denying that Lesnar faced the absolute best of the best from his first day in the UFC to the last time he stepped out of Octagon.

Once upon a time in the WWE, Lesnar was nicknamed “the next big thing.” Just days after his retirement from the UFC, Lesnar may have been the biggest thing this sport has ever seen.

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  • MikeMc1983

    Oh Damon, the heat that this article will get. Good job, I like the attitude. Lol

  • tsszaltax

    I was one of the people in the last article flaming the hell out of Lesnar arguing my opinion on how bad he was at MMA. However, regardless how much I cant stand the guy, theres nothing bad I can say about this article. Well done Damon. Regardless what I thought about him as a fighter, the guy did bring in crowds and money for the sport, probably moreso then anyone else ever. No disputing that. Now that he’s gone, hopefully some of those mma “fans” he brought with him will stop watching and posting on mma sites though…lol

    signed, MMA fan since UFC 1 and still going strong.

    • afk

      lol @ mma fan since ufc 1 as if that means anything

      might as well type “i watched gene lebell fight milo savage live on tv so my opinion is worth more than yours”

      lol gtfo and enjoy the sport for once

      • Obarmarama

        Hey, I outrank all of you. I saw my mom ground and pound my dad way back when the Fertitta’s were making a living by flipping burgers at Wendy’s. You UFC1 noobs.

  • jmsbjj

    later steroid boy,im sure bitch ass dana white will give you a title shot right away even if you dont deserve one like before.No such thing as rank in the ufc.SAD! Good luck with the wwe and all the steroids you can handle.Overeem is on some roids to!!!

  • fitefan

    Lesner quit, he did not retire. Huge difference.
    At most, Lesner fought the best the UFC had to offer when he started. Not the best of the best. Those guys are coming up now, and Lesner is fleeing the UFC with his tail tucked now that he’s had a taste of what real HW talent is.
    Lesner isn’t a ‘fighter’ never was, never will be. No matter how much he refers to himself in the third person. Lesner is and always will be a promotional tool. He indeed has a huge WWE following, and they brought some very much desired revenue to the UFC. But that’s it. Not exactly what I would constitute as a ‘legacy’.
    Lesner didn’t do anything for MMA. Except maybe illustratet to other fake wrestlers that real MMA is not for them. The same way Toney did for boxers.
    Lesner’s greatest accomplishment was defeating Frank Mir in their second bout. Mir did have a ‘horshoe up his azz’ and Brock certainly pulled it out for him.
    Other than that, the final statement….. “Once upon a time in the WWE, Lesnar was nicknamed “the next big thing.” Just days after his retirement from the UFC, Lesnar may have been the biggest thing this sport has ever seen.”….. is a bit ambiguous. The word ‘thing’ can have many meanings, but none of which that are implied.
    …The biggest let down, COWARD ( ‘:-),heh ),disapointment, mistake, self delusional wrestler, QUITTER, pansy, candy azz, wuss, moma’s boy, woman, promotional tool etc.
    The list goes on and on, but nothing positive can be applied and still be a true statement.
    Joke, yeah, I forgot Joke. Brock Lesner may have been the biggest JOKE this sport has ever seen. Only time will tell if his accomplishments in failures will be surpassed. I have to say, he really set the bar high on that one.
    Fare thee poorly Brock. The only thing I’m going to miss about you is running you into the ground. Princess.

    • RonnieV

      MMMAWeekly needs a “Like” & “Dislike” tab. Hate all you want, Brock sold tickets, and outside of his first fight he only fought the best heavyweights. I was always intrigued to see his fights. he looked weak on Friday, but then again I’ve never been kicked in the liver by a world class 265 lb kick boxer.

      • onebad

        selling fights doesn’t mean anything. kimbo sold fights, so what? he pussed out because he was going to have to fight mir again. he didn’t want to lose an arm, since he isn’t stronger anymore.

        • fitefan

          exactly, for some reason some people think selling fights make one a valid figthter.

    • I love this fitefan couldnt put it better, if they put him in Hall of fame ill be pissed their are real fighters out there work their buts off to make less and get less notoriety, he was over paid, over hyped and all that just so he could quit not retire quit, tell u what let him come back and win some gold when he is 44 then will talk, he was handed a carrier from WWE to UFC and threw it away, when A. Silva says im done that is a man retiring cause he was there from the ground up worked his but off and is a real legend and will leave a real legacy.

  • Dude really ok he might have brought in fans but money hell UFC paid him money he didnt deserve he got 400,000k to get his but whooped, he was 4-3 u cant count his first fight cause they fed him a nobody, his fighting skills are horrible and for a champion wrestler his wrestlin in thwe octagon was sloppy, he never had any good takedowns he just bummbled over people and throu 280 pounds of weight on them that was it and Carwin beat his but for 4 min. any other fight they woulda called it. and Cotoure was called early he jumped up soon as the ref stopped it. his only legitimate win was the second fight with Mir, and im a huge Mir fan but he lost that fight just like he lost against Carwin. Mir had crappy gameplan for those fights. But to put Lesnar on a throne after real MMA fighters exploited his real talent he was filth. Too many WWE fans in UFC dont matter how big you are in MMA u get hit back, and everytime Lesnar got hit he was lookin for an exit, not a fight.

  • fitefan

    I was always intrigued to see Brock’s competitions in the octagon too. I’ve never seen a vagina that big before. Amazes me everytime.

    Selling tickets is not the definition of a fighter, nor is a reason to like someone, or to tolerate disrespectful ignorant nonsense that spews from his lips.

    Herring is not a ‘best’ HW.
    Randy can cut to 205. Hardly a HW, certainly in a different weight division than Brock that has to cut down to 265 to make the limit.
    Mir was his best performance, he actually pushed through some strikes to the body. If Mir would have dotted that eye one time, it would have ended differently. Mir was not the striker he claimed to be at that point in his career.
    Carwin was a true HW, and beat Brock’s azz in the first. Striking and wrestling. Only reason Brock won that fight is because the ref didn’t stop it like he should have, and Shane punched himself into exhaustion. You really think after he got dominated in the first round that Brock was going to do anything different in the second if Carwin wasn’t exhausted?
    Brock’s reaction to Cain hitting him was the same as Carwin’s. Duck and run. Except Cain didn’t punch himself out, and put the ‘f’ up on Lesner in the second.
    Overeem put him away in the first. Subdued by a handful of strikes to the body. Pitiful. I don’t care what Overeem’s credentials are. Brock was supposed to be this great collosal beast of a dominator. He’s got no fight in him. Brock is not ‘game’. He’s an actor. A liar. The smallest boy, in the biggest mans body. A quitter. Him and Tito, and BJ should start a band called “Quitters never win, we just whine”
    …weak on Friday. He is weak.(.)Period.

    • oh not to ,mention the only reson Lesnar got mir down any way is cause Mir through a knee on one foot and fell and Lesnar fell on him it wasnt even a takedown i agree whole heartedly on that one fitefan. Lesnar was a Promotional Tool for UFC AND WWE u ever watch any of his wrestlin matches in college he got beat by smaller weights in his weight class his wrestling was garbage his fighting is garbage hell even his WWe wrestling was garbage he is just a big dude thats all he has is he is a big dude.

      • fitefan

        Yeah, if I recall correctly, Mir was getting the better of Lesner in the stand up. Not really stunning him, but was on his way to having Brock in trouble. Brock smartly closed the distance, and Mir threw a knee of all things. Brock dragged him down to the mat and pummeled him.
        A mistake on Mir’s part. But I give Brock full credit for the win. It’s nothing like the Carwin fight. And Mir is a legit HW, not like Randy.

        I haven’t seen much wrestling footage of Brock, losing to smaller guys seems to be his forte`. ‘:-). But his college record of 100 plus wins is impressive on paper, but you don’t see evidence of it in the Octagon, so it makes me wonder what caliber of people he faced. He just laid on Herrings back, and pinned his hand to the mat. That was funny to watch Herring try to get his hand off the mat. I always wondered about the Mir II fight. Mir, supposedly the best bjj HW, just laid there. He didn’t try a hip escape, he didn’t try to tie an arm up, he didn’t squirm or anything. He just took that beating rather passively. Though, the beating itself wasn’t very passive.

  • Thanks for the compliments on the article. At the heart of this, I really just wanted to point out that love him or hate him, Lesnar was one of the biggest draws to ever enter the sport and unlike someone say by the name of Kimbo Slice, Lesnar really did face the best fighters.

    I mean who jumps at the chance to fight a former UFC champion and still very dangerous guy in your second pro fight? He gets Heath Herring and Randy Couture at fights 3 and 4. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

    • fitefan

      agreed, Lesner was a big draw. A promotional tool for the UFC. But not for MMA fans.

      Kimbo is no MMA fighter, but he is a fighter. Kimbo tried and failed and moved on. No excuxses, no shame. He also didn’t hype himself up to be something he was not. Other’s may have. Brock talked his own hype, and failed to back any of it up, save the Mir fight.

      Again with the best fighters stuff. Herring? no way. Randy? sure, but not in the same weight division. Not gonna comment on a possible early stopage, but I will say, Randy was out wrestling him in the clinch. Super impressive against a guy 60lbs more than you of muscle, not sloppy fat.
      Mir is the real deal, Brock’s best performance.
      Carwin is a legit HW. The best? The best wouldn’t have punched themselves out in the first.
      I’ll tell you who jumps at the chance to fight a former UFC champion in their second pro fight, and that’s a guy who is ignorantly confident in their abilities. A guy that has never beeen truly tested. A guy that has been lounging in the comfort of their own collosal size.
      And what happened when Brock finally met a challenge? he quit! As soon as Cain opened his eyes to the reality of his shortcomings he planned on quitting. ” I told my wife, if I lose this one I’ll quit, If I win, I’ll fight once more for the belt and then quit”
      Either way this guy was quitting. And had no intention of defending the belt if he did manage to get it again. I bet if his next fight didn’t have the possibility of a title fight, he wouldn’t have even fought Overeem. 400k or not.
      This guy is a quitter, a coward, he’s is nothing more than a fake pro wrestler, or a pro fake wrestler, whichever wordking is more appropriate.

      Amazing was Vera fighting Randy, or Randy fighting Silvia ( tho Silvia sux, no chin Arlovski beat him too )
      Amazing is the heart of Edgar who clearly had his mental game destroyed, and moral dumped when he got clocked in the first round again! by Maynard. And Edgar persevered, came back and beat Maynard down for the win. That’s amazing.
      Nothing amazing about Herring, 250lb overweight low skill fighter. What’s Herring accomplished since? nothing.
      Nothing amazing about fighting a guy 60+lbs lighter than you. Regardless of his reputation.
      What’s Brock done since? lose and quit.

      I don’t understand how some people are still enthralled by this guy. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions scream CHARLATAN.

    • elguapo

      Yeah top article there Damon, really enjoyed it. I think the term legacy is probably a bit strong for Brock’s contribution though, i think contribution is more appropriate. But like you say, love him or hate him, he gets everyone talking. We had some great discussion on a previous thread and several peoples opinions (here’s looking at you fitefan 🙂 ) actually made me look at the guy in a different light. The only thing that still bugs me about the whole thing though is the constant references back to his time in the wwf. Why is it even relevant? I wonder if he would get such disparaging remarks had he just been a standout college wrestler who failed to live up to his hype in mma?

      • its relevant cause he got everything handed to him in WWE threw it away and then in MMA thats y its relevant he came from no where and within his first to fake matches was a champion then when he wasnt anymore and started to become another wrestler he quit, just like MMA he loses his flare and that glory he quits.

        • elguapo

          Again with the wwf comments. Why does that matter? It has no relevance to anything. When I use to watch that stuff when I was a kid, it was always the best talkers who got to be champ. And didn’t he openly admit to not being good enough to be in the nfl? All that stuff is irrelevant. Wasn’t schaub and mitrione nfl players too? im not exactly sure how American football works but I believe none of them were top rated players either.And all the other mma fighters who have been in wwf like shamrock and Severn if my memory serves me correct, why don’t you give them such grief? The fact is Lesnar was a fairly average fighter, good enough to be in the UFC but not good enough to be considered top 5, and that applies to 95% of the fighters in all the weight classes too.

          • elguapo

            And how did he get everything “handed to him” in wwf? I have a mate who watches that stuff and he says Lesnar went through the same developmental program as everyone else. He also says that he was one of the best characters (that’s the crucial bit; character) to be in the wwf in the past decade. So he decided it wasn’t for him, so what? From what I understand he hate the gruelling schedule. That nonsense is like the circus, they do so many more shows than just the ones on tv. Surely that’s better than being one of these decrepit old men in their 60s who’s still going?

          • i dont know why still talkin to you you know nothing, everything u know is heresay hesaid this they said that the facts are he aint even in the top 15 and mitrione didnt quit fighting, shamrock is garbage too when u really look at what he did and his self proclaimed worlds dangerest man, but how dare u disrespect Dan Severen he still fighting at the age of 50 something and doesnt plan on retiring till this summer, you should really get facts on your own before comparing real fighters, and no disrespect intended but your mate doesnt know what he is talkin bout he came form no where even other wrestlers in the business couldnt stand how they brought him in and over ran WWE in small time he was there and when they started makin him average prowrestler he quit. just like he quit football whether he admitted he sucked or not he quit instead of gettin better just like mma.

      • fitefan

        heya ‘elquapo’ ‘:-)

        I think just as many people that like the WWE, also despise it, as opposed to being indifferent about it.

        I’m sure his trash talking brought the anti WWE stuff into it. Like you said. If he was just a college wrestler talking trash he couldn’t back up some people ( not me tho ) would have been less harsh on him.
        I started out a Brock fan, I bought the hype, I admit it. But it didn’t take long to realize what a classless phony he is. And that just makes me dislike him more. He was handed an opportunity he didn’t deserve. There are other fighters out there paying their dues, trying to earn legitamacy, meanwhile the UFC is trying to force this ginormous disapointment to us as the real deal. It’s unfair to us the fans, and to the other fighters.
        It’s an insult to everyone.

        • elguapo

          Yeah I understand and agree with all that. I just think its a little harsh to judge him on not paying his dues etc. The UFC heavyweight division was easily their poorest division in terms of talent when Brock started and they needed him to give it a boost. There was only really Mir, big nog and randy who were fighters of particular note around that time, Cain and jds hadn’t come to prominence etc.

          I’d love to have seen how Brock would have faired though if he HAD gone the same route as most other fighters. Years of training with a top team, fights in the minor league etc, may have been a different story.

    • u cant compare kimbo to lesnar, kimbo didnt quit fighting he just found another form to do it in and i would be willing to put any dollar amount on a boxing match between kimbo and lesnar, kimbo would crush him. Kimbo not a MMA never claimed to be just tried his hand in it but he is a fighter, Brock doesnt even know what he is he just wants to be over relevant

      • fitefan

        I didn’t appreciate the subtle slight against Kimbo either.

  • dealinwhips

    You are right in any case he brought in revenue to a sport and now unfortunately it will probably turn into the whole Randy Couture fiasco since he “retired” under contract. So we will continue to hear about Brock long after his last cage appearance. I was never a Brock fan, but the fact that he came into this sport and put away names like Randy Couture and Frank Mir and yes Heath Herring who is his pride days could hold his own. Also, you say that he got his ass whooped by Cain, yes he did, but he came out in the second and won the fight. Isn’t that what Champions do? He got the win, and it doesn’t matter if it was by a small margin or a huge one. Lastly, I don’t calling him names because he wanted to retire, at least he isn’t holding on to a career to get one last win like other guys, he knows he can’t compete at the top level and plus he has made BANK! Until you can get in the cage and fight at his level I would suggest that you stfu. Unfortunately to talk **** behind a keyboard doesn’t really take much now, does it?

    • fitefan

      Yeah, the win, that’s all that matters to some people. But in truth, it’s performance mostly. Mir says the same nonesense about getting ‘the win’ in Mir/Lesner I. Mir was lucky to get the sub and the second fight proved it.
      If Brock and Carwin fight again, Carwin will destroy Brock the same way Brock destroyed Mir.
      Making ‘BANK’ proves nothing more than succesful business negotiations. The possesion of money doesn’t make you smart, strong, beautiful, rightous, or valid. It just makes you rich. For some people that is all that matters, but it’s not a true measure of one’s worth.
      I’ll talk **** from this keyboard, in your face, in Brock’s face, on national TV, anywhere you want. I’m no E-thug, keyboard bully. Everything I’ve said is true of Brock’s performance. I don’t have to satisfy your desire to see me in the cage to express my opinion and related facts. It’s a rather weak closing on your part to suggest so. Are you in the cage fighting at his level? Do you follow your own requirements to make posts on MMA sites? or do you just resort to the predictable antics everyone else does that knows their wrong and don’t like it?
      And now you are the one telling me to “stfu” from behind a keyboard. So, I’m asking you ” doesn’t take much does it?”

    • i do enjoy it when u get the internet tough guy who cpompletely contradicts himself by tellin others to stfu, from his own computer and tries to make it a personal battle with another persons comment instead of what the subject matter is. the fact is he sucks as a MMA he was all hype and over glorified. he isnt a fighter i agree a liar and an actor and loves attention positive or negative. as long as it is directed towards him what hapens when he stops being the next big thing or doesnt quite measure up he quits Wrestling football WWE and now UFC.

  • dealinwhips

    sorry not Cain I meant Carwin…

  • Legacy?? Special?? What a joke!!! Brock’s mma career shouldn’t even have begun in the first place!!!

    • TKD

      This post says it all!!!!!!

      If Dana hadn’t signed him to promote the UFC we would not even have to be talking about the guy.

      He is CLEARLY NOT an MMA fighter, and his quitting proves it. The road ahead is stacked with guys that CAN seriously fight, and Brock sees it that way too. He got out before really taking a beating.

      • shereko

        Do you talk about other guys that aren’t signed with UFC? Your comment doesn’t make sense… lol “CLEARLY NOT” haha you can not like the guy, thats totally fine, but he clearly has a winning record against top guys. Your statement doesn’t even make sense. Take just simple facts, “Person A” comes into UFC, former NCAA D1 champ, 153-3 record we’ll say, and beats the Defending champion Mr. B, then Defends the title against Mr. C and Mr. D, then loses title, and next fight, and retires… you wouldn’t have any issue at all. But, put the stigma of the name Brock Lesnar around it and you just have bitter hatred, go seek therapy, might help your rage issues. He’s polarizing yes… but, lots of fighters are. It makes MONEY.

        • fitefan

          Here is a perfect illustration that you are not understanding the words you are reading.
          TKD might talk about other guys that aren’t in the UFC, if they are similarly promoted as being the biggest baddest thing alive, and then fail to deliver. Wether he does or does not has no real significance. It just helps you to attempt to form a valid counter argument.

          Brock CLEARLY NOT a MMA fighter, clearly means exactly what is says. Your assesment that a winning record is all it takes to be a valid MMA fighter is exactly what we’ve been debating.
          Your accusation that we think Brock is CLEARLY NOT a MMA fighter just because of his name is absolutely false. Reasons have been stated. It has nothing to do with his name.
          It is you that assumes, and attempts to force that assumption on the rest of us that ‘Defending champion Mr.B, and Mr.C and Mr.D were not only top of the food chain MMA practitioners, but also Brock’s equal in size and stature.
          Again, it may be you that needs therapy. Slow down a bit as you read, I’m assuming the emotion of anger is hampering your reading comprehension and forcing you to make poor replies. MONEY has nothing to do with it. Why do you keep bringing that up?

  • MikeMc1983

    Hey Damon, I haven’t seen them on the site yet. Have we heard the medicals for the Brock vs. overeem card yet?

    • Yea lesnar still removin his internals from his throat where overeem knee’d them up to his juggular. he will be out forever

  • They’ll be up here shortly.

    • MikeMc1983

      Cool thanks. Not trying to big, but I don’t like going to other sites.
      Sometimes you guys have them up within 24hrs, or at least i think I recall that. I don’t know when any of that stuff is released.
      Wouldn’t it be crazy if overeem failed the drug test, and his win got over turned. Dana would be pissed. Lol

      • Y does everyone think overeem is on roids even lesnar stated he doesn’t beleive he is either it just comes with the territory of bein huge and famous I hate roid talk bout people that worked hard but no one jumps on the people who actually get caught usin just absurd. This was not directed towards u personally just statin heard a lot bout he purposely missed his test and so on.

  • MikeMc1983

    Man it’s amazing how much hate Brock gets. It’s to a point where it’s funny. It’s almost like mma fans have become wwe fans with how passionate Brock has made them.
    It’s obvious that most of the hate is emotional since people seem to be contradicting themselves left and right.
    I’m not making any direct quotes, and I understand these comments are from different people, in different comments…
    “Brock should have had to climb the ladder. He was just a promotional tool for the UFC. ”
    Then he gets no credit for beating herring, as they gave him a can.
    “big whoop, he beat randy who 60lbs lighter.”
    But randy is a real champion because he beat a 6’8″ 260lbs giant for the UFC title.
    “Brock is a pussy who can’t take a punch, and when he does he runs scared
    But his fight against carwin in which he won because he got beat down for 4 rds Brock should have lost because it should have been stopped. (also lets note that some believe carwin hits harder than anyone.)

    “Brock shouldn’t have been getting paid more then other fighters”
    But he was just a promotional tool for the UFC to bring in a bunch of new fans. And if it were not for his wwe stint he wouldn’t have ever been let in the UFC like he was.
    ——- I’ll give it to you that Brock talked crap about his fights, however he always maintained that he had a ton to learn, and just came from a wrestling base. I’m not trying to even say anyone is wrong in their assessment. However, It just seems like they have so much emotion invested that they’re trying to pile on so much crap it kind of contradicts itself. Maybe not even directly.
    The one thing I will strongly disagree with is the guy saying randy out wrestled Brock in their fight. I was actually really surprised with how Brock out wrestled randy. And he even seemed to do it with technique, and not brute strength. There were a few really nice moves Brock made in that fight in the wrestling department.
    I stated before I liked/wanted to see Brock fight. For that matter I still would. However, it’s only because he has a unique set of physical attributes that no one really has. His agility for his size, and strength is really only seen in the nfl elite. So I find it interesting.
    Another thing to the guy who said he was a bad “fake wrestler.” really? That guy was able to do things in that ring that no one else has been able to. For a “big man” he was quite exceptional. For that reason, he will always have an open door to go back. It’s paid him big money, and still does.
    By the way on the money issue, it’s quite possiable that he put in as much, or more money than he got out of mma. The state of the art gym. The full training staff. The paying of everyone to come to his gym. Not even including more money he could have made doing wwe instead.
    He’s just a guy who tried his hand at mma, and was moderately successful.
    He obviously wasn’t the greatest. But I refuse to insult, herring, Mir, randy, carwin, Cain, and overeem by saying that the guy can’t fight whatsoever. Especially randy and frank.

    • fitefan

      Hate is an emotion. Ofcourse it’s emotional. It isn’t the hate of Lesner. It’s the way some fans and UFC employees attempt to shove his validity down our throats when it’s painfully obvious he is nothing without his uncommon size. He’s big. I admit it. He is skilless as a MMA fighter and never belonged in the UFC. That statement needs to be admitted by some fans and some UFC employees.
      Brock beat Herring. It isn’t necessarily the opinion that Herring was a can, it’s the 14 minutes Brock spent riding his back unable to finish. Not just unable, but incapable of attempting to, he didn’t know how.
      Um, the Carwin fight only went into the beginning of the second round. No way Brock could ever endure 4 rounds of a beating.
      If they can afford to pay Brock 400k to collapse and wait for the ref to save his hide, then they can afford to pay these others guys a bit more than just 8k for really fighting.
      I don’t think I have even indirectly contradicted myself. I’ve been very clear. Brock is not a fighter, never has been, never will be.
      Been a long time since I’ve seen the Coutre fight. What I was recalling in my mind as a reason to say Randy out wrestled him was the ‘clinch’ work. I even said ‘clinch’ then. Tho there is more to wrestling then clinching. It is quite possible Brock exhibited greater wrestling skill in the areas I’m not familiar with and can’t recall exactly. It’s Randy up against the fence, turning the big guy until Brock is against the fence, and Brock 1. failing to instantly turn Randy back, and 2. allowing Randy to do it in the first place.
      I did not say he was a bad fake wrestler did I? I meant it that fake WWE wrestling is bad.
      He is a rare specimen of a huge male. Impressively athletic. Still not a fighter tho, and that was disapointing. The act of trying to force his validity as a fighter is the problem.
      The money thing? Bleh, If he spent millions training it surely was money poorly spent. But that was his choice. Plenty of fighters of greater skill,talent, and success spend far less than millions on training. Not just to get to the top, but to stay there as well. Though I know, once you get to the top, you are likely to spend quite a bit more than what you used to in training.
      It was not my intention to insult Mr. Herring. I feel the belittling Brock engaged in 4 seconds before the fight was over was underserving of Herring and at the time, beneath Brock. ( tho as time passed it surely isn’t below Brock )But it Herring was in proper shape, he would prolly be around 235. He has a bit of a gut, and some big thighs without definition. Just a big tall heavy dude that likes to fight.
      Mir I’ve given credit to Brock every time.
      Carwin punched himself out amaturishly. He can take that statement anyway he wants.
      Cain beat Lesner like Silva beat Franklin and Forrest. Like they didn’t belong in the octagon.
      And Overeem put it on him. Nothing insulting against Overeem to say Brock isn’t a fighter.
      I don’t particularly appreciate the indirect suggestion that I insulted those individuals.
      But I’m not here to pick a bone with you Mike, about an inadvertent slight that is abstract at best. Its no big deal. I just wanted to respond to your post propperly since it was I that said most of those things, and respect you as a poster here at MMAweekly.

    • I disagrree with that I don’t hate brock as a person I don’t know the guy to hate him, but this article made him def something he is not. That’s all and I don’t personally think he is a fighter could he be one one day possibly but quittin isn’t Gonna get him there. He has the athelticism just not the skill that can be aquired with actual hard work.

  • shereko

    @fitefan, you need to go try to see someone about your issues with Lesnar, you say it doesn’t matter that he sold tickets? Ummm you try telling anyone that owns an organization that selling tickets doesn’t matter… its a BUSINESS, yes there are fighters that have worked longer, who ever said they didn’t? You can’t take away he was NCAA champ. Yes, he went to WWE, big deal he made a LOT of money doing that. I can see how he rubs people the wrong way, just like a Diaz would… but, you can’t deny he got people to watch. Money makes the world go round, he got paid more because he brought in more… simple economics, economics is a big word for you go look it up. Wow get over yourself… even tsszaltax admitted he doesn’t like Lesnar but, respected the money that he brought in and fans. More fans, more money = a win for UFC. Bottom line you’re ignorant.

    • fitefan

      Really? More pesonal attacks on myself because I’m trashing some wannabe MMA fighter?
      I don’t think you have understood much of what I’ve posted. And you are inaccurately quoting me to put me in a box where you are hoping to be capable of retaliating against me with.
      Lesner is a UFC promotion to draw in more revenue. I never addressed that action with an opinion. The promotion of Lesner as a fighter is ‘false’. He is not a fighter.
      I never said his NCAA stats were a lie.
      I never brought his WWE backround into it.
      I never said money did’t make the world go round. I said it’s possesion wasn’t an excuse for deplorable behavior. I also said the possesion of money doesn’t make you a fighter, or rightous, smart, pretty, or valid.
      I didn’t deny his ability to get people to watch. In fact I’m well aware I am helping Lesner’s popularity. Because publicity, even bad, is publicity all the same.
      Economics never entered any of the discussion. This is a poor attempt on your part to drag me into the box you need me to reside in so you can hope to effectively retort.
      More money for the UFC is good for the UFC. Lesner was a good promotion for the UFC. It however was not appreciated by MMA fans. Brock isn’t a valid fighter, he achieved what he did through size, as soon as he was faced with similar size and real skill, he QUIT. MMA fans are not happy about that. It was no service to us.
      As for Diaz, I dislike him just as much as I dislike Lesner. Difference is Diaz IS a fighter, and has skills. I can’t fault the UFC for mainting his gainful employment as a MMA fighter.
      Engaging from a position according to the rules you have employed for attacking me personally, I’d say it may be ‘you’ that needs to seek treatment for the issues you have with ‘me’.
      I am over myself. You are starting to reveal that you may not be.
      Again, what does the admittance of one’s respect for the amount of revenue generated have to do with with the same person’s fighting prowess?
      Bottom line is, I don’t think I’m the ignorant one here.

    • BlackDog2009

      Lesnar has nothing on the Diaz bros, don’t even go there. For all their stunts outside te ring, the Diaz bros come into the cage and they fight, they don’t back down… they back every claim they make!

      • fitefan

        Indeed. I suggested nothing otherwise. Those dudes talk garbage and back it up everytime.

  • BlackDog2009

    I think the word ‘legacy’ is being thrown around way too much with this guy Lesnar.

    Legacy: 2. anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome.

    The only legacy this guy left on MMA is a lesson and that lesson is: do not hand any popular figure things too fast in the MMA world because it tarnishes he MMA sport greatly and that’s what Lesnar did.

    And yes, that slight at Kimbo Slice was uncalled for. Kimbo had to go to TUF, and didn’t make it, then he was given a chance to climb the ladder and didn’t make it, called it quits.

    Lesnar did one thing very well though. He fooled so many people in the media. The UFC was so effective that Lesnar was even compared to Fedor Emelianenko. The cojones on these people! Now these very people in the media want to push down our throats some kind of legacy. It’s unbelieavable. He was popular? He brough UFC lots of money?! That was the point wasn’t it? But please don’t pretend now to tell us hardcore MMA fans that Lesnar leaves any meaningful legacy.

    There’s another similar article in Yahoo where the writer even dares to say that fighters like Nate Diaz and Donal Cerrone need to thank Lesnar for the kind of money they are making today? Really… really? Their hard work has nothing to do with it? They owe it all to Lesnar?

    Lesnar is the biggest con in MMA history. He was a huge, cartoonish wrestler that came in and fooled everyone,even Mir. But guys like Cain and Reem didn’t buy the hype. They broke this guy down, they had his number. “Let him steamroll me” they said, “once it fails, I’ll pick him apart” . and that’s what they did. Even Carwin did it, he just had the misfortune to gas out, the poor guy.

    • MAN I whole heartedly agree to this blackdog, that’s all I been sayin but apparently I hurt elguapo s feelings, the only thing I don’t agree with is kimbo he didn’t really quit fighting just MMA he still boxes and undefeated last I rread, heart of a fighter right there. But I enjoyed every bit of this comment

  • elguapo

    Jesus Christ, we really are going round in circles here. Lesnar had a rapid rise and just as rapid a fall. Yes he was huge and yes he lacked a basic skill set required to be a true mma fighter, but nonetheless he made an impact regardless of how he was given the opportunity to do so. And yes he was much bigger than most other fighters but what’s he supposed to do? Cut down in weight to make it a fairer fight? At the end of the day, he was a flash in the pan that I think we all enjoyed watching, whether it be to see his freakish physical nature or to see him get his arse handed to him. And yes he was a bit of a dick too and had a **** haircut.

    • fitefan

      We could have had another individual to make a similar impact if the UFC would have taken the effort to find a true HW fighter. Instead of taking the easy route. For all the anti Fedor talk the UFC did, atleast that guy was ‘game’. Fedor would have had a similar impact on the HW division. He may have been crushed by Cain and Carwin all the same, but then again maybe not, atleast he would have put up a fight.
      They could have fixed their weight divisions too. 185 205 265? wtf. That’s a huge gap.
      A lot of the older HW’s could have gotten in shape and cut down to less than 250. They would have performed better, and it would have tightened up the division a bit.
      Brock is more of a super heavyweight if I’ve ever seen one. Hard to find a guy his physical counterpart. And when the UFC did, Brock quit. Thanks for nothing.

      • fitefan

        yeah yeah yeah, I know, a deal couldn’t be reached. But my point is made all the same.

    • agreed i enjoyed watchin him gets his butt kicked,

  • I find it kind of ironic that the “anti-Brock” people posting in the comments section of this article are investing so much time and effort into someone they don’t care for. Kind of proves how much of an impact the guy had and how much of a draw he was if you are willing to type a novel about him every time a website posts a story.

    Kind of like the people who hate Howard Stern but listen to his show every day or the people who can’t stand FOX News but watch all their programming.

    • fitefan

      yeah man, It’s important for me to try and shake the foundations of all those that think Brock is a great MMA fighter.
      If I can open the eyes of his blind fans and show them that he isn’t the great icon they think he is. Then I’m hitting Lesner where it really hurts. Aside from his face, or anywhere in the midsection. ‘:-)

      • elguapo

        Yeah but fitefan, I think the point is that I really can’t recall anyone on any of these threads claiming Brock is a great mma fighter nor a great icon. The difference in opinions is largely centred on what he achieved in the UFC rather than how he achieved it, his skills, attitude etc etc.

  • fitefan

    ah! I completely forgot to rip him about that stupid tatoo on his chest!
    You’d think with all the cash he made he would get that fixed, removed, or covered up.
    It looks like he did it himself, or it was someone’s first time to give someone a tatoo.
    That thing is just awful, it’s an embarrasment to those who do have tatoos, and tatoo artists.

    • These lesnar fans no nothing bout mma and will manipulate whatever they can to try and divert attention from the subject at hand, which is he sucks he isn’t a fighter and I admit he lfet a legacy, on how to be a 280 plus con man

  • I absolutely agree on this … Brock helps the ufc be more popular and his short 4 year mma career was like a long long time for an mma fan like me because of his huge huge huge impact in the sport 🙂

  • RubeKegal

    Hey Douglas Ray, do everyone a favor and smash your keyboard or cut your fingers off. 106-5 collegiate wrestling record for Brock including 2 time all american but according to you, Min Soo Kim outwrestled him. He took down EVERYONE he wrestled in the octagon in every fight until the last vs. Overeem.

    Why he only tried 1 takedown vs. Reem is beyond me, but regardless of that, he was amazing considering the time he had to learn MMA. Look at how long guys like Overeem and Dos Santos were doing BJJ vs. Brock. Going 4-3 in UFC is pretty damn good to me!


    • elguapo

      You’ll have to excuse DouglasRay, I think he’s a bit “special”. He keeps harping on about wwf for some reason. I asked him what his thoughts were on dan Severn doing a bit of pro wrestling and he went mental, saying how dare i insult dan etc?!? He’s one big contradiction too, telling people their facts are only heresay yet retorting with his own facts as if they were gospel truth. I think he’s just a bit confused to be honest. And he lacks fundamental punctuation skills too, it takes a while to understand what he’s trying to say but you will get there in the end.

  • u should really get your facts straight before u make things personal i never said min soo whatever (nice google search) out wrestled lesnar i said they fed him some one his first fight and i watched it the guy tapped soon as lesnar got on top of him, lesnar has been taken down more than he has taken othersdown mir through a knee on one leg fell back lesnar fell on him randy got clipped then lesnar fell on him he tried to steam train heath looked horrible,randy and cain both dropped him on his butt with real wrestling takedowns. when u way that much more than your opponent its easy to sit on them, not let them move, so when u get done starring at ur lesnar pics pull your hands ouyt your pants cut them off then smash your face on lesnars balls some more. go back to WWE and lesnar world. with that crap. and ur record for his college wrestling is wrong too. i aint sayin he aint a good wrestler but he never once used it in the cage. except for maybe carwi after carwin punched himself out on lesnars face.

    • elguapo

      There you go with the wwf stuff again. You’re obsessed with it arent you? Let go and you will find peace Douggles. And the facts the previous fella mentioned about his college wrestling are correct, it is on record as being 106-5 (I did a google search).

      • u live in that same lesnar world too. and i could care less bout my typin grammar didnt realize i was talkin to grammar and typin teachers, i think ur bent on this wwe stuff u keep resorting back to it ur self u walking hypocrit. i bet hit harder than both yall, you all need get dropped in a guillotine choke and maybe you will come back to earth, bet u beleive in fairy tales too. i admit i was wrong i read something wrong but who cares he hasnt used it since college. el feo ur such band wagon fan not ur fault when u dont know a lot bout things its just easy to follow what ur mate says. FACT IS HE IS A QUITTER prolly heck of a nice guy but a quitter, y not take time off and train fight in smaller organizatoins get some experience the talent is there the skills r not plain and simple. get off yall lesnar high horse and open ur eyes. yall just like comparing apples to oranges yall should stop commenting on here and let real fight fans and mma fans comment, im talkin the ones that watch everything from UFC to shark fights to BJJ tournaments. Man do i hate internet tough guys and blogger phenoms. dont turn this **** personal this is suppose to be about the article, which was nicely written and poorly worded LEGACY crap! Small Contribution maybe.

      • dude get over yourself this has nothing to do with WWE it s all bout patterns and trends, and his is quitting look at bobby lashley another WWE star but he is havin to work alot harder for some notoriety. but he is a real fighter. and i give mad respect too.

        • elguapo

          Patterns and trends? So your beef is all solely based on algorithms, and thats why you’ve been getting so angry? Also, if it’s nothing to do with wwf why do u mention it in most of your posts? Telling people to go back to wwf world etc?

          • DUDE really ur an airhead, u love lesnar so much its affecting ur comprehension, u just wanna get that last word keep makin this bout something totally different, if u cheat on several occasions its makes u a cheater if u lie on several occasions it makes u a liar , if u have no brain it makes u elguapo, get off of it already this is bout lesnar not the fact he came from wwe, and all it means since I have to spell it out for u is he brought a lot of wreslting fans to mma obviously u were one of them, but u want to keep makin it bbout whatever so u feel like u get the one up I guess I dunno but angry really. This is just fun for me while I kill some hours at work, can’t angry at slow people just not right!

  • But honestly and in all seriousness I just have to agree that legacy is a strong word, ufc HW woulda been awesome with or without him, he just had good timin on gettin in and out and manipulate fans he was a let down for mma fans and lasnar fans alike, he coulda proved fighter fans wrong but instead took the lower road out so legacy is just to strong

    • elguapo

      Wow, you have a job? Hopefully it’s not as a “typing teacher” as you put it. I think my gentle ribbing of you has brought to the surface the real reason why youre so angry, which is the fact you have a chip on your shoulder that Brock brought wwf fans to mma. So what? But what’s really annoyed me about your posts is how you’ve rubbished other people’s facts as being baseless then offering up your own as if they were wholly accurate, provable statements. And anyone who has had something good to say about Brock you’ve dismissed as a wwf fanboy. Me, I’ve not watched that rubbish for years (by the way my favourites used to be legion of doom and the big boss man, they would’ve beaten anyone in an mma bout) but you’ve declared that Brock sparked my interest in mma without foundation.

      Finally, your comments about how you bet you “hit harder than all yall” show you to be the infantile fool you are. Ooh I’d put you in a sharpshooter quicker than you could say (or type) inbred fool. You sir are nuttier than a squirrels turd.

      • I enjoyed ur crazy foreign antics but u really have no clue or humor and your comebacks r on the unoriginal side where as mine r purely me and, on that note if u don’t know how to comprehend a joke than I don’t know maybe ull find someone as unoriginal as u to crack jokes at as far as the whole imbred thing goes that’s just childish talk and again u r usin ur unoriginality to compensate for ur lack of knowledge. Never said all lesnar fans r wwe fans it just jokingly expressin that u know nothing bout mma or the true heart of a fighter, and yes I have job I run program and operate a laser, my sttrenghts r def in math not grammar or typing, but its ok cause I have nothing to hide just like my real name elguapo u ever heard the brad paisley song. Online I bet ur spitting image of what he was talkin bout the vainity to call ur self el guapo get back in ur little tree that this squirrel jumped out of get some comebacks that r worth a damn and some mma knowledge, then comeback to me, on a further noteu like someone that’s cool just be prepared to back up ur reason is all if u feel strong enough bout ur opinion u express it as fact, my opinion is that he left no legacy fact is he sucks as a fighter and has no fighers heart, and beleieve I do and always will and I can guarantee I hit harder, so u figure out how to do a sharpshooter and ill just lay u out let u rest on it awhile, good choiice on legion of doom, big boss man tho c’mon dude. I have no problem with wwe fans anyway hell I still flip it to that channel every so often. Trust me with all jokes and ur antics aside I know more bout fighting and heart than u could ever comprehend so make it personal if u want fact iis u showed ur lack of intelligence and I have showed my lack of grammar, but u still have not justified urr own beliefs or reasonings or expressed y u are a lesnar fan, u just wanted to start some ****. U just came with no ammo. All u have said is wwe this and that where as I held no fault on football or wwe just the fact that he quit all he has started when he becomes an irrelevance to fans of whatever the sport is

      • Oh and I don’t know what ur fetish with me is but I haven’t said n e thing worse than n e. One else. U just took it to heart and I’m sorry ur so sensitive, so ill leave u alone because fitefan has said a lot worse in these comments and a lot more but u ain’t climbing up his a$$, so u and ur mate can stay on ur side of the world but if u ever here in our imbred america as u mentioned look me up cause I be more happy show u I hit harder, even tho americns are from all over ther world and wherever ur terrorists a$$ is from normally only y’all live there sowho i s more likely to be imbred,

        DUHH WINNING!! Charlie sheen rip lol

  • elguapo

    Oh dougles, are you drinking at the moment or something? Your posts are becoming more and more incoherent as you go along. Once again, you are proclaiming that I’m a Lesnar fan. I am not a Lesnar fan, never have been, never will be. My point has always been that I don’t think his contribution and efforts in the UFC are as worthless as some others make out. I have exchanged opinions on here with other commenters and have appreciated and accepted their views because they did it in a grown up manner and weren’t constantly knocking others for, how do you say, knowing nothing about mma. How do you know how much or how little anyone on here knows or doesn’t know about mma?

    And you’re xenophobic rant on foreigners being terrorists? Absolutely priceless, I really enjoyed that. Such delightful irony in someone denying being an inbred yet being unable to even spell the word correctly. I’m no USA-hater, I really enjoy the country, I visited twice last year in fact and I even work for an American company. But you do realise you can call someone an inbred without applying the same term to the entire population of their country don’t you? You really are a walking contradiction though, read your posts back to yourself (it’ll take a while cos the spelling and punctuation is atrocious) and note your comments posted previously compared with the statements you’ve recently made.

    • There u go again with the grammar **** I already admitted not my best, but I also stated I’m at work so excuse me for not tying a pretty ribbon around my post. And ur back on making this personal again I didn’t say all foreigners just directed that comment to u I have done more for my country than u ever have urs or ours and I’m so tired of u keep makin this **** personal how bout I just give u my personal email and ill write u in correct grammar paint u picture and decorate it with pop-ups. And stop TRYIN to trash talk ur not good at it all u r doin as point out spellin and typin issues. That I already admitted not givin a **** about. Really is hard for to comprehend anything. I could talk **** to u all day but I ain’t goin back in forth when u clearly have no exp. In this or mma or fighting period. But as I can tell u need clarity to understand. U are arguing bout something u don’t even have an opinion on. Who is slow? I understand u want to be a big boy and an mma fan but ur weak all around u are just weak. So if u want my info so I can explain with nice decor I will be more than happy to do so. If not then let it go u got ur band wagon point across and I got mine across so so let it go. And I know u just want the last word but ill keep goin till they remove the article. Does it take u this long to learn things u still wear velcro on ur shoes don’t u.

  • And I’m really starting to question ur masculinity, soundin a lil old and womanly

  • It was real fun but I really don’t like bickering with someone who just naggs bout the same thing over and over and can’t produce a shread of n e thing new or jaw dropping. So continue riding that same lil pony till u fall off, but ur just a waste of time I bet u get told that often.

    • Oh I’m not done, I took ur advice ran through previous comments, and other than the already beaten dead horse grammar and typing. I only typed one neg comment towards a post and it was yours and I don’t know when u became everyone but u think really high bout urself. But I didn’t dog n e one elses opinion I said I agreed with fite fan black dog and made a joke bout medical with mike something or another so again no means no u will find someone else I’m sure ur not the only humorless sensitive quack out there k now I’m done 🙂

  • elguapo

    You see DougieWougie, that’s the point. Yet again you’re telling people they know nothing about mma and rubbishing their opinions. Like I said, how do you know what people know about fighting? There’s nothing worse than people on here saying “I watch tachi palace fights, ADCC championships, MFC, have watched UFC since UFC1” therefore my opinion is worth more etc. you don’t know anyone’s background on here but you still dismiss them. I was a county level amateur boxer for 6 years when I was younger and also boxed a little when I was in the army, never the best but never the worst, and also dabbled a little in judo too but not to a great standard if I’m honest, but i know a little of what it takes to be a fighter. so do I pass your criteria for being a true fan or not? Where can we take a test to prove our knowledge?

  • elguapo

    Oh and by the way Dougless, my moniker on here is elguapo. Not for the vanity of calling myself handsome but because it was the nickname for one of my favourite fighters in the past, Bas Rutten. Surely any self-respecting mma fan would know that wouldn’t they?

  • K so u know a little, bout certain arts yea but not knowledge of mma, but respectful enough I commend the military and other things mentioned I too was air force and trained mma and judo and boxing, not the best no where near the worst, but I choose my family over a passion that I have for fighting and nothing means more to me than my lil girls, but No that still doesn’t mean u know n e thing bout ufc or mma, and that was the jaw droppin stuff I was referrin but then again u could be lying or u could be bas rutten himself, either way to compare urself to him lil much if ur not, but ur also not gonna put me on a choppin block cause I expressed certain opinion that share with millions, all because took something more sensitive than someone else, again humorless and all u did was feed it, and then u tried to manipulate it into something more and less get one thing straight u called me out I just answered it be un american if I didn’t. But all ur doin is manipulatin certain comments and wordin to where itt sounds like I’m talkin bout something different than everyone else. But either way I’m still not gonna back down I live in memphis, tn home of the rampage, I could manipulate ur commments to but I move on in life where as ur still continuin with the same old stuff, I also coach baseball volunteeringly, been overseas in the middle east for my country, adopted my lil girls so I know who I am exactly who iam the guy that give his left arm to someone who needed more, so u tryin to make me this bad guy ain’t gonna happen y it don’t affect me and I don’t take **** so personal and not sensitive bout someone that has a valid point about there opinion. I also am in testin to give my 70 year old uncle a kidney so he can live that much longer so say whatt u want manuipulate it all u can I still know who I am and what I have said sorry u can’t take criticism to the point u will make thi.ngs personal.

  • And what’s with all the cutsie pet name there Dundee, no means no

  • elguapo

    I don’t believe I’ve said anything to attack you on a personal level, i dont know if youre 14 or 40, i dont know if youre black, white asian etc. And that’s the point ive been trying to get across to you in a roundabout kind of way. Your decisions in life are commendable, you should be proud, but you can’t tell people they know nothing about UFC or mma in general, particularly if you have no knowledge of their background. It’s a baseless statement and makes your opinion less valid if you don’t accept others. You may have watched mma for longer than me, but maybe you haven’t? What you need to understand is that you don’t have the right to dismiss others opinions, there just opinions. Nobody is necessarily right, nobody is necessarily wrong.

  • ryanstewart

    wow there sure are a lot of Lesnar haters out there.Let’s put our Hater-ade down for a second and see how many of you actually have a clue.First off for you to call a guy out for steroid use, hopefully you realize there is a orginization called the state Athletic Commission which tests fighters for that reason (refer to Chris Leban- Nate Mardquart)and the list goes on.. Have you seen a failed test for that? Have you seen brock get held back from a fight for failure to test negative? I thought not.So that being said..I think it took a lot of balls for a guy to come out of the Wrestling business,and jump into MMA.I have huge respect for MMA fighters,but I also respect a guy willing to go get his ass kicked in front of millions of people. Lesnar didn’t suck,he wasn’t terrible,he got figured out. Just like Machida,just like The IceMan just like everyone that’s lost a fight.some of you people don’t think before you speak.If you don’t like him cool, but why aren’t you in a cage with him? Are you so much better? Or do you just know how to talk smack? Cause we all know what that gets you.So sorry it took all this to make a point.. but Damn people,this isn’t scripted,this isn’t fake. Congrats to Mr. Overeem on winning a fight.He still has some proving to do if you ask me.But it is what it is. So Brock’s gone now,give it a rest already.i will always be a fan of MMA and espically the UFC.Dana White has helped this sport more than people think.He believes in it,he gives the best show that he knows how..and really i’ve never been disappointed by that. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

  • See this is where u took it so serious and I was trying to figure this out when I initially made that comment I did jokingly. Then u kept feedin it in the mma world at least the one I know when u tell some they don’t know and go back to wwe it is an insult that u laugh bout not kone that u take to this level that u took it too. I still believe every word I said and everything I have opinion about that’s me u beleieve he contributed I don’t I think the HW division woulda been fine he had good timin comin in and leavin that’s it I thiink he is a con for all his other things and the money he made n e one that thinks lesnar shoulda been paid more than a. Silva randy cotoure and so forth is just nieve

  • ryanstewart

    Ps. Douglas Ray you have some strong points,but I think again you should step on up and get in a cage with him.See for yourself how bad he sucks.. I’m not claiming him to be a Gracie,or even a Severn, He’s Brock Lesnar. He practically ko’d Couture with that “clip” shot you referred to.. Ask Randy. Frank Mir went out of his way to tell everyone that Lesnar was going to destroy Overeem,So he was wrong.. Big Flippin Deal. You need to quit hating him so much because you can’t change what happened in there.If you hate the fact that he wore UFC Gold then go win it yourself.I just wish you could leave it alone. You are entitled to your opinion, but don’t crack on others cause it’s diffrent than yours.

    • Wow not another one y’all take stuff way way to serious, and then this guy here I’m not 280 pounds or I would all u gotta do is hit him he will tuck tail and run but I’m done talkin with people today and hating but ill be back later besides he didn’t ko randy u just can’t defend 280 of rapid punches.

      • fitefan

        The legacy of a quitter.
        The epitome of a coward.
        The incarnation of failure.

        We saw Brock’s fight or flight mechanism when Carwin punched him, and again when Cain punched him. His first natural instinct, involuntary subconscience reaction was to FLEE.
        It’s what cowards do.

        When Leben get’s punched into his ‘fight of flight mechanism’ he pushes forward, toward the danger, throwing left hooks. Leben is a natrual fighter.

        Most every other MMA fighter goes for a single leg and holds on for dear life. Sure it isn’t a major offensive role, but it’s pressing forward toward your enemy, attempting to hamper them in hopes of recovering so they can continue to fight. It’s the very opposite of covering up, cowering against the fence praying the ref saves you.

        We don’t hate the fact Brock wore gold. We hate the fact people try to legitmize him as a fighter. He clearly is not. Just a competitor.
        He didn’t do jack for the UFC except suck up some money from his WWE fan base. There were no ‘non’ UFC fans that were ‘non’ WWE Lesner fans, that showed up out of the blue and became MMA fans because of him.
        He will constantly be promoted as a valid MMA fighter for the UFC by the UFC to help save their own reputation. Which will be lost beyond saving if they proceed with similar such publicity stunts to draw in much desired, but arguably not vital to the continuation of the UFC revenue.

        • mmaforever

          You dont have to like him but show some class. I dont see you in the octagon so until you’ve been there maybe talking all that smack isnt the best idea.

          • This is the most common response for defending lesnar: ur not in the cage, and why don’t u get in the cage with him and see how bad he does suck. I tell u what if I had the money and the opportunity given to me like he did and I was 280 I would in a heart beat, but I have to work for things from the ground up I don’t get hand outs and wouldn’t accept them if I did. Shoulda used all the money he got to train mma not just strength and cardio. To actually train go get some more lil bs wins like kim moo moo or whatever , I’m just sayin all the trash talkin he did sayin he is a fighter, doesn’t really show through when u quit hell he took off 2 years of his 5 for illness don’t think dana woulda questioned him if he asked for more time to train. I could care less if he ever was in the UFC. I think quittin was just the easy road out and that’s what he took.

          • Hugh Kelley

            The Chump is there !!!

          • fitefan

            I don’t have to enter the octagon to relay facts or express my opinion.

            I’m not talking smack. I’m not claiming to be anything. I never said I would beat so and so, or that I achieved this and that. I observe. And what I see isn’t filtered through enthrallment of some huge freaking guy.

            I haven’t shown a lack of class. I have shown lack of respect. It is my intention. There is nothing respectable about the guy. He brought it upon himself. YOu wanna be a fan of the quiter/coward, then be a fan.

            You don’t see me on here running his fans into the ground, calling his fans names.
            But you are attacking me, a non fan. That shows a lack of class on your part.

        • Hugh Kelley

          Irrelevantly Speaking……………

  • g5onmymind

    I think throughout this discussion that people have forgot a few things and that is for one Brock Lesnar was a great college wrestler and made enough money in the WWE to last him his lifetime and because of that he can go and try new things athletically like pro football and MMA. Brock Lesnar doesnt have to do anything wholeheartedly anymore because he is rich. He doesnt need to win fights or make an NFL team to take care of his family because he is already rich. He tried MMA for nothing more than the sport and realized he doesnt like to get hit. Once guys started stuffing his takedowns you could see that he wanted nothing to do with getting hit by world class fighters so he stopped fighting. I think that people are making this out to be way more than it is. The legitimate UFC fighters like Cain and Overeem proved once again just like Randy proved with James Toney that the sport has evolved and you cant be a one trick pony anymore. I dont think its a knock on Lesnar I just think he realized that the top echelon fighters were way more advanced and I think he also realized he doesnt want to get punched in the face anymore and I cant hate on him for that because like I said before he fights for competition and his competitors fight for their lives and families and 9 times out of 10 the guy that is fighting for his life and family is gonna win that battle. With all that being said I am happy to see him go and I am glad that him getting ko’d by Overeem is getting Overeem some well deserved attention in the States.

  • RubeKegal


    • fitefan

      Typing it all in caps isn’t helping your cause.

      Rest assured Douglasray, you have the right of it.

      I/we may be hard on the guy. But anyone that objectively picks apart Lesner’s performance comes to the same conclusion.

      • Hugh Kelley

        Intergender Comeback Match

  • Hugh Kelley

    P 4 Pathetic Poster Punk

  • Hugh Kelley

    Finish Them !!!